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🔶This tournament is on Beta Quest 1.a only 🔶 Please download the latest version :  🔶


  • This is a 1vs1 tournament
  • This tournament is on Beta Quest 1.a only
  • All participants must broadcast their race
  • Races might be done on SRL but the result must not be recorded
  • Participants will have to use Bingosync (details below)
  • A time limit is set to 3 hours per race 


  • Participants are allowed to take notes
  • Participants are allowed to check their VOD at any time
  • Participants are not allowed to watch the opponnent's live broadcast or VOD
  • Participants are not allowed to get help about locations from chat
  • A goal has to be unmarked as soon as it's completed
  • Using deku stick as adult is not allowed
  • Using GIM is not allowed
  • Using Hold R is allowed
  • If you complete a goal, lose it (eg: bottled fairy) and continue to play, you must mark back the goal immediately. You are still allowed to complete it again
  • If you lose a goal (eg: bottled fairy) and immediately reset with no further action (warp, save, die, ...), you don't need to mark the goal. It's still considered yours as if you never lost it. You still need to mark goal(s) that have been completed since your last save.
  • The card must be simultaneously revealed by both players
  • Timer starts with a manual or SRL countdown after the Draft card initiation phase


  • Players mark alternatively goals that they will have to complete during the race.
  • In order to have a balanced draft, goals must be selected according to the following pattern :

P1 = Player 1  / P2 = Player 2

P1 marks 1 goal then alternatively, P2 and P1 mark 2 goals until 2 goals remain. At this point, P1 marks 1 last goal.

  • After the draft, If done correctly, Each player must have 12 goals, the last goal must be marked by a third color and must be ignored.
  • If a mistake is made during the draft, the card must be replaced by a new one and the filename has to be changed accordingly.
  • During the initiation phase, once a goal is marked, it can not be swapped.
  • Player on the top bracket is considered as player 1.
  • If there is a 2nd final, Player on bottom bracket will be considered as player 1.


  • Be the first to complete 12 goals OR be the one who has completed the most goal in 3 hours
  • In case of a tie : 30 minutes will be added to the time limit and the first one who completes a goal wins the match
  • If after the extra 30 minutes a winner is still not declared, the last one who scored loses
  • If you lose a goal during an overtime and don't immediately reset with no further action (warp, save, die, ...), you lose.


  • Filenames are set according to the seed of the card
  • The filename has to be unique and never played before by one of the participant
  • In order to avoid mistakes, the 1st loading zone can be checked by both players only after the draft initiation phase


Lockout card has to be created from bingosync with the following setup :

  • Game : Zelda: Ocarina of time - Blackout
  • Mode : Lockout
  • seed : set to blank
  • Hide card initially : Check

Each participant can freely choose their color as long as each participant has a different one.


Brackets are seeded randomly


  • Please plan your match ahead
  • Don't hesitate to contact your opponnents first
  • A week should be an average time to schedule a race. 2 weeks top
  • If you have issues to contact your opponnent. Let me know and we'll try to figure this out
  • A loss will be scored if needed


  • The tournament is open to anyone from beginners to WR holders
  • All platforms are allowed (included PJ64 1.6 and PJ64.1.7)
  • If you register to this tournament, you have to commit to it
  • Be aware that some races might be featured on a restream


  • A discord server is available on which you will be able to :
  1. ask questions and give answers
  2. Plan races
  3. Report results
  4. use vocals
  5. Chill

You can contact me on Twitter (@Ymeric), twitch or discord if needed



Beta quest direct download :

Bingosync :

Discord :

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