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Final Results

Supreme Champion: Frolunda HC
Worthy Adversary: Revenge of the Igloo
Maybe Next Time: Tatar Tots

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Revenge of the IglooTatar Tots
Tatar TotsBieska and Lulongo
Danube SwabiansBieska and Lulongo
Tatar TotsRedBull gives you Wingles
Bieska and LulongoKneel before Saad
Datsyukian DekeRedBull gives you Wingles
Kneel before SaadThe Carey Price is Right
Bieska and LulongoPimpin' Ain't Parise
Hiller Did Nothing WrongRedBull gives you Wingles
LuonGo Fist YourselfDatsyukian Deke
The Crosby ShowThe Carey Price is Right
Pimpin' Ain't PariseInsert pun here
RedBull gives you WinglesA Fluery of Semin
(Insert Hockey Pun Here)Datsyukian Deke
Im subban at punsThe Carey Price is Right
The Crosby ShowChara's Angels
Insert pun herePierre McGuire
awkward patrick marleausPimpin' Ain't Parise
A Fluery of SeminBuck Dich
Password is TacoRedBull gives you Wingles
Daft PuckDatsyukian Deke
The Pie Ramblers(Insert Hockey Pun Here)
Shivakamini SomakandarkramThe Carey Price is Right
Boston HabsChara's Angels
2 minutes for hookingPierre McGuire
Pimpin' Ain't PariseStrive For Bieksallence
ISISFieldagentBuck Dich
RedBull gives you WinglesPucking Fricks
Datsyukian DekeJewChooTrain89
WhoseLineIsItEberle(Insert Hockey Pun Here)
Glory Five-HoleThe Carey Price is Right
Shivakamini Somakandarkram#1 Cop
Chara's AngelsRIP Heatley's Ferrari
Mystic CouponsBoston Habs
Pierre McGuireKronwall of Pain
king of the kessel2 minutes for hooking
Cool Story BrodeurStrive For Bieksallence
Who is the Kunitz?Pimpin' Ain't Parise
Buck DichEveryday I'm Byfuglien
Jew CrewISISFieldagent
The Return of the ClapPucking Fricks
Harder Better Faster ProngerRedBull gives you Wingles
JewChooTrain89Awkward Stromboner
Lewandirty - The Winning GuysDatsyukian Deke
(Insert Hockey Pun Here)Bonk if you love Radek
bob says NYETWhoseLineIsItEberle
The Carey Price is RightBattlestaal Galactukka
#1 CopSlappers Only
Voracek Scoracek'd your mom.RIP Heatley's Ferrari
Don't Toews Me BroBoston Habs
Kronwall of PainLindros' Mush Brain
Faulk The Police2 minutes for hooking
Strive For BieksallenceDistrict 5
Nailing YaksPimpin' Ain't Parise
Everyday I'm ByfuglienBolland for Columbine
Hartnell Bednar Fasther ProngerISISFieldagent
Pucking FricksSlip Her the Lundqvist
Finding NiemiRedBull gives you Wingles
Awkward StrombonerZdeno Chargaryen
All Orr NothingDatsyukian Deke
Woppa's Dick GetzlafsBonk if you love Radek
Straight outta ConklinBattlestaal Galactukka
Crosby Staals and NashThe Carey Price is Right
Why The Lulongo Face?Slappers Only
#1 CopPimpin Aint Parise
HURRicanesRIP Heatley's Ferrari
M.T. NettersVoracek Scoracek'd your mom.
The Mighty PucksBoston Habs
Tickle my sakicDon't Toews Me Bro
Lindros' Mush BrainIce to Meet You
I Can't Believe it's not SutterKronwall of Pain
2 minutes for hookingThese Pretzels are Malkin me Thirsty!
