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NorCraft Cup #1 January 25th 2014

NorCraft Cup #1 January 25th 2014

To be able to Participate in this League you need to live in Norway.

Tournament start: 18:00 CET


The seeding for the tournament will be done with Random Seeding

The Grand Finals the seeding will be based on Preformance and Points.

This League will occur every Saturday from January 25 until the Grand Final April 12.

While participating under the League you will earn Points based on winning/losing a match, also 1-6th place will receive points.

0. Location

NorCraft Cup will be hosted as an online league, anyone can participate and sign up but you need to have residency Norway to be able to win any of the prices in the League.

How to get a hold of you opponent and admin:

All participants have to be on the StarCraft 2 ingame Group Chat:

NorCraft Cup

(press Chat bubble with 2 people in it -> press Find -> Choose Browse group by "pro leagues and Tournaments"-> search for "NorCraft Cup"-> Join Chat)

how to get a hold of admins:

NorCraft Cup @ QuakeNet

NorCraft Cup StarCraft 2 Group chat

1. Registration

Registrations to the League will be on
one registration each week.

2. Points

During NorCraft Cup you will earn points based on performance for each week that passes.
The points are based on whether you Win or lose a match, or come between the top 6 in the tournament that Day and you also gain points upon signup.

  • Sign Up: 5 Points(is given upon showing up and playing your first match on the day you signed up for)

  • win: 4 points

  • Loss: 1 point

  • Bracket winner: 6 points +4 from winning

  • Bracket 2nd place: 2 points +1 from losing

  • 6th-3rd place: 1 point + 1 from losing

amount of Point able to earn, based on a 32 player Sign up (IF you sign up to all tournament days and win the bracket every time):

Maximum amount of point able to earn

341 Points

Minimum points able to earn, based on a 32 player sign up (IF you attend all tournament days and lose first match):

66 Points

 3. Match Settings

3.1 All Tournament matches must be played in ‘Melee’ mode

3.2 All Tournament matches must be played on speed setting ’7 – Fastest’.

3.3 Players may change their races at any time before a match, even after the countdown has been initiated.

3.4 Replay setting must be set to: Save All Replays. Players must be able to provide their replay if they are asked to do so.

3.5 Only official admins, streamers and casters are allowed as spectators during the match. By official streamers and casters we mean that they stream and cast for Norcraft Cup. Exceptions can be made but a  short application to stream the matches will have to be sent to [email protected] at least 24 hours before the game(s) starts. The stream will have a delay.

  • If an unauthorized caster/spectator is streaming/watching a match it will result in a remake. and excluding them from casting any games that Tournament Day.

4. Maps

  1. Bel’Shir Vestige

  2. Derelict Watcher

  3. Polar Night

  4. Yeonsu

  5. Habitation Station

  6. Star Station TE

  7. Frost LE

  • Players will be able to Veto 1 Map each, the one on top in the bracket choses first.

  • The players will then veto until  there is only one map left, this will be the first map that they play.

  • The loser of the first map, can choose freely from the remaining maps, except for the First to maps that were Vetoed.

 5. Disconnect/Pause

5.1 If a Player disconnects from the game, a pause must be done immediately. and give the other player a chance to reconnected (max 15 min). Admin(s) Must be notified right away.
5.2 When 15 minutes have passed the Player waiting can request for a Walk Over on the map they are currently playing on.

 6. No Show / Walkover

6.1 If an opponent hasn’t shown up at the announced time, you will have to notify an admin as soon as possible.
Try and get a hold of the opponent – If 10 minutes passes and you still haven’t heard from him/her contact the admin again and you will be given a walkover.
6.2 If the match hasn’t started after 15 minutes and no player have informed an admin about walkover, can the Tournament admin demand the match to be changed to a Bo1 to avoid delay in the tournament.

 7. Grand Finals

The Grand Finals are invitational Only based on performance to players that have been participating in the League and have a minimum of 45 Points


Matches are open for voting!


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