$20k WarZone Tournament Presented by Game Duels $5k 1st

Organized by

Game Duels Presents $20,000 Warzone Event Series


$20,000+ Prize fund(Based on entries)

$5,000 1st

$2,500 2nd

1 in 6 teams Cash

4 person teams, $25 entry fee per person, 300 teams max, 16 KD max per team

Teams will have two hours to try and play as many Warzone matches as they can in public lobbies.

Teams will be awarded points based on the number of kills and their placement in each game.

Only the Top 3 games will count toward results

If you play on PC, 1 player must stream per team.

Victory      10 points

2nd Place 6 points

3rd Place  5 points

4th Place 4 points

5ht Place 3 points

Top 10      2 points

Top 20     1 point

.5 point for each kill

Players will have to submit results after the conclusion of the 2 hour play for verification.  We require a screen shot of each game complete with full results and match number.  

Players can be enter using Paypal, debit, credit, venmo, or check so make sure you specify on your entry form(Link Below to entry form).  Players that pay by Paypal and venmo will have their accounts credited, all others will have checks mailed.  


A bracket preview will be displayed once 2 or more participants are registered.