Marco's 99th C&E

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  1. Once you have signed up PM me for starter, and build a team with only that pokemon.
  2. 1 reroll.
  3. Focus Sash and Sturdy is not allowed in the first round.
  4. The tournament is played in the  Gen 7 Pokebank OU format.
  5. Megas are allowed and count as an evolution.
  6. Banned Pokemon:Burmy, Caterpie, Combee, Cosmog, Froakie, Honedge, Kricketot, Magikarp, Scatterbug, Sunkern, Torchic, Tynamo, Type: Null, Weedle, and Wurmple
  7. If you win a match take one of your opponent's Pokemon and evolve 1.
  8. When the tournament starts refresh the page, challenge your opponent and send me the link to the battle.
  9. Scouting is banned.
  10. All the mega evolution that are in Ubers (Salamence,lucario ecc...) are banned.
  11. Z-moves for 1st evolution pokemon are banned (like eevee)
  12. If your Showdown name is different from  to your Challonge name, in the signup page click "Sign up with an alternate name".
  13. Shedinja is banned.

Leaderboard:                                              1st    2nd    3rd                                                                          1st    2nd    3rd 

1st place:Maltazar(26): 6 2 8th place:Savanah(6): 2 0 0

2nd place:WailJesus(25): 4 4 5      8th place:Supermantoine(6): 2 0 0

3rd place:Garchomp 2.0 (21): 4 4 8th place:Typhlosion37(6): 2 0 0

4th place:WashingtonWailords(12): 2 2 2 9th place:Karnareth(5): 1       1 0

5th place:Megamanqb(11): 1 3 9th place:Palmerbroz(5): 1      1 0

6th place:Ravinking123(9): 2 1 1 9th place:SparkysJolteon(5): 0 2 1

7th place:ChrusIsNub(8): 2 1 9th place:VaporeonIsMoist(5) 1 0

7th place:Mick_Is_Awsome(7): 1 2      9th place:VK27(5):        1  1 0

8th place:AlfieBoheme(6): 2 0 0   9th place:WarlordOfTheSea(5): 1 0  

8th place:Ddanielle(6): 1 1 1     10th place:Savage_Cabbage69(4): 1 0 1  

8th place:D2113(6): 1 0 3 10th place:VoltDarkrai(4): 1 1

8th place:Flerovium (6): 2 0

8th place:Freshkidx4(6): 2 0 0  

7th place:Killarot(6): 2 0

7th place:Nixus37(6): 2 0 0


Recap previous C&E's

1st      C&E: Kklinkj,Tirishia,Wailjesus
2nd    C&E:  Hellrayquaza12, Jadepearl,Wailjesus
3rd     C&E:  VaporeonIsMoist,Aymoosay,Relyable
4th     C&E: Frisoeva, Davidsov0078, Wailjesus
5th     C&E:  Wailjesus,Malcamoo,Ddanielle
6th     C&E: Ryan377,Midgetabsol,GamingMT
7th     C&E:  Maltazar,Jbeast10,Jaajgko
8th     C&E:  Wailjesus,Zolgia218,Ninjajojo
9th     C&E: Chrus_is_nub,Ddanielle,Amberise
10th  C&E: Karnareth,Goldaris,Dwakaar
11th  C&E: Lil020, Wailjesus,Almightygliscor
12th  C&E: Gusmoney2,Justgold123,Bluemanda
13th  C&E: IncognitoPerson,Mrunsuccessful,RavinKing123
14th  C&E: Supermantoine, Yoosin , TheScorchedBlaze
15th  C&E: Freshkidx4, Maltazar, Legodood3
16th  C&E: MrUnsuccessful,Little_Axxew,Buckled_Raptor
17th  C&E: Supermantoine,Kenzie_Love, MLGMustache
18th  C&E: Oarsman,UltraMegaTristen,Dragonkinn
19th  C&E: Boomgospel, VaporeonisMoist,Killerleston
20th  C&E: Typhlosion37,Fattiebro,DreamShado
21st  C&E: Ddanielle, Aneja, Andrewrb15
22nd C&E: Typhlosion37, Oscarthemudkip, Asian(alolan_form)
23rd C&E: Savage__Cabbage69, Kane01, Jammaers
24th C&E: Palmerbroz, Drago34, TheMaskedRoyal
25th C&E: Flerovium, Traceoflife, Hercules Mulligan
26th C&E: Chaotic18, Nrauruto, TropicalNixon
27th C&E: AlphaWittem, Jtlynch522(lucentfridge), TheGrimHaxorus
28th C&E: Thucc,Flygonisdragon,Kanto scro
29th C&E: Voltdarkari, Saxoattack, Mienfood
30th C&E: Stubbyy,Elizerr,Blazeboy291

