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Hypefestation Official Rules and Settings
Gears Of War 3 4v4 - Single Elimination

POSTPONED January 11th - 1pm Est

Entry Fee: FREE

Prizes: 1st Place = $300 ($75 each)

- After January 10th at midnight est, no changes can be made. If any player is unavailable AND the listed Sub is unavailable, the team must play a 3v4 or forfeit. NO Exceptions.

- You are only allowed to play with the team that appears on this Challonge. 

- Contact Cat Is Frisky to make ROSTER CHANGES or edit Subs ( @CatIsFrisky  on twitter ). 


Gnasher/Lancer Loadout 

Character Rules:

NO using Clone Characters. Use one or the other, NOT both.

Cog Characters Banned:

All Females

Big Rig Dizzy

Mechanic Baird

Commando Dom

Cog Clone Characters:

Anthony and Benjamin Carmine

Golden Gear and Cog Gear

Classic Baird and Damon Baird

Dominic Santiago and Classic Dom

Classic Marcus, Unarmored Marcus, and Marcus Fenix

Cole Train, Classic Cole, Superstar Cole, Augustus Cole

Locust Characters Banned:



Savage Kantus

Locust Clone Characters:

Grenadier and Hunter Elite

Miner and Golden Miner

Hunter and Golden Hunter

Execution Settings:

Rounds to Win- 4

Round Time Limit– 5

Bleed-Out Time – 20 (hidden default)

Friendly Fire – On

Weapon Respawn – After Pickup

Maps (5): Checkout, Clock Tower, Hotel, Old Town, Cove.  

Weapon Swaps:

Checkout EXE

All Pistols -> Snub Pistols

Mulcher -> Disabled

Clock Tower EXE

All Pistols -> Snub Pistols

Boomshot -> Digger

Incendiary Grenades -> Frag Grenades

Hotel EXE

All Pistols -> Snub Pistols

Old Town EXE

Scorcher -> Disabled

All Pistols -> Snub Pistols

Cove EXE

All Pistols > Snub Pistols

Incendiary Grenade > Frag Grenade

Torque Bow > Digger

Longshot > Torque Bow

Digger > Torque Bow

Boomshot > Digger


King of the Hill Settings:

Rounds Score Limit: 210

Rounds to Win – 1

Bleed-Out Time – 20

Friendly Fire – On

Weapon Respawn – After Pickup

Accumulating 53 points in KOTH is equal to 1 round

Maps(2): Drydock, Rustlung.

Weapon Swaps:

Drydock KOTH

All Pistols -> Snub Pistols

Rustlung KOTH

Mulcher -> Disabled



- All players should be on time for their respective scheduled matches. Their will be a 15 min rule to join the lobby from invite, or risk being DISQUALIFIED from the tournament.

- No match can occur without their being a referee present.

- Hosting matches will work as follows:
Each team hosts 1 map. HIGHER SEED hosts the first map, LOWER SEED hosts the second map. Which ever team has the most rounds gets to host the last map. If tied in rounds, the last map will be played on a neutral host.

- You must have DLC needed to compete in the listed maps. If not, you will be disqualified. 

- *Seven Round Rule* (Except Semi-Finals and Finals)

Each game has a limit of seven rounds, this includes stalemates. At the end of the seventh round, the team with the most rounds in their favor wins. If it's a tie, they keep playing until one team scores. 

- This is a US/CA-based tournament, although ALL international teams are allowed to register, each team should be aware that hosting will be in favor of US/CA teams in this tournament.
- Teams will try to host the matches normally. If the other team asks for a neutral host based on severe lag due to the other teams host, there will be a neutral host used that is in the most fair location for both teams.  
- The fairness of connections in online events are relative. LAN's are the most neutral.

- Each team has the choice to opt for a LAG TEST prior to map start, in which the hosting team will host a King of the Hill on Checkout for test.
- The MATCH REFEREE will determine if the host connection is playable, the referee has the final and only say.
- If the referee determines the host unplayable, then the host team will have to choose a new host connection.

Cycle: Execution - KOTH - Execution (Top Seed has first Host/host has locust):

ROUND 1: Hotel - Drydock - Oldtown

ROUND 2: Cove - Rustlung - Clocktower

ROUND 3: Checkout - Drydock - Hotel

ROUND 4: Cove - Rustlung - Oldtown

SEMI-FINALS: Clocktower - Drydock - Checkout - Rustlung - Hotel

FINALS: Oldtown - Drydock - Cove - Rustlung - Clocktower - Drydock - Checkout

% - Bi-Lingual


1. Cat Is Frisky - @CatIsFrisky %  

2. So Stupendous - @Stupendous__  

3. GloryD - @AWildGlory 

4. MzGlory - @GloryTheGamer %

5. CptnBarbosa - @CaptnBarbosa 

6. JazzyFizzle94 - @JazzyFizzle94

7. QueeNefertiti - @queenadinef 

8. IEleqance - @IEleqance 

9. Deny Em Dally - @DenyEmDally 

10. Snakuh - @snakuhhead 

11. Sinful Barbie - @Sinful_Barbie 

12. Jynx - @_Jynx

13. SYN Kxnny - @TheBetterKenny

14. Apizy - @TheOnlyAP

15. Itz PR - @itspr1

16. BT Jack - @btjackfelling 

17. Brittality - @BRiTTaLiTY 

18. Unleashed Zach - @Unleashed_Zach

19. Christmode x - @ChristSend

20. Chubbz - @Chxbbz_

21. La La Man Jr - @Lalamanjr 


SteelCity - @SteelCityy 

GametressNarz - @1_Narz % 

Head Ref/Bracket Admin - Cat Is Frisky

For First Round.....

