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  • Format
    Groups (12 → 8) then Single Elimination
  • Game
    Super Mario Odyssey
  • Started
    April 17, 2021 at 11:04 PM BST
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Welcome to the SMO Any% League!

Main things to remember for runners

1) The League matches will be aired on every Saturday from 9am PST until 5:30pm PST. This means that you will have either the option to race live on the assigned air time if you and your opponent both agree to do so, or to prerecord your race with your opponent on an unknown alt twitch account whenever the time is convenient. The recorded match will then be streamed at the scheduled air time with a live commentary.

2) Please make sure to always local record in case your internet fails and the run needs to be retimed.

3) Every week you will have a new opponent shown on this page. You and your opponent need to figure out a time to race and submit it to this form at least 24 hours in advance to schedule the race:

4) If you fail to prerecord your match before the scheduled airtime, staff will decide on who will get the points for this race depending on who put the most effort into scheduling it on time. If staff deems both players to be equally responsible for the delay, no one will get the points.

5) Each match is one race. You want to earn as many points in your matches as possible, the point system is described below.

6) The top 8 players in the standings after the regular Season ends will be admitted into the playoffs

Prize Pool

This league will have a minimum prize pool of 250€. You can donate towards the prize pool yourself by paying towards this pay pal account.

1st Place - 50% of Prize Pool

2nd Place - 25% of Prize Pool

3rd Place - 15% of Prize Pool

4th Place - 10% of Prize Pool

League Timeline

General Season

Round 1 - Prerecord: Jan 10 - Jan 29 (Air date Jan 30)

Round 2 - Prerecord: Jan 31 - Feb 5 (Air date Feb 6)

Round 3 - Prerecord: Feb 7 - Feb 12 (Air date Feb 13)

Round 4 - Prerecord: Feb 14 - Feb 19 (Air date Feb 20)

Round 5 - Prerecord: Feb 21 - Feb 26 (Air date Feb 27)

Round 6 - Prerecord: Feb 28 - Mar 5 (Air date Mar 6)

Round 7 - Prerecord: Mar 7 - Mar 12 (Air date Mar 13)

Round 8 - Prerecord: Mar 14 - Mar 19 (Air date Mar 20)

Round 9 - Prerecord: Mar 21 - Mar 26 (Air date Mar 27)

Round 10 - Prerecord: Mar 28 - Apr 2 (Air date Apr 3)

Round 11 - Prerecord: Apr 4 - Apr 9 (Air date Apr 10)


Round 1 -  Prerecord time Apr 11 - Apr 16 (Air date Apr 17)

Round 2 - Prerecord: Apr 18 - Apr 23 (Air date Apr 24)

Bronze Match - Prerecord: Apr 25 - Apr 30 (Air date May 1)

Grand Finals - Prerecord: Apr 25 -May 1 (Air date May 2)

Every race will be restreamed on Saturday between 9am PST and 5:30pm PST. Grand Finals will be restreamed on Sunday


Please remember to always local record your races!

You must stream all your races to a twitch channel (if live you can choose between alt and main account, if prerecording, use an unknown alt account)

Your layout should consist of:

Your timer with the layout given to you in the discord

The Gameplay and optionally a camera

Nothing should be overlaying the gameplay or timer!

If your race is done live, you will be invited to participate in post race interviews for every match. These interviews are NOT mandatory

All races will be restreamed to and uploaded to this youtube channel.

Cheat Prevention Method

Runners must set their Nintendo Switch settings date to a year given to them before each race (either by the restreamer or by your opponent). This is to ensure the gameplay being streamed is not prerecorded or spliced.

Note: Only use the years 2007-2060:


You must organize the date and time of your race with your opponent, then submit it using this form:

If you are choosing to do your match before its scheduled air date, a staff member will be present at that time to confirm the race has been started at the submitted race time. If that is not possible, a staff member will look it up at a later point in time.

Please communicate with your opponent via Discord direct message to work out a time that works for you both.

Please fill out the form correctly. If you would like change a race time, please submit a form with your new race time and message a staff member on Discord letting them know you did so, and which race time you are cancelling.

In cases where opponents cannot agree on an available time to race within the stream schedule and Round timeline, staff will attempt to adjust to these runners’ schedules.

If no agreement can be made, staff will decide on which runner has made their schedule the most available to take the win, or disqualify both runners if we deem their schedules are equally conflicting.

Technical Issues

To avoid the rules below, please make sure to always local record your races in case something happens

If at some point in your race your stream is experiencing technical difficulties (e.g. a lot of Frame drops or your stream goes offline) the race may continue but you should try to fix the problem as fast as you can, for example in cutscenes. If the problems are too big to handle, staff may decide on the outcome of the race on a case to case basis.

Regular Season and Playoffs

During the Regular Season, you will play everyone in the league once. This means you are guaranteed 11 matches.

Each match is one race. The goal is to earn as many points in your matches as possible by beating your opponent by the highest amount of time you can/losing by the least amount of time you can. (Exact Point system below)

The top 8 runners with the most points at the end of the Regular Season will move onto Playoffs.

Quarter Finals are best of 1.

Semi Finals and Bronze Match are best of 3 races.

Grand Finals is Best of 5.

Point System

Points are awarded based on the final time difference between you and your opponent in that race.

The winner of the race receives an initial 60 points.

30 extra points are then split between both runners based on the final time difference.

For every 10 seconds of time difference, the winner receives an extra point. The loser then receives the remaining extra points.

E.g. If the time difference is 41 seconds, the winners receives 64 total points. The loser receives 26.

E.g. If the time difference is 5 seconds, the winner receives 60 total points. The loser receives 30.

E.g. If the time difference is >5 minutes, the winner receives the full 90 points. The loser receives none.


Your opponent will have the option to either take the win or reschedule your match if you:

1) Fail to participate in your scheduled match without 1 hour minimum prior notice

2) Fail to be prepared to begin your race up to 15 minutes after the scheduled start time

If your opponent attempts to contact you to schedule your race and you do not reply with sufficient time before the round is over, your opponent will have the option to take the win

If you forfeit a race, the full 90 points will be given to your opponent! They will be asked to continue the run for restreaming purposes. After one forfeit there won't be any further punishments, HOWEVER, if you forfeit a second race in the same season, you will be banned from the current league, every player you faced/would have faced will be given the full 90 points (even if they lost in their race). Further, you will be banned from attending the next Season, you can make a return in the qualifiers after that season has concluded!

Exceptions to these rules will be made on a case by case basis

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