Hype Redemption v3

  • 9 player Double Elimination  
  • Gears of War 3  
  • May 9, 2015 at 11:30 AM CDT  
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The Madderz Gaming 


"Hype Redemption Title"

Hype Redemption v3

Buy In Event 

Team Pass $10.00 (NO REFUNDS, After the 8th of May)

PayPal: [email protected]

When paying make sure you do 

Friends & Family, so your team has full payment!

All money that Team's buy in, 80% of all team passes will go straight into the Prize Pool! 20% will be used for future events, and a potential LAN event, that is to be announced!

1st Place - Winner Takes All (Subject to change if we receive more in Donations) 

2nd Place -  Free Pass to Next Event (Subject to change if we receive more in Donations) 

3rd Place - Free Pass to Next Event (Subject to change if we receive more in Donations) 

Donators & Sponsors:

For The Participants:

Console Craze  @ConsoleCraze  - $100

United Mass Gaming @UnitedMass - $100

The Score @ScoreOnline  - (For The Raffle a ONE YEAR MEMBERSHIP)

Giveaways For the Viewers:

Black Tusk Studios @BlackTuskStudio  - 10 Codes, 2 Shirts, 1 Hat (These Are For Giveaways)

Madderz Gaming @Madderz_Gaming   - 3 $5 Microsoft Money Pack Cards, 3 $10 Microsoft Money Pack Cards, 8 $15 Microsoft Money Pack Cards, 1 $25 Microsoft Money Pack Cards, 1 Year Membership for Xbox Live! (These are For Giveaways)


Interested in Donating to the event?

How to send Donations, Paying for the Event or Add to Prize Pool (to friends and family):
[email protected]


[email protected]

If you are buyer of a TEAM PASS on PayPal, please add the following:
1) What you are Paying For: Hence Team Pass For Hype Redemption
2) In the box below this Add Team Captain and Roster. Mark the Captain with a (*)!

To Donate To This Event:

Please Add Your Name and Twitter (If You have one) so we may give a shoutout!

Thank you!

Participate in our Giveaway Raffle:

You may participate in our Giveaway Raffle by Donating to [email protected]!
  • $2 Dollars Allows you a ONE TIME chance of winning prizes
  • $4 Dollars Allows you UNLIMITED amount of times of winning prizes
To donate to our Raffle, In the "Subject" Raffle then in the message box, please add your Twitch and Twitter(If You have one) in the box!
Prize will be giving out after the event! Other prizes may be mailed to you if it's items from Black Tusk Studios!

Prizes are as Followed: (RAFFLE ONLY)

10 - Xbox Live Codes for Gears of War
(Microsoft Money Pack Cards)
1 - $5 MSMPC
3 - $10 MSMPC
3 - $15 MSMPC
1 - $25 MSMPC
2 - Year Xbox Live Membership
1 - Black Tusk Studio Hat
2 - Black Tusk Shirts
%45 of each donations that is receive will go towards the prizes pool. The rest will go towards prizes and aid Madderz Gaming Events and Sponsor Teams! 
Collect Your Gifts through a DM after the event. Thank you!

Help out one of our staff's Local Bunny Rescue Centers by donating!

[email protected]

Like our page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Rescue.Angels.Society.Bunny.Rescue

Follow us on Twitter: @RescueAngelsSoc

Instagram: http://instagram.com/rescueangelssociety

Also with the recent leaks from people about Black Tusk Studios new Gears of War, we here at Madderz Gaming and Madderz eSports will like to annouce our LAN event in Clemmons, NC!

We're hoping that you are as excited as we are about this event! I know 

Road to the World 

Tournament Start Date Information:

Deadline to Sign your team up:

May 8th, 2015 - 9:30pm Eastern Standard Time (EST)

Day 1:

May 9th, 2015 - 12:00pm Eastern Standard Time (EST)  

May 10th, 2015 - 1:00pm Eastern Standard Time  (EST) 

Game Rules & Settings:

Please NOTE this KEY Information. The day before the event kicks off and before the First Round Teams compete, all team Captains must message each referees your gamer tag. This will allow our event to run smooth and we may able to contact your team when your match is up. Also this will better show Players and Participants, that following this major key rule, will run a more sufficient Event and will be convenient for the viewers on weekend base events! 

All teams that do not follow this rule, will automatically be disqualified for the reminder of this event. This will be SERIOUSLY and STRICTLY ENFORCE. We are not going to have delays in our event. If this is an inconvenience to you, we apologize. However we are going to run smooth one day events, that do not take longer than 5 - 8 hours. We want to build this community and have nice things! So lets all make sure to follow this Major RULE!

Thank You for your support and cooperation. 

Execution Settings:

Rounds to Win – 4
Round Time Limit – 5
Bleed-out Time – 20 (hidden default)

Friendly Fire – On

Classic Stalemates – On 

Weapon Respawn – After Pick Up

Execution Weapon Swaps:

Checkout Execution:

All Pistols > Snub Pistol

Mulcher > Disabled

Clocktower Execution:

All Pistols > Snub Pistol

Boomshot > Digger

Incendiary Grenades > Frag Grenades

Hotel Execution:

All Pistols > Snub Pistols

Old Town Execution:

All Pistols > Snub Pistols

Scorcher > Disabled

Slab Execution:

