Dante X Kritical 1k Halo4 2v2

  • Players
  • Format
    Double Elimination
  • Game
    Halo 4
  • Start
    April 6, 2024 at 1:00 PM EDT
Organized by

Date and time:

April 6th, 1pm EST

Maps and Gametypes:

All maps and gametypes will be available on "Razors Renegade" Fileshare on MCC

(Click your name > Find Player > "Razors Renegade" > Fileshare)

All maps will be labeled "Dcnte 2v2 Tourney", no other maps or gamemodes are authorized to be used for official tourney play. (any changes made to gametypes or maps will result in a automatic DQ)

Prize Money:

1st Place - $600

2nd Place - $300
3rd Place - $100


Games will be Primarily played in CGB (see How To: set up CGB)

- Highest Seed sets up the Lobby and will be Red Team

- Servers will either be swapped between each game, or a neutral server will be agreed upon before the start of the series.

- In the events of swapping servers, teams with the higher score on off servers will have server priority for the final game. In the event of a tie, host will go to Highest Seed for final game.

- In the event of a "Force Join" or any other Hacker related issues on CGB, the series will have to be played using a Host Connection in Custom Games. (See below for ruleset)

Host Connection

- Highest seed will Host game 1

- Host will be passed back and forth until final game

- Teams with the higher score off host will host final game

- In the event of a tie, host will go to Highest seed for final game

Connection Issues:

- If a player cannot spawn. The host of the lobby should restart the game immediately.

- Any connection issues should be resolved before matches start. Any connections issues after 30 seconds or 5 total kills will not be taken into consideration and no restarts will take place.

- Connection strength should be verified before matches start

- In the event of a lagout/crash, Team A is leading 20-15 (5 points) against Team B and a connection failure causes an admin to restart the game. In the remade game, Team A must score 20 points (25 points [score-to-win limit] - 5 points [score difference] = 20 points) and team B must score 25 points to win. 

-If lagouts/crashes persist for a single team in order to gain an advantage, it will lead to a DQ.

- Matches delayed by connection issues shouldn't be delayed more than 10 minutes and the team having connection issues will forfeit the match if the alloted time is exceeded.

- If you are unable to join the lobby, in CGB please notify a TO or Admin via our discord server. The host of the lobby should be switched, and another attempt should be made. If issues still occur the lowest seed will invite and set the lobby up on the agreed server. Red team still goes to the highest seed. 


- Players on PC must stream. No exceptions.

- Any communication should be in the #Admin-help chat in the discord. Please do not DM admins, players, or tournament organizers for any major details or inquires.

- No cheating of any kind. This could include connection tampering, lobby tampering, engine tampering, game tampering, bribing, mod tools, walls, aimbot, hacks and any unlisted methods of obtaining a greater advantage over your opponent that isn't within the bounds of the base game and how it was intended to be played.

- Any racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic and other hurtful inappropriate behavior is not permitted. Any competitive banter within these bounds during a match could result in an automatic DQ.

- No Smurfs allowed to sign up. Only few exceptions apply. Please contact an Admin for further clarification and details.

Score Reporting:

- At least one member of both teams must be in the "Dcntes H4 2v2 Tournament" Discord:

- Please use the #Score-Report Channel in our discord to report scores to admins

- Winning teams should report scores as soon as a series is completed

Check In:

- Check in starts 2 hours prior to Tourney start time (11am EST)

- Check in will end 15 minutes before Tourney start time (12:45pm EST)


To uphold the integrity of our games and all the players who are participating, we are no longer allowing anyone who is, or has been banned on Halo: MCC, or Halo Infinite to sign up for our tournament. We are also not allowing anyone to sign up who has confirmed proof of cheating (clips/screens/admission).

How to set up Custom Game Browser:

- To get to CGB. Multiplayer > Custom Game Browser > Create > Halo 4 - Invite other players to lobby (Red Team is highest seed, who always hosts)

- Min players set to 2

- Max players set to 4

- Region (Agreed upon neutral server or server swap [see CGB rules for details])

- Repeat game set to OFF

- Team Changing set to ALWAYS

- Add Variant

- Select only the map that is to be played > Continue

- Select Correct Gametype > Continue

- Tag doesn't matter

- Variant does not need to be named

- Create Match

- If teams are not correct when loading in, after game starts, please switch the highest seed to Red Team, and the lower seed to Blue Team (while in game)

- Once Teams are correct > pause > Restart Match > Play game

This bracket is a preview and subject to change until the tournament is started.

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