• Players
  • Format
    Groups (7 → 2) then Double Elimination
  • Game
    Mario Superstar Baseball
  • Start
    January 23, 2022 at 6:00 PM EST

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Netplay Superstars 7

A NetPlay double-elimination tournament for Mario Superstar Baseball, run by the Mario Superstar Baseball Club Discord and to be live streamed on twitch. Pools will be between Sunday January 23rd 6:00 pm EST to Saturday January 29th 11:59 pm EST. The main bracket will be streamed on Sunday January 30th starting at 6:00 pm EST. Pools may be streamed by individual players at unspecified times, but won't be on the main stream.

Sunday bracket will be Top 8 (4 players on winners side, 4 players on losers side).

You MUST be a member of the discord in order to participate. Join the Discord Here.

Tournament Live Stream Link


  • Superstar Characters are OFF
  • Mercy rule is ON
  • Nolan Draft¹ format for drafting teams
  • Stadium list: Any stadium is legal if both players agree to it. If the payers do not agree on a stadium, Mario Stadium will be used.
  • All other settings are left on default. Drop spot may be turned off, but use of easy batting, auto fielding, and auto baserunning result in a game loss.
  • Batter pausing is banned. Penalty is that the batter may not swing at the next pitch.
  • Fielder Swap Limit: the fielding player can pause the game twice per inning. Any fielding adjustments can be made when paused, but after two pauses no more adjustments can occur. If the pitcher becomes tired, an additional swap may occur. If violated, the batting player must alert the fielding player, and if the fielding player refuses to cooperate, they are awarded a game loss. If the violation goes unnoticed or if the batting player allows the swap, the game will stand with no penalty.
  • The player who signed up is the one who should play. If a player is caught cheating via having another person play for them, both players will be banned from the current and future events (up to TO's discretion).
  • If the above parameters are not met, the game is ruled as invalid and must be replayed. If either player refuses to replay the game, the player(s) will be disqualified.

Emulator Requirements

  • Netplay Superstars 7 will be run using Project Rio 0.1.4.a, which is available for download here.

Network Settings

  • Auto Golf Mode is the default standard Network Setting for this tournament; however, if the connection is low ping and highly stable (>60 ms with no ping spikes), Fair Input Delay may be used (with a buffer of 8-10).

1. Nolan Draft Rules:

  • Follows snake draft rules using a 1-2-2-2... format, but you don't have to pick a captain first and you choose your captain after drafting your team
  • Non-captain Bowser is banned, so if you draft Bowser he MUST be your captain
  • Players can agree on who gets choice. If there is no agreement, the coin flip discord bot. Whoever wins choice can choose between first/second pick OR home/away team. The other player gets choice on the other option (ex. Player A wins choice and chooses to be the home team, so player B will choose between picking first/second)
  • One player will get choice to pick first/second, and the other player will get choice of batting first/second.

The following game modifications are to be used:

  • ! Required: Project Rio Codes !
  • !! Online: Netplay Event Code 3.5 !!

*note: these mods are automatically enabled with Project Rio, so no mod download is necessary

*User-end modifications which do not impact gameplay, like texture or music modifications, are permitted. Graphical mods which give an unfair advantage (such as bat texture mods which show sweetspots) are banned and result in disqualification + suspension up to the TO's discretion.

All game modifications not listed above are banned, with violation resulting in an automatic tournament disqualification. Event suspension and further punishment up to TO's discretion.

Stalling/endless game:

  • Stalling is banned and results in an automatic game forfeit.
  • Refusal to pitch the ball, taking unreasonably long to pitch the ball, excessively pausing, remaining paused for an unreasonably long period of time, refusal to draft character(s), and taking unreasonably long to draft character(s) are considered to be stalling.
  • Drafting and making a batting line-up/fielding position should take no more than 10 minutes. Longer than this will cause the tournament to run slowly.
  • Enforcement of the stalling penalty is up to the discretion of the TO's.
  • Repeated offenses can result in suspension from future events (up to TO's discretion).


  • If a game is not being streamed, players must report the match results to the TO's themselves. It's best to obtain photographic evidence of the match result to prevent inaccuracies in the game reporting, or to submit the stats file of the game, which is automatically generated y Project Rio.
  • Seeding will be based off of previous tournament(s) and other NetPlay results
  • The game must be the ISO format, not NKIT. Please fix this prior to the tournament's start.
  • Any games not finished and reported by 11:59 pm of the last day of pools will be canceled.

Statement on lag

  • Run an internet speed test your ping should be no greater than 80 ms, download speed should be at least 50 mbps and upload speed should be at least 5 mbps. Wired connection is HIGHLY recommended.
  • If you lose wifi connection during a game, it is automatically marked as a game loss regardless of the game's progress or score. The game may be replayed or restarted if permitted by the opponent.

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