1st Matches are played at 1pm est.

2nd Matches are played at appx 1:30pm est..

3rd Matches are played at appx 2:15pm est.

Contact YOUR ref for more info.

Block  A - P,   Block Ref - Cat Is Frisky

Referee                  1st Match     2nd Match     3rd Match

Mz Glory                   J                   A                     -

Snakuh                     P                  C                     -

Syn Kxnny                -                   G                     -

So Stupendous         -                   I                      L

Brittality                     -                   K                     -

Christmode x            -                   N                     -

La La Man Jr            F                  O                     -

Chubbz                     -                   M                    -

Unleashed Zach       -                   E                     -

BT Jack                    -                   D                     - 

IEleqance                 -                   H                     -

Block Q - AF,  Block Ref - QueenNefertiti

           Referee                  1st Match     2nd Match     3rd Match

Sinful Barbie*            V                  U                   -

GloryD*                     Y                  S                    -

JazzyFizzle94           Z                  T                    -

Jynx                          X                  W                   -

Itz Pr                         Q                 AA                   -

Deny Em Dally           -                 AD                  AC

CptnBarbosa             AF                -                     -

QueeNefertiti             AF               AE                  -

Blizznizz                    -                   AB                 -

New Jawzey              -                    R                  -          

Main Stream Hypefestation  

Other Streams:  



* - Europe
** - Mexico
*** - South America
T - needs translator 

1. iLLusive - KayPrince iLL REPSOLID iLL Vocabs iLL MUNCHIEZ iLL. 
2. On the Verge - Gosslike, MoB Bless, klm David, cpt coly. Sub - coior white.
3. NiNE -  lBangersz, Atomxz, lts Excite, Spxwn 7. Sub - Seakk one. ** 
4. Driven by Fear - Crushmo DbF, Chubbz DbF, Noxious DbF, Jeremy WiNGOS.
5. Christ - Avexys IL, ProPeLLs, Mikes ViRaL, Rezints.
6. Black Tusk Team Fenix - JackFelling, Falloutt, NJ Cubano, ImmortalSpawn. 
7. NL - NL Weazer NL, NL InsidiouS NL,  NL Spookys NL,  NL KardogerD NL. SUB- Infinity iSupra 
8. Bot Movement - PhelpzW, Fate T1, Deeadeyez, Berhon. * 
9. Essence.NTC - Ess JimmyB, NTC KEZZA, Ess Graylin, A5PIRE. Sub - Ess KezDoggyDog. *
10. StoneCold's Stunners - App1iCaTes, Rayzill, DonoTeL0, m0rtifys. Sub - m5cene 
11. Just Us - A React, Arch Ahoy, A Tattoo, Astrologistic. Sub - ShxwMe 
12. Durex Extra Strafe - Snub Focuss, I IRoBeRT I, King KP Nuts, Remiix AE. *
13. Titans - Shddow 6, BoweelS, Leggend l, Armerz. *** T
14. RAWR - AceSKINS, Visexy, TK Track Star, Frenzys F. Sub - SaidlRick 
15. EsscenceGOW - Ess Dragonz, Ess EvLMon5ter, Demize uX, Ess Silvers. Sub - Tramax Fleex. 
16. Full Red - FRANKOED, Silencin, JuJuBeans, DRIX GOD. Sub - fazemcpancakes. 
17. Split Cheeks - Blowing Zeros, x AnthxnY, ANewnez, Demi Falcon.
18. Tol Squad - Craaigoo, JST4R x, BeaveR EU, Joshuuaaaa x. * 
19. ZeroTolerance - Evolve Bad KidzMattSlayz, Remorse zT, Nonrelenting. Sub WaRiGoD
20. Pushers - Submitions, Advanced iP, Viruz iP, Hypertonicz iP. 
21. Synergy - SYN Kxnny, StRaNGuLaTe, SYN Yogur7, Been Nastty. Sub - clutch 4214
22. Merks -  Dcryption Merks, Percist, Chrispyy sM, Expose Merks. Sub - Currupts Merks. 
23. One Happy Family - ChosenWon44, chosenwon4444, Dillbobster, xLegionnaryx. 
24. Purple Bunnies - IEleqance, SiahZ, Arkarino, Bjrdy. Sub - Flavorsss 
25. DowNThroW - R0ZADO, DeMo Bounce, RobAims, Clouts RVS. 
26.  Lightwork - Monstruz,Shake ex, My For7e, Jenni Tulwart. Sub - AnTMaNs 
27.  MbN: Hsw 07 - NiTeViZioN, PRO5PECT, TweeKStur, Bizzoss.
28. polish dream team - Rafcio0123, NightMare xPLx, SceneAndi, RyuZero1. Sub - dressu original
29. Empty promises - B00Gi3TiME, TA EXHAUST, eP jibernip, L Crowbar L  
30. Inspire Gaming - Inspire Kisho. * T, Inspire Freeze, Inspire Cyraxz, Inspire Schokz. Sub - Inspire Praized 
31. The Real No Limit - Brugai, PUPLLO , DECLMATEZ, Tyrantz 184.
32. Bloodline - iStatutory, Oblivioln, Mr Figbar, Bw2791. Sub - Ballelr. 
33. Uprising - Christmode x, New Jawzey, Blizznizz, Unleashed Zach. 
34. We Lost - Aggressive Raid, Hesitatess, Joey Pakks, Aimz J. Sub - Pushess. 
35. Guns - Aim Guns, BIessed Guns, Perish Guns, AdM Talents.
36. Less Than Zero - BaySo1dier, AJ0NEZ, LtZ Metaphor, JoEYSaLZ.
37. Calm - Calm Flexd, Flamsy, BRAlNY, Calm Plexd.
38. Dynamic - Meowzly, Yo Shocks, KLNG Exotics, SuFFaCaTe.
39. Embrace - Correspondlogys, notsolight, Above Venoms, HolyLAN. Sub - VenomZ GFX 
40. GLory - zSoto, Carills, Lava T1, LeojMavo. Sub - Praized Z
41. The Usual Suspects - BallaHoliK, DraYzey, Magine, Rayminh. 
42. Ess GBN - Ess King Dreams, Ess Envy, LaNSuRs G, SeNSuRs. Sub - Ess Hesitates.

