March 2018 Minus Singles

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Official rules for March 2018 minus tournament:

Gameplay Rules:

  1. Game Settings:

    1. 4 Stocks

    2. 8 Minute Timer

    3. Handicap: Off

    4. Damage ratio: 1.0

    5. Items: Off

    6. Pause: Off

  2. Stage list:

    1. Starters:

      1. Battlefield

      2. Smashville

      3. Final Destination

      4. Pokémon Stadium 2

      5. Dreamland

    2. Counterpicks:

      1. Yoshi’s Story

      2. Lylat Cruise

      3. Fountain of Dreams

      4. Warioware

      5. Spear Pillar

  3. Set Procedure:

    1. Players choose their characters. (If either player wants to use double blind clause, it is done.)

    2. Choose which player gets port priority and who gets to stage strike first.

    3. Strike stages

    4. Play game 1

    5. Winner of game 1 bans 3 stages

    6. Loser of game 1 picks the stage for game 2

    7. Winner of game 1 gets to switch characters

    8. Loser of game 1 gets to switch characters

    9. Play game 2

    10. Repeat steps 4 through 9 until set is over

  4. Double blind clause: Either player may request that double blind character selection occur. If this is done, a TO (Tournament Organizer) must be told in secret each player's character choices for the game. Both players are then required to choose that character.

  5. Players either get to choose port priority or stage strike advantage. If both players do not agree, they must do best of 1 rock paper scissors.

    1. Stage striking is defined as removing stages from the starter list to decide what stage is to be played on in game 1. The player with advantage strikes first. The second player then strikes 2 stages. The first player strikes 1 more stage. The last stage that was not striked is played on in game 1.

  6. Stage bans: After each game, before the next stage is selected, the player who won the previous game bans a combined 3 stages from the starter or counter pick lists. The banned stages cannot be chosen in the next game.

  7. Stage Clause: Within a set, a player cannot select a stage on which they have already won a game. (AKA: DSR or Dave’s Stupid Rule)

  8. Mutual Agreement Clause: Players may select any stage from either the starter or counter pick lists if they both agree. This supersedes the stage clause. Players may not agree to play on illegal stages or to change the length of a game or set. In game agreements to neutral start are permitted. Mutual agreement to pre determine the outcome of a game or set is collusion and is always forbidden. (AKA: Gentleman’s clause.)

  9. Sudden death: If a game goes to sudden death, the winner is determined by percentage at the end of the game. This is so unless a player has more stocks than the other, in which case they win. If that is not the case, the player with lower percentage wins. In the event of a tie, a tie breaker will be played on the same stage with one stock, 2 minutes. The results of sudden death never count.

  10. All non modded controllers are allowed. (That are endorsed by Nintendo) Mods such as turbo mode and the like are explicitly forbidden.

  11. Warm ups: Warm up periods and controller tests may not exceed 30 seconds on the in game timer. Violation of this rule may result in an automatic forfeit at the discretion of the tournament organizers.

  12. Colour Blind Clause: A player may request that their opponent take steps to make their character more distinct in order to accommodate colour blindness.

Match Disruptions:

  1. Pauses: If a player intentionally or unintentionally pauses the game by pressing start or by unplugging a controller, the player responsible drops a stock. The penalty may be increased to multiple stocks or whole games at the discretion of the TO.

  2. Restarts: The TO may approve a game restart due to exceptional circumstances such as a power outage.

  3. Stalling: Stalling, or excessively delaying the game or set, may result in a game or set forfeit at the discretion of the TO.

More Rules:

  1. Misconfiguration: If a game was played under a misconfiguration of the game settings as described in this ruleset, that could have affected the game in any way, a player may petition the TO to have that game replayed. The final decision is at the TO’s discretion.

  2. Coaching: Coaching, defined as deliberately giving or receiving advice to or from another person during a set, is not allowed and may result in penalties for both parties. Coaching is allowed after a bracket reset in grand finals.

  3. Penalties: Players who break the rules in this document are subject to penalties including, but not limited to the following:

  1. Set restart

  2. Forfeiture of game

  3. Forfeiture of set

Code of Conduct: Behaviour that is considered to be inappropriate and in violation of the Code of Conduct includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Interfering with tournament operation.

  2. Acting in a disruptive manner or deliberately annoying, threatening, or harassing another person.

  3. Engaging in collusion. (Agreeing to a predetermined outcome to a game or set.)

  4. Cheating in any way.

  5. Intentionally delaying gameplay.

  6. Use of offensive or vulgar gamertags.

  7. Sexism, racism etc.

  8. Engaging in immoral or illegal activity.

  9. Bribing a TO.

  10. Vulgar language, libel, slander.

  11. Interfering with consoles, projectors, or other tournament equipment.

  12. Engaging in any other type of behaviour deemed inappropriate by the TOs in their sole discretion.

  13. Otherwise violating these rules.

Final Results

Supreme Champion: Xander
Worthy Adversary: I L L U S T R I O U S
Maybe Next Time: Rice

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