Garden of Chaos 24

This is a silly Fantasy Strike tournament, designed around following some silly rules in the swiss format (so no elimination!)!

Please join the Discord server linked on the rules page if you participate. (To avoid spambots, it's not linked here directly)

Note that all participants will need the core pack, as this is an online tournament!

Date and time: Listed in your time zone at the top of the page, along with some additional details

Silly format: Play Fair (secret ruleset deckbuilding!)

Single battle, best of 3, full character repick. At the start of every game, before character selection, both players are separately assigned a random Play Fair ruleset. They must then pick more Play Fair rulesets until they have 4+ points. Neither player should say their ruleset until after the game. [Source: Ritielko]

Skill Coin Prize (to be given to a random participant): TBA

A bracket preview will be displayed once 2 or more participants are registered.