• Players
  • Format
    Single Elimination
  • Game
    Age of Empires IV
  • Start
    November 20, 2021 at 4:00 AM +08
  • Check-in
Organized by

Dominaticus Crown Cup Series (DCCS) #2


Organized by

Dominaticus Esports

1) Weekly Cup

  • Time: Every Friday 8pm UTC. EST/EDT: (
  • Format: 1v1 Single Elimination, Bo1, Bo3 Semifinals, Finals Bo5
  • Pick list: CIV & maps are according to 1v1 maps and CIVs available in game. (Future DLCs pending)
  • Eligibility: This Cup is Global. Anyone can join by signing up on the Tournament Page
  • Payment made to winner's Paypal.  1st-3rd players are to message @DelaroAlexandra on discord their paypal emails. If no paypal emails are sent be the next DCCS, Sponsors & Organisers bear no responsibility to the lost of cash prize.
  • $50 Prize pool (USD), 1st Prize: $30, 2nd Prize $10, 3rd & 4th Prize $5

2) CIV & Maps setup:


  • A = Player A (Higher seed)
  • B = Player B (Lower Seed)
  • p = pick
  • b = ban

CIVs list:

  • Abbasid Dynasty
  • Chinese
  • Delhi Sultanate
  • French
  • English
  • Holy Roman Empire
  • Mongols
  • Rus

CIV ban-pick order: AbBb (each player bans 1 civ from play)

Players can play any civ left without repeats, Mirrors are allowed

  1. A bans English, B cannot pick english.
  2. A can still pick English. (unless B also bans english)
  3. A wins game 1 with French, he cannot pick French for 2nd map. 
  4. B loses as French, he also cannot pick French for 2nd map.

Map list Bo1:

  • Altai
  • Dry Arabia
  • Lipany

Ban: AbBb, remaining map is played

Map list Bo3 & Bo5:

There will be 2 rounds of map Ban/Pick.
1) 1st game will be played on:

  • Altai
  • Dry Arabia
  • Lipany

Bans: AbBb, remaining map is played 1st (banned maps are passed to Round 2.)

2) 2nd round maps (no repeats from 1st game)

  • Altai
  • Ancient Spires
  • Archipelago
  • Black Forest
  • Boulder Bay
  • Confluence
  • Danube River
  • Dry Arabia
  • French Pass
  • High View
  • Hill and Dale
  • King of the Hill
  • Lipany
  • Mongolian Heights
  • Mountain Pass
  • Nagari
  • Warring Islands

Bans: AbbBbb

Loser will each round will pick from remaining maps (without repeats)

3) Lobby Setup:

  • Observers 5 mins delay
  • Game Setup: All Win Conditions, Standard starting resources, Age I Starting, Concealed Map State.
  • Map Setup: Map size Micro, European Temperate (unless both players agree on another), Teams together, no map seed.

4) Contact:

5) Other important info:

  • All players MUST add "DelaroAlexandra" as friend inside Age of Empires IV game.
  • All lobbies must be renamed to "DCC# Match#", example DCC15 Match#25. Match numbers can be found after bracket is final.
  • All players profile must be visible to public.
  • Score visible
  • Casted matches will have a break of 5 Minutes between each SERIES (not match) to cater to delay.
  • Players can update scores on their own. If anyone has discrepancies, please contact Dominaticus Esports Staff on Dominaticus Esports' discord @DelaroAlexandra or @DominaticusEsports.
  • Failure to comply to any of the above will result in Disqualification.
  • Bracket will be randomly seeded when the tournament starts. It is not final until tournament begins.


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