  • Boltoks > Longshot
  • Gorgons > Longshot
  • Smoke Grenades > Ink Grenades
  • Incendiary Grenades > Boomshot
  • Frag Grenades > Boomshot
  • Boomshot > Frags
  • Digger > Frags
Jacinto Execution:
  • Boltoks > Snub Pistols
  • Gorgons > Snub Pistols
  • Frag Grenades > Ink Grenades
  • Incendiary Grenades > Disabled
  • Ink Grenades > Disabled
  • Hammer of Dawn > Boomshot
  • Digger > Longshot
  • Torque > Longshot
  • Mortar > Disabled

Koth Settings:

Score Limit- 210 

Rounds- 1

Bleedout Time : 20 seconds 

Friendly Fire : ON

Classic Stalemates : ON

Weapon Pickup : After Pickup

(Every 53 Points = 1 Round)

King of the Hill Weapon Swaps:

Drydock KOTH:

All Pistols > Snub Pistols

Rustlung KOTH:

Incendiary Grenades > Frag Grenades

Mulcher > Disabled

**Sliver back is not to be used or touched. If your team uses sliver back at all, you will be Disqualified**

Character Restriction:

~Cog Characters Banned

  • All Females
  • Big Rig Dizzy
  • Mechanic Baird
  • Commando Dom

~Locust Characters Banned

  • Myrrah
  • Kantus
  • Savage Kantus

~NO using Clone Characters. Players are limited one per team. Examples of clone characters are as followed:

  • Anthony and Benjamin Carmine
  • Golden Gear and Cog Gear
  • Classic Baird and Damon Baird
  • Dominic Santiago and Classic Dom
  • Classic Marcus, Unarmored Marcus, and Marcus Fenix
  • Cole Train, Classic Cole, Superstar Cole, Augustus Cole
  • Grenadier and Hunter Elite
  • Miner and Golden Miner
  • Hunter and Golden Hunter

Map Selection:

Continuation Rule:

Continuation will only occur during the Championship finals if the Winners Bracket team has already played the losers bracket team. The series will continue from where the last series finished off.

For Example:

 If Team A beats Team B in Winners Round 3 with a score of 3-0 and these teams meet again in Championship finals, where Team A is coming from winners bracket and Team B is coming from losers bracket, then the series would start with Team A being up 3-0 and will only need to win 3 maps to win the tournament whereas Team B will need 6 maps to win. THE CONTINUATION RULE WILL OCCUR IN NO OTHER SITUATION!

*Teams may change rosters up until the 20th by 11:45:00 PM CST. After that, ROSTERS ARE FINAL. If you or your team have any questions or concerns, please contact the event staff to make roster adjustments. If any one other than the specified roster plays, it will result in an automatic DQ for the team. 

Game Rules:

Please read all of the rules thoroughly. They have changed sense the previous tournament. The following rules will be enforced by all staff members & Partners. Failure to comply will result in a disqualification (DQ) for your team. 

All rules are final. No exceptions will be made.

  • ((Host to Host)) - The Seed closer to #1 (Lower Seed) will choose if they want Cog or Locust
  • Please NOTE this KEY Information. The day before the event kicks off and before the First Round Teams compete, all team Captains must message each referees your gamer tag. This will allow our event to run smooth and we may able to contact your team when your match is up. Also this will better show Players and Participants, that following this major key rule, will run a more sufficient Event and will be convenient for the viewers on weekend base events
  • If swaps are incorrect the hosting team has 10 seconds to return to lobby. Failure to comply will result in a loss by default.
  • Each match will have a chosen Referee and/or host that will monitor the match.
  • Once a roster is submitted anytime past due date, alteration will not be made. Any changes past the deadline will not be recognized.
  • Each team is allowed Four (4) players and One (1) substitute.
  • Players have 10 minutes to respond to the invitation when messaged in regards to their next match. Failure to report on time will result in a DQ. (Semi-Finals & Finals excluded).
  • Game chat is preferred, as it creates added entertainment  for viewers who support our stream.
  • Any person found cheating will be instantly DQ'ed (including DDoS - valid proof required)
  • If a participant has multiple accounts competing within the tournament, all teams will be DQ'ed.
  • If you are caught using a non Hype based weapon, your team will be DQ'ed.
  • If a contributor disconnects or leaves the session, the match will continue.
  • Please be patient as you are waiting for your match to commence. Do not SPAM the Tournament Host(s), Streamers or  Staff. All matches shall be handled in a calm and orderly manner.
  • Disrespect is not tolerated. Two warnings will be given. After the second violation, your team will be DQ'ed. 
  • We are here to have a good time and have fun. So, please be kind to your fellow Gears Head.


****Main Stage****                                 ***Stage 2***

Twitch.Tv/Madderz_Gaming                                                   Twitch.tv/B00gi3time#8800 


Ref: Subject Madderz                                               Ref: Im B00gi3

       **Stage 3**                                             *Stage 4*

Ref: Tournament God                                                                     Hosts:

Teams: *Captains

Charged Up:
Broly Sh
Kevo Four
Maestro Foreal

*NY Talent

*Trust Relic
Trust GZA

Team WagerZ:
*Ess Lava T1
Ess Xplosive T1
TdN Demo

Second Nature:

Fanatic eXn
CuhraZe 69

Abnormal Addiction™:+1: 
AC Blank™
AC Logikz™
AC Maintains™
AC Kays™ 
AC Emotions

PWA TootsieRoll
Ess MooMooMilk

HbM Perfections
iLLanipi DLQ 
Frag GnR

Final Results

Supreme Champion: Team Wagers
Worthy Adversary: Matrix
Maybe Next Time: Second Nature

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