Lucic and ChongFaulk The Police
District 5Colonel Mustard
Strive For BieksallenceLemieux See Your Tits #RNW
Pimpin' Ain't PariseDatsyukian Dekers 2014
Nailing YaksRask Me Anything
Bolland for ColumbineDrSodrel's Getzlaf on your mom
Captain KLeonards CrewEveryday I'm Byfuglien
The Disciples of Ginger JesusISISFieldagent
Hartnell Bednar Fasther ProngerUp and Around the Benn
Slip Her the LundqvistThe Flying Phucks II: Return of Mike Brown's Stache
Pucking FricksBoats & Hossa's
Lizard WizardsRedBull gives you Wingles
Taxicab Kanefessions #RNWFinding Niemi
Zdeno ChargaryenHurtford Wailers
Awkward StrombonerFlyers
Datsyukian DekeTheMagicMen and Zetterbeards
All Orr NothingNever Go Full Kopitard
It's Ovi From Hockey )))))Bonk if you love Radek
Woppa's Dick GetzlafsDon't cry I'm Olli Jokinen
The Dustin Brown NotesWhoseLineIsItEberle
Girouxgamesh!Lemiuex Poo
Battlestaal GalactukkaHuey Lewis and the SHARKNADOS!
You so Krejci!The Carey Price is Right
The Carl SeguinsSlappers Only
Double Penner Tration FrancisPimpin Aint Parise
RIP Heatley's FerrariDropping Jagrbombs
Voracek Scoracek'd your mom.The Tribbles
Boston HabsDatsyuk's Dangles
Huntington HoundsDon't Toews Me Bro
Ice to Meet YouRoyla Royla Bing Bang
Kronwall of PainKrejci Train
These Pretzels are Malkin me Thirsty!The Dangatangs
The Marilized Leguana'sFaulk The Police
Colonel MustardKurri Farts
Lemieux See Your Tits #RNWCCCP Fantasy Team
Datsyukian Dekers 2014Who Shattenkirk's Bed
Rask Me AnythingYakety Yaks
DrSodrel's Getzlaf on your momHoly Smokes Bettman!
Wheel Snipe CellyEveryday I'm Byfuglien
Flying ZambonisISISFieldagent
Girouxve Got to be Kidding MeUp and Around the Benn
The Flying Phucks II: Return of Mike Brown's Stache#1 Cop Squad
Double PennertrationBoats & Hossa's
Don't Go Breaking My HartnellRedBull gives you Wingles
Finding NiemiMikko Horny
Hurtford WailersStepan on Toes
FlyersTop ShElves
Sendero LuminosoTheMagicMen and Zetterbeards
Never Go Full KopitardKessler? I hardly know her!
Bonk if you love Radekcherub wiz
Don't cry I'm Olli JokinenPete Top Kevin Bottom #RNW
WhoseLineIsItEberleKwik-E-Mart Gougers
Letango UnchainedLemiuex Poo
Pimpin Aint PariseDouble Penner Tration Lemieux
Don't Toews Me BroMalkin in the Middle
Yakety YaksWhat What (In The Garbutt)
The Bare Pimp ProjectUp and Around the Benn
Mikko HornyThose boys showed a lot of promise
Lemiuex PooWhoa Dere
Revenge of the IglooFrolunda HC
Frolunda HCRevenge of the Igloo
Frolunda HCRevenge of the Igloo
Danube SwabiansRevenge of the Igloo
Revenge of the IglooLuonGo Fist Yourself
Hiller Did Nothing WrongDanube Swabians
Bieska and LulongoTatar Tots
Im subban at punsLuonGo Fist Yourself
Revenge of the IglooThe Crosby Show
Danube SwabiansInsert pun here
Hiller Did Nothing Wrongawkward patrick marleaus
Tatar TotsA Fluery of Semin
LuonGo Fist YourselfBuck Dich
Im subban at punsJew Crew
The Crosby ShowThe Return of the Clap
Revenge of the IglooHarder Better Faster Pronger
Insert pun hereJewChooTrain89
Lewandirty - The Winning GuysDanube Swabians
awkward patrick marleaus(Insert Hockey Pun Here)
bob says NYETHiller Did Nothing Wrong
Glory Five-HoleA Fluery of Semin
Shivakamini SomakandarkramTatar Tots
Nailing YaksBuck Dich
LuonGo Fist YourselfPimpin' Ain't Parise
Strive For BieksallenceJew Crew
Im subban at punsDistrict 5
Lucic and ChongThe Return of the Clap
2 minutes for hookingThe Crosby Show
I Can't Believe it's not SutterHarder Better Faster Pronger
Lindros' Mush BrainRevenge of the Igloo
JewChooTrain89Tickle my sakic
The Mighty PucksInsert pun here
M.T. NettersDanube Swabians
HURRicanesLewandirty - The Winning Guys
#1 Cop(Insert Hockey Pun Here)
Why The Lulongo Face?awkward patrick marleaus
Crosby Staals and NashHiller Did Nothing Wrong
bob says NYETStraight outta Conklin
Girouxgamesh!A Fluery of Semin
Glory Five-HoleThe Dustin Brown Notes
Tatar TotsWoppa's Dick Getzlafs
It's Ovi From Hockey )))))Shivakamini Somakandarkram
Buck DichLemiuex Poo
Nailing YaksLetango Unchained
WhoseLineIsItEberlePimpin' Ain't Parise
LuonGo Fist YourselfKwik-E-Mart Gougers
Jew CrewDon't cry I'm Olli Jokinen
Strive For BieksallencePete Top Kevin Bottom #RNW
District 5Bonk if you love Radek
Im subban at punscherub wiz
The Return of the ClapNever Go Full Kopitard
Lucic and ChongKessler? I hardly know her!
