Road to Genesis 4: Wifi Online FB Tourney ft/Team Diamond

Genesis 3 Smash 4 WIi U Ruleset:
A. Game Settings 

Regarding lag checks/button tests, they can be allowed IF both parties agree to it (mutual) lag checks. lag checks are not considered as free game 1 wins.  Game following is Game 1, then games 2 and 3. Cut to top 8 , Best out of 5. (contact admin team if issues on this)

Players have 1 day (24 Hours after a CHAT ROOM HAS BEEN MADE between 2 players) to finish a set. More likely, whoever is more active and ready to play, is probably going to be advanced in bracket, while the other opponent is more  than likely to be dropped. Finish sets ASAP so the tourney gets finished sooner please.

(Note. This tournament ends on  February 4th (2/4/17) on Saturday,at midnight PST. Please finish ur sets when assigned ASAP, to show respect for other players farther ahead of the bracket waiting to play their matches.)

DSR "Daves Stupid Rule" applies in this tournament as well. (link below)


● Stock and time are set to 2 stocks and 6 minutes for Singles.
● Items are set to off.
● Damage ratio is set to 1.0
● Custom Fighters & Custom Moves are set to off.
● Amiibos are not allowed.
● All DLC characters available on will be allowed.
● Mii Fighters are legal. Each setup will have 1­1­1­1 Mii Brawlers/Swordsmen/Gunners available for use (Using Default A-F standard size Miis provided on console). No other specials for Mii Fighters will be allowed. Players are not allowed to transfer existing Miis to a setup.
B. Stage List
Starter Stages
● Battlefield (Miiverse) *
● Dreamland 64
● Final Destination (Omegas Banned)
● Smashville
● Town & City
Counterpick Stages
● Duck Hunt
● Lylat Cruise

If Battlefield is banned, Miiverse in turn is banned as well. Both stages treated as one and the same. The same goes for Final Destination and Omegas.

C. Additional Rules ● Stage Striking: Players/team engage in a battle of Rock Paper Scissor best of 1. Winner strikes the first stage. Loser then strikes the next two stages. Winner strikes the last one effectively choosing the first stage they play on. (1-2-1)

● Stage Clause: A player/team may not pick any stage they previously won on during the set. (Match 1, 2, 3, etc.)

● Stage Bans: During the stage ban phase, the player/team who won the previous game may ban 1 stage from either the Starter or Counterpick lists.

● SD Clause: On the onset of a SD KO move initiated, the winner is decided by the results screen. In the case of Sudden Death the winner is the initiator of of the SD KO.

●In event of a timeout, the player/team with the most stocks & least percentage wins.

● After each match: 1. Winner announces stage ban (1)

Loser chooses counter-pick stage

Winner chooses their character

Loser chooses their character

● Allowed controllers: Nintendo GameCube Controller & Wii U Pro Controller (Only if battery is removed & USB connected)

Miis- Although a controversial issue, we've decided to run with 1111 to remain consistent with the majors players have been attending throughout the rest of the year. The discussion of whether Custom Fighters should be allowed to customize or not is still being tested and data is still being gathered, but for such a large scale tournament we're going to stick with what has been working for other tournaments of this size.

Regarding tournament sets, B03 sets must be finished within a 24-hour window, so please contact ur opponent to get the set done and finished ASAP. It is up to us as staff and you as a participant to please contact ur opponent. Also the stream staff might come in to help ur sets go live, if so please contact us regarding stream! For streams Telmo's stream link will be used often, stream 2 will cover another set. Third stream, depending on wifi connection, would most likely be available on January 17th only. please read details below

Al Falcon and myself, FM-RadiantHero (Patrick Pantig on FB) will be actively answering your questions and concerns here online. Further questions/details, contact Telmo, Al Falcon or Graham Knapp. Join us on the Smash 4 stream links below, keep you posted via twitter (www.twitter/pepantig), facebook, and the event page (Genesis 4 Training Hall/NorCal Gamers Den) Dont forget to watch stream!!!!! 

Stream Links (Below)


 twitch.tv/DoeboySmash <-------stream for Top 8 matches
Twitch.tv/psyballa <-------------------Stream Link #1 HERE (Telmo)

Twitch.tv/pretty_good_gaming <--------------Stream Link #2 HERE (sometimes commentary) 

twitch.tv/eddy1620   <----------------------Stream Link #3 HERE (Jan 17th time frame only)

Final Results

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Icon medal third







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