Fatal Encounter #6 GBVS Edition

Welcome to Fatal Encounter GBVS Edition!

Fatal Encounter Discord (Coudro's Cafe) Link


Matcherino: https://matcherino.com/tournaments/59082

Platform: Steam

Region: North America

Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/coudro

This tournament will be the featured one for the discord, run by me (Coudro)

This tournament will soon be on my tournament circuit as a biweekly or weekly still deciding based on interest!

Note: I wanted to say this made end up a pc bracket one week and a ps4 bracket the next week at some point, but  that is way in the future, so as of now all tournaments will be on pc!

A Matcherino will be available and whatever goes into will be the prize pool! I want this to serve as a tournament where all skill levels could come together and have a place to practice and improve each week! 

In order to enter this tournament you must be in the discord server, as that is where I will call matches from for stream and just in general! Link to the discord is above!

Your discord name in the server and your Challonge username that is used to enter bracket must be the same! If this isn't done it can be hard to find you and if I can't find you I will have to DQ you. So please keep this in mind!

If you have any more questions just @coudro in the discord!

Tournament Rules

1.) Legal Stages for this bracket are Colosseum and THE BELT!, and celestial view!!

2.) Set are a Bo3, except for winner's, loser's, and grand finals, which will be played as a Bo5!

3.) The winner of a match will have to stick with their character, while the loser has the option of switching to a new one if they choose to!

4.) Wired connection only. If you are found not using it or are shown to have poor connection multiple times during matches, you will be DQ'd. 

5.) In the case of a player disconnecting during a match, the player that did not disconnect can decide whether or not to have that match count. Please be loyal with this though, if you are getting destroyed and that player disconnects, please don't steal the win from them. If this happens on stream it is up to the TO who wins.

6.) Last rule is to just have fun and improve! :D This is what this bracket is all about.

Tournament Timeline

When the tournament starts, you will wait for your match to be called in #Stream-Matches, I will @ the players so you will know before the brackets whether or not you start on stream! Other matches will be called in #find-your-opponent.

Matches will be called on stream or off stream as stated above.

1.) If your match is on stream, the room link will be given to you by a TO in the stream matches channel. Join that to fight.

2.) If your match is off stream, you will meet up with your opponent in the  #find-your-opponent  channel to figure out your set. Sets can be done in a private room or a world lobby! Once your match is complete you will report your scores in the #report-scores channel and tell me who the winner was. @coudro in this channel. Off stream matches are usually best of 3's!

Once the set is complete, if you are still in the bracket, just wait for your nest match to be called and we will go from there, if you lose and are out there is always next week!

Note: All of TOP 8 will be streamed!

*Looking to pay out the top 3 if the prize pool allows* Ex. 1st- 70% 2nd- 20% and 3rd- 10%
*This tournament is also not region locked but if the lag is bad enough you may be DQ'd*
*Connection Tests may be needed if you are outside the EAST COAST! But everyone is welcome to play!

Final Results

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Icon medal second
Icon medal third







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