Hypefestation: Winter Brawl 9 - Gears of War 3 4v4

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Hypefestation Official Rules and Settings

Gears Of War 3 - Double Elimination



Lancer/Gnasher Loadout ONLY


NO using Clone Characters. Use one or the other, NOT both.

Cog Characters Banned:

All Females

Big Rig Dizzy

Mechanic Baird

Commando Dom

Cog Clone Characters:

Anthony and Benjamin Carmine

Golden Gear and Cog Gear

Classic Baird and Damon Baird

Dominic Santiago and Classic Dom

Classic Marcus, Unarmored Marcus, and Marcus Fenix

Cole Train, Classic Cole, Superstar Cole, Augustus Cole

Locust Characters Banned:



Savage Kantus

Locust Clone Characters:

Grenadier and Hunter Elite

Miner and Golden Miner

Hunter and Golden Hunter


Execution Settings:

Rounds to Win- 4

Round Time Limit– 5

Bleed-Out Time – 20 (hidden default)

Friendly Fire – On

Weapon Respawn – After Pickup

Maps (4): Checkout, Clock Tower, Hotel, Old Town

Weapon Swaps:

Checkout EXE

All Pistols -> Snub Pistols

Mulcher -> Disabled

Clock Tower EXE

All Pistols -> Snub Pistols

Boomshot -> Digger

Incendiary Grenades -> Frag Grenades

Hotel EXE

All Pistols -> Snub Pistols

Old Town EXE

Scorcher -> Disabled

All Pistols -> Snub Pistols


King of the Hill Settings:

Rounds Score Limit: 210

Rounds to Win – 1

Bleed-Out Time – 20

Friendly Fire – On

Weapon Respawn – After Pickup

Accumulating 53 points in KOTH is equal to 1 round

Maps(2): Drydock, Rustlung

Weapon Swaps:

Drydock KOTH

All Pistols -> Snub Pistols

Rustlung KOTH

Mulcher -> Disabled



Map Selection:

In a best of 5 series, the higher seeded team chooses one map to host or to defer host, then the lower seeded team chooses two maps to host or defer, and lastly the higher seeded team gets to host or defer host on the final two maps.

Continuation Rule:

Continuation will only occur during the Championship finals if the Winners Bracket team has already played the losers bracket team. The series will continue from where the last series finished off. 

For Example: If Team A beats Team B in Winners Round 3 with a score of 3-0 and these teams meet again in Championship finals, where Team A is coming from winners bracket and Team B is coming from losers bracket, then the series would start with Team A being up 3-0 and will only need to win 3 maps to win the tournament whereas Team B will need 6 maps to win. THE CONTINUATION RULE WILL OCCUR IN NO OTHER SITUATION!

Player Rules

  • All players should be on time for their respective scheduled matches.

  • Players are required to bring their controller and a flash drive with their gamertag information and needed DLC. Map packs required for this event include: Forces Of Nature, Booster Map Pack, and Horde Command Pack. Please check that all content on your flash drive works before coming to the event. 

    The repercussion for not having your USB ready to go by your match start, via the schedule time, is that you lose a map.

  • Headsets are optional but Mix-Amps will be provided.
  •  Players have 15 minutes to report for their match.  Once 15 minutes has transpired, they automatically forfeit the first map.  For every 5 minutes after 15 minutes, they forfeit another map in the cycle. Your team shall also be issued a warning.  Should your team have another match, your lateness window is reduced to 10 minutes.  If you are not in the area, the referees will alert your team Captain via cell phone to report for your match after looking for your team in the immediate physical area for 2 minutes.  This means you have 13 minutes left to report for your match with no penalties. (If your team arrives in 14:00 minutes and causes a delay after the 15 minute mark, your team will forfeit the first map)
  • A 7 minute warm-up begins once one of the two teams is ready and has begun a warm up lobby.  At 7 minutes, there will be a hard stop and the two teams must enter the official match lobby.
  • Captains MUST check-in with referees with the 5 count map order. Referees will have that information readily available.
  • Once the map has been selected, players MUST check-in with the Referee and announce their selected characters
  • Coaches are not allowed to interact with their players during map gameplay.  However, they are allowed to advise their players and approach the competitive area in-between map gameplay.  Coaches are not allowed to link audio devices to their teams as well throughout the duration of the entire match.  (We’re sorry coaches)
  • A 4 minute break can only be requested by a team after 35 minutes have transpired in a match. (This does NOT include the warm-up period)
  • Custom controllers with paddles, grips, Kontrol Freaks, and trigger stops are allowed. Any controller with “Turbo,” “Auto Fire,” and macros are prohibited. 

General Event Rules

  • Players should check schedule ahead of time to see when their match will be played. They should plan to arrive at least 30 min before their first match begins. 

