7 vs. 7

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  •   Single Elimination
  •   Team Fortress 2
  •   December 25, 2015 at 12:10 PM EST
  •   Check-in: Underway Now
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 7 vs. 7 was created by "CrazyKiller8901"

the rules are:

offclass was not allow in this mode!

item's such as phlog, will be ban at certain item's

have fun :)

7 vs. 7 has two team's, team's has diffent class to play:


The Damager (Demoman)

The Pusher (DemoMan)

One scout's

The Faster ( Soldier )

One Medic

One Spy

The Car (engineer)


Pybro ( Pyro )

Two Engineer's

The Faster ( Soldier )

One Soldier

One Medic

The Killer ( DemoMan )

*NOTE: you have to switch class at the end of the round!*

But since this is a first time I invented this, there be only four team fighting each other, am just testing this to is if it's work's And balance.

*NOTE: don't try offclass, I be Watching each match in TV mode!*

if you try to offclass, you get automactally lose!

Custom classe's list:

The Damager: deal's as much Damage to the enemy team as possible.

The Pusher: kill engineer's and bring down sentries as many as possible, this was a best Uber choice.

The Car: build and fully level up teleporter as soon as possible to the front line's

Pybro: Protect the Engineer's building's, SpyCheck, protect the Medic.

The Faster: Help Medic to get Uber charge as soon as possible by taking a lot of damage

The Killer: try and kill the Medic, keep the demo at bay, find the teleporter and destroy it!

A bracket preview will be displayed once 2 or more participants are registered.