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  • Format
    Groups (8 → 4) then Single Elimination
  • Game
    Warcraft III: Reforged
  • Start
    January 17, 2022 at 12:00 AM EST
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Fountain of Manner League is a solo league based out of the Americas for all skill levels with an emphasis on creating as fair as possible matchups for everyone.  This will be done through splitting players into groups and divisions to compete in based on their matchmaking rating on W3Champions.  After 4 weeks of matchups, playoffs will occur for each division, with each being eligible to earn a portion of the prize pool.



Join the Discord here.  (You must be in the discord to play, as this is where scheduling is done)

Second Challonge for groups K and L:

Signups are open through January 14th, 2022


Signups are open through January 14th, 2022 (no more signups after January 15th 2:59AM EST).  Once signups are closed, players will be assigned a group and division based on their MMR and assumed skill level on or shortly before January 15th, 2022 - this will be done via a live draft.  Season 2 is expected to run approximately 6 weeks (4 week season and 2 week playoffs) from January 17th to February 27th.

Prize Pool

Minimum: $400 spread across the league. More to be raised through crowdfunding. Donate on Matcherino here

After $500, we will use 50% of donations towards this season and carry over 50% of all donations to support the prize pool for season 2. 

To provide more clarity on the prize distribution, below is an example from last season that we used when the prize pool was around $925 (using the same model of anything over $500 will have 50% donated to the following season). $713 (Overall prize pool may still continue to rise with further donations) 

Group A -> 50% [$357] (55/25/10/10 split) = $196/$89/$36/$36 for 1st/2nd/3rd/4th 

Division 1 (B/C) -> 15% [$107] (55/25/10/10 split) = $59/$28/$10/$10 for 1st/2nd/3rd/4th 

Group D -> 6% [$42] (66/33 split) = $28/$14 for 1st/2nd 

Division 2 (E/F) -> 9% [$63] (45/25/15/15 split) = $28/$15/$10/$10 for 1st/2nd/3rd/4th 

Group G -> 5% [$36] (66/33 split) = $24/$12 for 1st/2nd 

Group H -> 5% [$36] (66/33 split) = $24/$12 for 1st/2nd 

Group I -> 5% [$36] (66/33 split) = $24/$12 for 1st/2nd 

Group J -> 5% [$36] (66/33 split) = $24/$12 for 1st/2nd 

While we hope players enjoy that there is a prize available to all groups/divisions, we first and foremost want players to enjoy the league for what it is. Exact prize numbers will change based on number of signups and groups, as well as donations, but the approximate percentages should be staying roughly the same in terms of percentage going to top groups.


Depending on the amount of participants, the league will be divided into groups of 7 or 8. These groups will be grouped by player skill judged by a player's MMR. At the end of the season, the top half of the group (top 4 in the case of groups of 7 or 8) will advance to the playoffs to play out a single elimination bracket-style playoffs.

For an example of the breakdown of the groups and divisions, read the full rules here.

How to join 

Register to the Challonge here and join the FoM Discord here. Joining both is a requirement, as the groups will be run through Challonge, and contacting opponents as well as scheduling will be done through Discord.

Who is eligible to play?

There are no minimum or maximum MMR restrictions.  Players will be sorted into a group within a division of players of similar skill level as balanced as is possible.  Players must have at least 20 solo games on W3Champions in either the current or previous season in order to be eligible.  This is to have a more accurate gauge of each player's skill level, so that divisions can be seeded in a fair manner for all players.  If this requirement is not met, players can reach out to an admin and see if they may still be eligible to join. All regions are eligible to join, however players outside of NA should keep in mind that hosting and game times may not always favor them. While we encourage all players to play on fair servers, NA servers are the default option if a fair server cannot be agreed upon. More information listed in the "Hosting" section.

League Schedule 


Signups January 5th - January 14th 

Live group draft: January 15th 

Groups sorted and created in Discord: January 16th 

Week 1: January 17th - January 23rd 

Week 2: January 24th - January 30th 

Week 3: January 31st - February 6th 

Week 4: February 7th - February 13th 

Playoffs: February 14th - February 27th


All matches are best of 3 maps series.  The playoff finals will be best of 5 maps series for the top 2 divisions, but still best of 3 maps series for the lower divisions unless a best of 5 is agreed upon. 

  • Every map win awards 1 point
  • No extra points for winning 2-0
  • A forfeit of 1 or more maps has a penalty of -1 point.
  • End of season rankings are based on points, not on your win-loss record


Matches will be scheduled by the players themselves each week.  Admins may reach out to certain players at the start of each play week to set a matchup to be broadcast on one of the main stream channels. Matches are to be played and reported during the play week before Sunday 2:59am EST / 11:59pm PST.  Matches should be scheduled each week as soon as possible to avoid situations where forfeits need be given out.  Some matches can be postponed to the next play week if agreed upon by both sides, but must be finished as soon as possible. If this is the case, please let an admin know or we will forfeit the match(es). Matches may also be played a week early if agreed upon by both sides, for situations such as some circumstance preventing that match being played during it's scheduled play week. All group stage matches must be finished by February 13th regardless.  The playoffs will then run from February 14th - February 27th, covering all three rounds of the playoffs (quarterfinals, semifinals, finals).

Match Process + Map Pool

All matches are best of 3 games. The top player on the match list (also the higher seed in playoffs) decides whether they are player A or player B. 

Maps are vetoed in the following order by players: A B B A B A 

3 Maps now remain. Player A selects 1 remaining map as their map choice should they lose a game. Player B selects 1 remaining map as their map choice should they lose a game. The final map remaining is played first.

Amazonia • Autumn Leaves • Concealed Hill • Echo Isles* • Last Refuge • Northern Isles • Shallow Grave • Terenas Stand LV • Tidehunters 

* can be optionally substituted for Echo Isles V2 (accessible in W3C custom games) if both players agree before vetoes. This cannot be forced on by any player. If a player declines, that is the end of the discussion and the regular Echo Isles will be used in the veto process. 

For copy-paste purposes for map pool and vetoes: 

AZ - AL - CH - EI - LR - NI - SG - TS - TH 


Race Selection

Race must be selected before vetoing.  You are required to play that race for the full series.  Random is a race option.


All games are to be played on the W3Champions Flo servers through the Warcraft III client.  Netease and servers can be used if agreed upon by both players. All games should use fair hosting conditions regardless of location. If a fair server cannot be agreed upon, default hosting is on North America Servers: US West 4, US West 6, US Central 2, US South 2, US East, US North West as well as Asia East/Asia East 2 for matches between the Oceanic region and Americas regions if they are more fair than US West.

Additional rules about reporting results, forfeits, disconnect ruling and more can be found here.


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