  • Schedule will be posted online and will be available to players at the event with the Event Manager. 

  • Open alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited in the venue. Those found with open alcoholic beverages will be asked to leave. 

  • If intoxicated or behaving ruthlessly or obnoxiously, security and staff members will ask you to leave or escort you out of the venue. 

  • Players are expected to be respectful of hotel staff and to the staff. Players should be following hotel and Hypefestation rules at all times.


1. Synergy Central - SYN StRaNGulate, SYN NoxiousHero, SYN Yogurt 1v3, SYN Jake Nastty. * 740 pts

2. Notorious - Red Icy, ToySxldier, Phob1as, Dizpensa. * 600 pts

3. ThrowdowN - Kenny Bounce, DeMo Bounce, Lava T1, Clouts RVS. * 384 pts


5. Greatness - Contribs, Entergetic, Killabooy, Cee Tips. * 234 pts

6. vXc - SuBZeRo vXc, Chubbz Dbf, Gambler22 vXc, iTz PR. 188 pts

7. DeFiance - TraMa Said No, AhToMiC, RLT Handlez, CrimsuNs. * 167 pts

8. Nightmare - StarbrightZ, Try n Push Me, Devastator MK, Fear Bakerr. *160 pts

9. Raw Talent - Immortal Spawn, NJ CUBANO, Void gg, I MenTz I. * 158 pts

10. RF Full Red - Spartswar, JuJuBeans, Silencin , DRIX GOD. * 152 pts

11. Love Octagon - Bobbys Ambition, Enta 7, Khal Blaze, Letnek ox. 151 pts

12. Tucked In - Blowing Zeros, x AnThxnY, Demi Falcon, dread huh. * 143 pts

13. AfflictioN - Donotelo AFN, Creed AFN, Rozado AFN, Rayzilla AFN. * 122 pts

14. Evolution - Sshwo, FlawlessBoomer, BLACKKOUT x, ANewnez. * 100 pts

15. hOt n MiLD - RalNaGe, Desolater, CasperZ, App1iCaTes. 95 pts 

16. RuNnGuN - PRO5PECT, Achilies Z, Genesis is God, BT Falloutt. * 95 pts

17. FLY FUTURE - TYBUU, Bigfoot, Triumphantly, Mortifys. 90 pts

18. No Fear - Jeremy WiNGOS, Cinduhb1ock, New Jawzey, Chaos Slaps. 53 pts

19. GaLaXy - LaX IaNs, LaX AJukes, LaX LeGxnD, LaX Heliums. 45 pts

20. Stand Your Ground - ShiNeTacuLaR, Lee la Flame, Giirolamo, Burned 4L. 45 pts

21. Genocide - Indicates, Decimatez, Pupilo, Brugal. 35 pts

22. Nexus - Playyss, Strive x, Gunzaga, Legwiz. 15 pts

23. Renegade - B00Gi3Time, Ep Jidernip, Iroshe Run, TA Exhaust. 0 pts

24. Never Don't Give Up - TroCiouS, EasleyB, CUFFDR0PS, JayP IV. 0 pts

25. Money Power Respect #MpR - MpR Kay Prince, MpREPSOLID, MpR VoGod, MpR Coca White. 0 pts

26. Bloodline - ObLivioN, Hookslides, Mr Figbar, Oxymercurations. 0 pts

27. BULLY - OctaneZ, SupremoZ, Sleepytime, Rob Aims.

28. Stranded - A Team Alive, the whiteknxght, Manipulate, Gorgon Freeman.


Winners Bracket

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4  Semi-Finals Grand Finals   *2nd BO5
Exe Clocktower Checkout Clocktower Old Town Hotel  Clocktower  Old Town
Exe Old Town Hotel Checkout Hotel Clocktower  Old Town Clocktower
KOTH Rustlung Drydock Rustlung Drydock Rustlung  Drydock  Rustlung 
Exe Checkout Clocktower Old Town Checkout  Old Town Checkout  Hotel
Exe Hotel Old Town Hotel Clocktower  Checkout  Hotel  Checkout
Losers Brackets

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5   Round 6  Semi - Finals
Exe  Hotel Clocktower Oldtown Hotel Hotel  Checkout  OldTown
Exe Clocktower Old Town Clocktower Checkout Checkout  Hotel  Clocktower
KOTH Rustlung Drydock Rustlung Drydock Rustlung Drydock Rustlung
Exe Old Town Checkout Hotel Old Town Clocktower  Old Town  Checkout
Exe Checkout Hotel Checkout Clocktower Old Town  Clocktower  Hotel

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More information can be found on Hypefestation.com  

Final Results

Supreme Champion: Notorious
Worthy Adversary: ThrowdowN
Maybe Next Time: Fury

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