The Crosby ShowSendero Luminoso
2 minutes for hookingTheMagicMen and Zetterbeards
Harder Better Faster ProngerFlyers
I Can't Believe it's not SutterTop ShElves
Hurtford WailersRevenge of the Igloo
Lindros' Mush BrainStepan on Toes
Mikko HornyTickle my sakic
Finding NiemiJewChooTrain89
Insert pun hereDon't Go Breaking My Hartnell
RedBull gives you WinglesThe Mighty Pucks
Double PennertrationDanube Swabians
Boats & Hossa'sM.T. Netters
Lewandirty - The Winning GuysThe Flying Phucks II: Return of Mike Brown's Stache
HURRicanes#1 Cop Squad
(Insert Hockey Pun Here)The Bare Pimp Project
#1 CopGirouxve Got to be Kidding Me
Flying Zambonisawkward patrick marleaus
Why The Lulongo Face?ISISFieldagent
Hiller Did Nothing WrongWheel Snipe Celly
Crosby Staals and NashEveryday I'm Byfuglien
Straight outta ConklinDrSodrel's Getzlaf on your mom
bob says NYETHoly Smokes Bettman!
A Fluery of SeminYakety Yaks
Rask Me AnythingGirouxgamesh!
The Dustin Brown NotesDatsyukian Dekers 2014
Glory Five-HoleWho Shattenkirk's Bed
Woppa's Dick GetzlafsLemieux See Your Tits #RNW
Tatar TotsCCCP Fantasy Team
Shivakamini SomakandarkramColonel Mustard
It's Ovi From Hockey )))))Kurri Farts
cherub wizDouble Penner Tration Lemieux
Stepan on ToesMalkin in the Middle
What What (In The Garbutt)Holy Smokes Bettman!
Up and Around the BennKurri Farts
259291207Frolunda HC16Frolunda HCTatar Tots28Tatar Tots249235178Frolunda HC16Frolunda HCKneel before Saad25Kneel before Saad232265223Bieska and Lulongo4Bieska and LulongoPassword is Taco13Password is Taco229239193Kneel before Saad25Kneel before SaadDaft Puck24Daft Puck231179247The Pie Ramblers65The Pie RamblersFrolunda HC16Frolunda HC192269167Password is Taco13Password is TacoChara's Angels20Chara's Angels200244154Bieska and Lulongo4Bieska and LulongoMystic Coupons29Mystic Coupons191161206Pierre McGuire56Pierre McGuireDaft Puck24Daft Puck190167226king of the kessel121king of the kesselKneel before Saad25Kneel before Saad189244180Frolunda HC16Frolunda HCCool Story Brodeur17Cool Story Brodeur199151149The Pie Ramblers65The Pie RamblersWho is the Kunitz?32Who is the Kunitz?118228170Chara's Angels20Chara's AngelsAll Orr Nothing45All Orr Nothing117294232Password is Taco13Password is TacoDatsyukian Deke77Datsyukian Deke116209150Mystic Coupons29Mystic CouponsAwkward Stromboner36Awkward Stromboner136230215Bieska and Lulongo4Bieska and LulongoZdeno Chargaryen68Zdeno Chargaryen115218148Daft Puck24Daft PuckTaxicab Kanefessions #RNW88Taxicab Kanefessions #RNW114151212Lizard Wizards9Lizard WizardsPierre McGuire56Pierre McGuire113231216Kneel before Saad25Kneel before SaadPucking Fricks89Pucking Fricks112209200king of the kessel121king of the kesselSlip Her the Lundqvist72Slip Her the Lundqvist111263116Cool Story Brodeur17Cool Story BrodeurHartnell Bednar Fasther Pronger81Hartnell Bednar Fasther Pronger110264188Frolunda HC16Frolunda HCThe Disciples