31st C&E: Maltazar, Wailjesus, Savage_Cabbage69

32nd C&E: Pixelnaz, TRowePrice, VoltDarkrai

33rd C&E: Nixus37, Ravinking123, PrimalLuke

34th C&E: BestEkkoEu,Palmerbroz,D2113

35th C&E: Nixus37, SismicBlack, Dragongirl919

36th C&E: CanofSplash,Garchomp 2_0, WashingtonWailords

37th C&E: NerdDestroyer37, DonDon321, Plick1

38th C&E: Flerovium, InsertOldMeme, Wailjesus

39th C&E: Mick_Is_Awesome,dialgaofpower,pkgo14(coolgamer564)

40th C&E: DarkFlames64,Kenton270,Shocker996

41st C&E: MisterSunshine,Conmh, D2113

42nd C&E: Majin_boooooo,NickyNH10,Jtlynch522(lucentfridge)

43rd C&E: RavinKing123,jordi304,djchozley

44th C&E: SJblitx,Hooby778,Kenzie_Love

45th C&E: Ravinking123,Brierton,emboar2235

46th C&E: Totalwigout,Axelraid,Liamni

47th C&E: Maltazar,Megamanqb,Codewrecker

48th C&E: Maltazar,Revolution Trainer, Megamanqb

49th C&E: Garchomp 2.0,CharizardAce1, Megamanqb

50th C&E: Combr0,Landkon2,D2113

51st C&E: WarlordOfTheSea,Megamanqb,Elizeer

52nd C&E: D2113,Panchopantoja,AdamantLuxray

53rd C&E:fdafdff, Shaymean,Blazeboy291

54th C&E: Freshkidx4,EmpoweredHunter, Redival

55th C&E:RedVelvet10,ChrusIsNub,Bransonb

56th C&E:Eliizerr,bhagee90,maltazar

57th C&E:VK27,Andrewrb15,Garchomp 2.0

58th C&E:Oran_Barry,Karnareth,Etb

59th C&E:Tazie,Wailjesus,NaDreaz

60th C&E:Hooby,WashingtonWailords,BurningHydra

61st C&E:ChrusIsNub,Wailjesus,Lakoo502

62nd C&E:ripjaw999,VK27,Mick_Is_Awsome

63rd C&E:LightoftheNorth,bill2454,renjix

64th C&E:Magatsu(kaisai),renjix,SparkysJolteon

65th C&E:Savanah,Garchomp2.0,LatiasRedLight

66th C&E:Garchomp2.0,naa4,WashingtonWailords

67th C&E:PhDiglett,Electrfyingsilver,SismicBlack

68th C&E:Garchomp2.0,CluelessSKB,TheRedGremlin

69th C&E:WashingtonWailords,Glaceon_for_ubers,tiru

70th C&E:Savanah,tiru,Heldacarite

71st C&E:SixVoltz,SparkysJolteon,Chrono4111

72nd C&E:Mudfan,Burningdragon37,blazeboy291

73rd C&E:Wailjesus,SparkysJolteon,Prof R J lupin

74th C&E:Killarot,Tommyz137,Goku019

75th C&E:Maltazar,Garchomp2.0,Tobias70

76th C&E:Catfishhunter,miguel1540,NuclearEarth

77th C&E:Megamanqb,DonMano,Shadowchampion001

78th C&E:Cool1jr,Alphawittem,Superskrub

79th C&E:Hemustbemagic,LightoftheNorth,tigglebiddy

80th C&E:Maltazar,kushdc,axellvarez

81st C&E:mp292,BuckeWild,Chorenn

82nd C&E:Killarot,Megamanqb,regired123

83rd C&E: Icemanmatt,Garchomp2_0,masterofdankweed

84th C&E: Wailjesus,pitts09,Garchomp2_0

85th C&E: AlfieBoheme,WarlordOfTheSea,SteadyEddie

86th C&E:AlfieBoheme,Garchomp2_0,Maltazar

87th C&E: Garchomp2_0,Mick_Is_Awesome,Tropicalnixon

88th C&E:samjo,icemanmatt,PowerIsNotTheGoal

89th C&E:thehorrificgamer17,ShinichiKudo,PokemonTrainerDenn

90th C&E:WashingtonWailords,Maltazar,Glaceon_For_Ubers

91st C&E:Krizone1,Complexities,Tigglebiddy

92nd C&E:RyanM23,Kill_Bill_Pandey,Phares

93rd C&E:Magatsu,ZeGoodlyGamer,LukeSeo

94th C&E:Th3Bak3r,Maltazar,Mick_Is_Awesome

95th C&E:AdvancedAIDS,Ze godlygamer,SixVoltz

96th C&E:Matthew21,YourDankness,Dragongirl919

97th C&E:JuiceE,ChampionAlex80,Wailjesus

Final Results

Supreme Champion: hangryy
Worthy Adversary: vistar122
Maybe Next Time: Elijamlgkid

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