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K9s Last Hurrah

  • 181 Players
  • Double Elimination
  • Lethal League
  • October 20, 2018 at 2:00 PM CDT
  • Check-in: Closed

Hello and welcome to my tournament! Please be sure to go over the rules before the start of the tournament (click "Show Full Description" for the full ruleset). Join me in Team Reptile's official discord @ on Oct. 20th, 2:00 PM CST (don't forget to convert to local time) to participate. And make sure you show up a bit early for check-ins.

Thanks, and have a great tournament,


Thanks to gracious donations by veteran players Jawbreaker and Saxxy, the prize pool has been expanded!

-Grand Prize: 1 copy of Lethal League Blaze (PC), 1 copy of the first Lethal League's limited edition physical release (PS4, donated by Jawbreaker)

-2nd Place: 1 copy of Lethal League Blaze (PC, donated by Jawbreaker)

-3rd Place: 1 copy of Lethal League Blaze (PC, donated by Saxxy)

Match Ruleset

Format: Double-elimination
Matches: Best of 3 until top 8, at which point all matches are best of 5.

Stocks: 8

Timer: 4:00

Ball Type: Regular

Ball Speed: 8


Stage Select: Defaults to gentleman’s agreement / random BUT if one of the two competitors requests it, both competitors must strike to a stage using the standard rules:


Higher seed starts with one ban, lower seed bans two, higher seed bans two, lower seed bans one leaving one stage remaining. The game host must pick this stage for game one. After the first game, the previous game’s loser bans two stages and winner chooses from among the rest.


Players can only request to strike before the first game of a set, and after that must follow stage striking rules until the set is complete. In other words, you can either random/gentleman’s for all games in a set or strike for all games in a set, no mixing and matching. Once the first game has started there is no going back. For convenience, I have included a stage list below to use as a resource if you do end up striking:


Stage List: Industrial Outskirts (Desolace/Outskirts), Abandoned Pool (Pool), Underground Sewer System (Sewers), Room 21 (Room), City Streets (City), Hammer Express (Train), State Manufacturing Facility (Factory)

Stage List

Character Select: The winner of the previous game in a set must continue to play the character they won that game with. If a player selects random in game one and wins, they must select the same randomed character in the subsequent game. Loser can switch freely. No restrictions on the first game in a set.

If either player in a set wishes, they can elect to do "blind picks" in the first game. If this is a player's choice, they must make it clear before joining the lobby, to avoid gaining any unfair information. In this case, both players should send their character choice to an agreed-upon neutral 3rd party such as a TO before making any selection in the lobby screen. 


With regards to character selection, ties are treated as if they did not happen, so any winner locks apply to the subsequent game. In the event of a tie in the first game, both players are locked to the character they selected in that game.

Lag/Button Checks: Either player can request a 4 stock, 2:00 timer test game before their match if desired.


Rules for Special Circumstances


Ties: Ties count as a win for both players. In the event of a tie resulting in winning scores for both players (2-2 in a best of three or 3-3 in a best of five), a final 4 stock, 3:00 timer tiebreaker game should be played to determine the winner. In the event of a tie during the tiebreaker match, the match win goes to the player who lost the least amount of stocks during the set. For example, if game one was 6-8 and game two was 8-4, the player who only lost 4 stocks would advance after two ties in a row. In the event that this also results in a tie, I will come up with something…


Game Issues: In the event of a desync, crash, or disconnect, players should restart the match with the same stock counts as before the issue arose. If a match is unplayable due to technical issues the player who is best able to connect to the next opponent will advance. Use 4 stock lag check matches to determine the advancing player – either the player who can complete a lag test match without crashing/desyncing, or failing that, the player with lower ping should advance. In short, if one of the two players is experiencing PC or internet issues that make it impossible to play, that player should forfeit.


General Tournament Requirements & Conduct


Please make sure your steam/challonge/discord names match when you sign up, because otherwise it will be difficult for your opponent to find you and also it may interfere with seeding for the tournament. The tournament will be run using the official Team Reptile discord ( so be sure to join it and keep your eye on the discord for the duration of your tournament life. Check-ins for the tournament will start 1 hour before the tournament’s start time and close 5 minutes before the tournament’s start time to allow time to finalize the bracket and seed any late entrants. Even if you miss the check-in time, there’s a chance I could still manually put you back in, so be sure to ask me if the tournament hasn’t progressed very far and I will see what I can do.


While I will try to be lenient, I will not tolerate slow-pokes or no-shows holding up the tournament – I consider it disrespectful to me and all the other competitors if your match is preventing the rest of the tournament from progressing at a reasonable pace: if you cannot get a response from your opponent after 5 minutes, contact me. I will make a good faith effort to contact participants before handing out any disqualifications (DQs). If any one match is holding up the entire tournament I will, again, attempt to make contact before handing out any necessary DQs to ensure the tournament progresses. Finally, if you have to leave for any reason during the tournament please let me know before you do so that I can DQ you immediately to prevent any unnecessary delays.


Advancing players are responsible for reaching out to their opponent once their match is up. Loser of the match reports the score either directly on challonge or to a TO. Report should include the winner and the game score, as in Absolly 2-1 Ramkat.


The tournament will be streamed and commentated. Hopefully, all of top 8 will be streamed so once you get to top 8 please hold your matches until a caster join unless you are told to play without one. Before top 8 don’t worry about holding your match unless you are specifically asked by me or another caster. If you don’t want your matches to be on stream please let me know, I will try to honor that request until you make top 8, at which point all matches will put on stream barring some unforeseen circumstances.


If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me or Lalo/Alte through discord or on steam.

Final Results

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