DOOMBRINGER Euro Winter League

  •   Группы (4 → 2) затем Double Elimination
  •   December 1, 2017 за 12:30 AM CET
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Start time 12:30am  CET Friday 1st December.



This League is similar to the Thunderdome QW league in that you have a time limit on when you arrange your game against your opponent at your leisure. It'll be your own as well as your opponents responsibility to arrange a time where you face off before the time limit of your game has been reached.

Each round will have a time limit of a week from when the last rounds time limit was set. But all games can be played whenever you have an opponent and that opponent is available to play.

Tournament Details


  • Group stage

    • First round time limit is December 11th.

    • Second round time limit is December 19th.

    • Third round time limit is December 30th.

  • Playoff stage

    • First round time limit is January 7th.

    • Second round time limit is January 14th.

    • Third round time limit is January 21st.

Map pool:

  • Duel1: Machinations of Purgatory

  • Duel2: Toxicity

  • Duel3: Aerowalk

  • Duel4: Crown of Sil’ocy

  • Duel6: Aggressor.

Map voting:

  • Players will cointoss to decide who picks first. Winner of cointoss picks first.

  • Bo3 rounds will be A-pick, B-pick, B-drop, A-drop.

  • Bo5 round will be A-pick, B-pick, B-pick, A-pick.

  • Map left is played as decider in the event of a map tie.

Prize pool:

  • 1st: €50

  • 2nd: €25

  • 3rd: €15

  • 4th: €10

Rules & Information

Failure to read this may result in you making yourself look like a fool.

Availability and game version:

  • Tournament will be requiring players using the latest version of Doombringer

  • All participants must sign up on the challonge page.

  • All signed up players must log into the Doombringer Discord channel before the tournament commences and remain until all your games are completed.

  • All playoff matches from semi-finals onwards will be organised & streamed in conjunction with an admin.

Reporting match results:

  • The match winner reports the match results as soon as possible. Screenshots from the end of game scoreboard must be supplied to verify the result.

  • All matches must be played before their allotted time limit is passed.

  • If players can't organise themselves to get games played and reported by the end of the deadline, WO will be given to the player who proved to the admins, that he/she really tried to make the game happen. Please report your activity to an admin before the deadline is over.

Verifying scores and match legitimacy:

  • All games must have demos and results recorded using the cvars:

    • cl_autodemo 1

    • cl_autoscreenshot 1

  • These can also be checked using the in game options->misc menu.


  • Doombringer team will be providing servers hosted in Europe.

  • Players may play on any server they can agree on.

  • If there is dispute, the players will play on the servers that give them both the best average of ping difference.

In the event of a disconnect:

  • If a player disconnects before the 5 minute mark and no frags has been awarded. The match will be replayed.

  • If a player disconnects after the 5 minute mark and no frags has been awarded. The match will be replayed with the time limit set to 5 minutes.

  • If a player is ahead in frags and disconnects the match is replayed.

  • If a player is losing in frags and disconnect, the leading player wins.

Admin rulings:

  • Admins reserve the right to remove players from the tournament.

  • Admins reserve the right to make rulings on case by case basis in the event of unforeseen complications arise.

Финальные результаты

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