43. VIDA - Triumphz V, C A crazy lml, ii LYCAN, xBAZOFIAxTOREES. Sub - eVo Atractivz. 

44. Fury - So Stupendous, Deny Em Dally, Itz PR, Apizy. Sub - Meraxes Senpai

45. Logic - VestuR, SuMuNs, SAAMMMMMMMMMMMM, Jack RXN. Sub - Young Sinatruh

46. ResurrectioN K - INVOLVLNG, Choche J, Dezonide 1st, Multicity. Sub - IPunkii. ** T

47. Novacane is Bae - Novacane BryanT, A TEAM ALIVE, JYNX L, Monotone 

48. Pure Fundamentals - a DopE Lunatic, MKReptile, Joj0Baby, Yumar Almasy. Sub - Sshwo.

49. Virginators - Devastator MK, Try N Push Me, Notchb4ck, Leanologist.

50. The Underdogs - Noble Elijah, Nastyy Ninja, Dubzyy II, Mullennz.
51. 1v1 Me Brah! - HbM Perfections, RuiNs oWn, Monk Bangs, ChaoZ oWn. Sub - DEMIZEVIL.
52. EvolutioN - Hgrams, SkuLLieZ, Body City, FossuLs. Sub - Satisfies.
53. Atomic - XxE7ERNI7YxX, XxA7OM1CxX, x Crow Itachi x, PLG Corpser. Sub - Lord xssikors ** T
54. Killa Tofu \[°o°]/ - thundercatkid, Falcon Uppercut, St4RF0X N64, TheYoungClutch. Sub - Synkinetic
55. Nexus - Logics nXs, CANNLBALS, Deuce SfX, Lord Violatess. Sub - Vital The God
56. Hail to the Kings - King Munchy9, King E Z E, Kingmonsterkitt, Inimical z.
57. StiMulate - StM Precision, StM Breaker, Munch Munch, Kenziie 4L* Sub - CameronCostigan

58. Team ASAP  - ASAPCommander K, ASAP Nuclear69, ASAP i BOUNCE, ASAP Savxge. Sub - ASAP Survivor69.

59. Vendetta - Ess Martian, Azpecs, Imprrovised, JCrimsonS. Sub - CraaaXz T1

60. Physics - Hesahtate, Xelerates, MacStuR, Cosmicals.

61. Masked Dragons - ID xL0RD DRAG0N, ID x Z4R4Ki, IMs x KuRaPiCa, IMs x MEMO. Sub - IMs x MasTeIR

62. Notorious - Dispenza, Red Icy, ToySxldier, phob1as. Sub - La La Man jr

63. Hurricanes - Arestes FL, Ins Dot, CHI RACKIES, xJERMS. Sub - Fuels LoM. 

64. Washed - Fanxtic, ViSectz, Pulse Outplays, DFazio.


WE MADE IT - Richie SLAYS, Eggie P, Neglects WHO, RUSHTATLON.

Teams will be getting invited and messaged by their assigned match referee beginning at 10am pst.

If you move forward in the tournament, you will be messaged when your match is available. 

For any questions, please message your assigned match referee.

The team must show up within fifteen minutes of invite, or else be disqualified.

If their are any discrepancies, please contact Cat Is Frisky.


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