Scorptec FortressOne League 2022

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    Round Robin (2x)
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    February 7, 2022 at 9:54 PM AEDT
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Tournament is now underway!  There are 10 Rounds, 1 set map for each round. All 10 Rounds are to be completed by Easter Break.

-Effectively each team will play each other twice. 

-Captains please play your games in the consecutive rounds wherever possible. 

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-Finals Tournament will be announced after the completion of 10 Rounds

-Every team will win a share of the $1,000 vouchers, regardless of their placing.

-To Qualify for the prize pool, teams must complete all 10 Rounds and respective matches


Captains, this office is for scheduling matches and raising any matters or disputes in a mature manner. Captains are responsible for communicating any queries or concerns on behalf of their players or team in the office only. No discussion is to take place in public discord channels regarding the tournament or any controversy.

Captains will be liable and accountable for any players within their team being a nuisance for the tournament. 


Ok if you’re reading this, you’ve played this game before. No shenanigans, we all have work the next morning. The game is to be played in the spirit of the game that we all know and understand and I’m sure this is why you’ve signed up to play! Banter is welcome and sledging is necessary, however there will be a zero tolerance for any abusive or nuisance players.  No offensive names or impersonating other players 

#10 Rounds of Maps 

- 1 Map is set for each round 

- Captains to elect one map each 

- Maps to be confirmed when matches are scheduled 


- Teams may only use substitute players so long as they are NOT registered to a team in the tournament (exceptions: Pecan Predator, Zel, Zenon, Omen, Alchz, Tika, Slappa and Sakunera are the only players which may be used for any other team)
- HPB Players are acceptable as Subs as well. 

#CEASEFIRE must be typed in mm1 to the other team, prior to using server function. 

-During the match the Captain may only call CEASEFIRE for the following reasons:

1. Player has dropped from server/timed out, client has closed, or player can’t respawn 

2. Player emergency, resulting in leaving game. 

Ceasefire may only be used BETWEEN Rounds by the Captain for a reasonable reason (i.e. bathroom break).

#Server Selection

-Sydney Staging and Sydney Quad Servers

-Server password provided by captains before games

# Match Format

- Captains may negotiate who to attack first

- 2 x 10 minute rounds

- Blue team attacks first

- Total of 3 maps to be played per round

- All 3 maps must be played! (Forfeit is emergency only). 

#Server Settings

- Quad mode enabled

- Timelimit 10mins per round

- server password enabled 

# Results

- Captains to record results with Discord bot in #tournament

- Please post stream links as well

- Points System: 
+3: Win
+2: Tie
+1: Loss
- 1: Forfeit (refusal from a team to play per map)

# Universal Class limits

- highlander mode: 1 of each class per team

## Attack

- no hwguy

- no building sentry guns in enemy base by engineer (if not mentioned then accepted for this class)

## Defense

-no scout

-no spy

-no medic

# Front defense - The intention of this rule is to ensure the attacking team is able to arrive to the defending teams base, without engaging in combat.

- Defender may not attack an Enemy player who has not entered into their base  E.G. 2fort5r Soldier may fire upon the enemy arriving under the grate. 

- However firing at an attacker that is attempting to RJ onto the balcony is illegal, whilst the team flag is "safe at home"

- Defending team may not attack and/or throw grenades and mirvs outside their base whilst flag is at home/inside of base (i.e. Bigdal mirving the bridge in 2fort5r)

The defending team must not engage in "front defense", unless:

- Defending team may only engage in Front Defense when their flag is in close proximity to the front of the base.

- Heavy Weapons Cannon may only be allowed to commence use of the assault cannon outside the base (i.e. hwguy standing on 2fort5r balcony and spraying the bridge), once the flag is actually outside the base OR in the doorway of the entry of the base. 

- This rule is in place only to ensure the hwguy is not spraying the arriving enemy attackers, prior to the flag leaving the home base, if the hwguy is to arrive outside early the hwguy needs to be using the ssg or sg. 

- The flag has advanced to the area inside the entrance. E.G. the entry room in ff-destroy3 before the main lobby. 

- Defending the pre-blown grate (i.e. on well6)

- Once the enemy has capped your flag, if you are in a front defensive position then you cannot attack enemies, with the exception if you are already in a combative exchange.

# Voice

- Players must be using discord FortressOne voice channels 

- Only the 4 players from each clan are allowed to speak in voice during the match

- Players who are not participating in the match must mute their microphone.

- There is no sharing of information between spectators, those watching streams with the players in the match

#Player Names

-Players must use the same alias for the entire tournament (must be their name)

-No Flashing names nor offensive names

-This will allow HAZE Stats to happen and cool stats end of tournament

Good Luck to all the Teams!


round 5 maps


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Rank Participant Pts TB Pts Diff Match W-L-T
1 SnowFlakes 87 0 52 10 - 0 - 0
2 ?! 72 0 22 8 - 2 - 0
3 Zut & Friends 66 0 12 5 - 5 - 0
4 Big D Energy 61 0 2 5 - 5 - 0
5 SoBaR 40 0 -40 1 - 9 - 0
6 Clan-A 36 0 -48 1 - 9 - 0