XBOX Halo 4 4v4 SWAT Season 1

  • 1 Team
  • Round Robin (2x)
  • Halo 4

This is a pay to play league. Once enough Teams have signed up the payment link will be posted. Teams must pay the entry fee prior to being able to play in the league. The League fee for this League is $25.

This League is designed to be a rotating game League for Halo SWAT 4 vs 4. Meaning, while this first season is in Halo 4, next season will be a different Halo from the Master Chief Collection.  Each Season will require a new entry fee be paid in order for teams to participate.

The league will play matches every Tuesday starting at 9pm EST. 

The teams will be required to play 5 matches on 5 different maps per "round". This is not a "best of 5" series, instead it is an accumulated wins series. The team with the most wins at the end of the Season will be crowned the Season winner and receive the entry fees (minus administrative fees) as a prize.

Every team will face each other at least 2 times during the course of the Season.

The Settings for this League should be those used in Halo's matchmaking playlist for SWAT, except that the Death cam should be DISABLED.

The maps for each weeks matches will be chosen randomly by the match committee a day before the scheduled matches. They can be played in any order as long as they are all played.

General League rules can be found in the announcement section.

A bracket preview will be displayed once 2 or more participants are registered.
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