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Supreme Ultimate Chuuba Contest

  • 22 Players
  • Single Elimination
  • Game not specified
  • September 17, 2022 at 2:00 PM CDT

The Supreme Ultimate Chuuba Contest is a tournament in which all participants may lie, cheat, and use their influence to gain the upper hand.

This is a Single Elimination, Best of One competition.

The tournament consists of random activities determined  by a spinning wheel. Participants may choose to compete using the randomly selected challenge from the wheel, or they may come up with different terms if both competitors agree to it.

For example, the random wheel determines the competitors will play rock paper scissors. However, one competitor offers a deal to instead let the chat vote on who moves. The other competitor agrees. Therefore, that becomes the new challenge.

Participants are encouraged to cheat, use their influence, persuade, and overall just be scum to the other competitor.

You may bribe your opponent with anything you can think of. Collab offers, free art, etc. You may also cheat, such as if you agree to play Mario Party and ask for the first to get 1 star, and then use game genie to give yourself 1 star immediately.

The tournament is open ended, so you may come up with any weird idea you'd like, as long as it is something that doesn't take too long and isn't too demanding.

Who will become the ultimate Chuuba?


  • Single Elimination, Best of One.
  • If time allows, all matches will be on stream.
  • Competitors may discuss beforehand if they wish to come up with a method to determine victory.
  • Competitors may also 'win' outside of streamed matches depending on different factors of victory. (Example: Tricking your opponent into conceding before the match even begins will have us show the discussion on stream to prove it, winner will move on)
  • ANYTHING is allowed, as long as it doesn't break any laws and as long as it isn't too time consuming (you can't have a drinking contest, it'll last for hours).

Here is an example of how a regular match may go on stream:

  1. Both competitors meet up on stream.
  2. The random wheel of fate gets spun.
  3. The wheel lands on "Play Connect 4"
  4. Competitor A is fine with this. Competitor B is not.
  5. Competitor B begins to bribe Competitor A with writing their name on their stream and keeping it there for 3 hours.
  6. Competitor A decides that it isn't enough. Competitor A wants a twitter follow.
  7. Competitor B complies and follows Competitor A on twitter.
  8. Competitor B wins, without ever having touched Connect 4.

Another example can be:

  1. The wheel gets spun, and it lands on "Chat decides who moves on."
  2. Because Competitor A is playing a heel, they know nobody wants them to move on. They begin to bargain.
  3. Competitor A says "Let's play Smash Ultimate, and if you land a single point of damage on me, you win."
  4. Competitor B has Smash Ultimate and thinks the challenge will be easy, so they agree.
  5. Competitor A sets the rules to one stock, picks Sonic, and immediately runs off a cliff and dies.
  6. Because Competitor B never 'damaged' them, Competitor A wins.

Cheating and tricky bargaining, as well as bribery are absolutely encouraged in this competition.

This bracket is a preview and subject to change until the tournament is started.

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