of Ginger Jesus49The Disciples of Ginger Jesus109254161Who is the Kunitz?32Who is the Kunitz?Captain KLeonards Crew96Captain KLeonards Crew135176232Bolland for Columbine1Bolland for ColumbineThe Pie Ramblers65The Pie Ramblers28202152All Orr Nothing45All Orr NothingThe Marilized Leguana's84The Marilized Leguana's27187151Chara's Angels20Chara's AngelsFaulk The Police109Faulk The Police26184255These Pretzels are Malkin me Thirsty!52These Pretzels are Malkin me Thirsty!Datsyukian Deke77Datsyukian Deke25175129Password is Taco13Password is TacoThe Dangatangs116The Dangatangs24175100Awkward Stromboner36Awkward StrombonerKronwall of Pain93Kronwall of Pain23173156Mystic Coupons29Mystic CouponsKrejci Train100Krejci Train22179194Ice to Meet You61Ice to Meet YouZdeno Chargaryen68Zdeno Chargaryen6629097Bieska and Lulongo4Bieska and LulongoRoyla Royla Bing Bang132Royla Royla Bing Bang21127161Don't Toews Me Bro41Don't Toews Me BroTaxicab Kanefessions #RNW88Taxicab Kanefessions #RNW20213167Daft Puck24Daft PuckHuntington Hounds105Huntington Hounds19253190Pierre McGuire56Pierre McGuireBoston Habs73Boston Habs18204123Lizard Wizards9Lizard WizardsDatsyuk's Dangles120Datsyuk's Dangles17177181Voracek Scoracek'd your mom.40Voracek Scoracek'd your mom.Pucking Fricks89Pucking Fricks16224112Kneel before Saad25Kneel before SaadThe Tribbles104The Tribbles15198206RIP Heatley's Ferrari57RIP Heatley's FerrariSlip Her the Lundqvist72Slip Her the Lundqvist14156235Dropping Jagrbombs8Dropping Jagrbombsking of the kessel121king of the kessel13121174Pimpin Aint Parise48Pimpin Aint PariseHartnell Bednar Fasther Pronger81Hartnell Bednar Fasther Pronger12200108Cool Story Brodeur17Cool Story BrodeurDouble Penner Tration Francis112Double Penner Tration Francis11199146The Disciples of Ginger Jesus49The Disciples of Ginger JesusThe Carl Seguins80The Carl Seguins10186162Frolunda HC16Frolunda HCSlappers Only113Slappers Only9168174You so Krejci!33You so Krejci!Captain KLeonards Crew96Captain KLeonards Crew8241195Who is the Kunitz?32Who is the Kunitz?The Carey Price is Right97The Carey Price is Right7162205Battlestaal Galactukka64Battlestaal GalactukkaThe Pie Ramblers65The Pie Ramblers65257164Bolland for Columbine1Bolland for ColumbineHuey Lewis and the SHARKNADOS!129Huey Lewis and the SHARKNADOS!2101144Those boys showed a lot of promise125Those boys showed a lot of promiseRoyla Royla Bing Bang132Royla Royla Bing Bang1162176Whoa Dere128Whoa DereHuey Lewis and the SHARKNADOS!129Huey Lewis and the SHARKNADOS!1ST ROUND - Oct 142ND ROUND - Oct 21WINNERS ROUND 1 - Nov 4WINNERS ROUND 2 - Nov 18WINNERS ROUND 3 - Dec 2WINNERS ROUND 4 - Dec 16WINNERS ROUND 5 - Dec 30SEMIFINALS - Jan 13Finals - Jan 27Losers Round 1Losers Round 2Losers Round 3Losers Round 4Losers Round 5Losers Round 6Losers Round 7Losers Round 8Losers Round 9Losers Round 10Losers Round 11Losers Round 12Losers Round 13