TrueDamage International #2 - Quakeworld 2v2

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    Double Elimination
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    July 10, 2016 at 2:00 PM EDT
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The True Damage International Series – QuakeWorld 2v2 TDM

One:  Sunday, June 26th

Two:   Sunday, July 10th

Three:  Sunday, July 24th

Sign-up for Event 3: 

Final Point Totals

Rank  Team Points  History
 1 Ragnarok 15 Event I:  8-2, Event II: 9
 2 Rune 15 Event I:  7,    Event II: 6, Event III: 3-1
 3 Thump4 Serp MAGA 13 Event I:  4,    Event II: 5, Event III: 5-1
 4 Plague Goats 13 Event I:  3,    Event II: 8, Event III: 3-1
 5 DRKN 10 Event I:  3,    Event II: 5, Event III: 2
 6 AeronautS 9 Event I:  6-1, +2, Event III: 3-1
 7 Red Threat 7 Event II: 3, Event III: 4
 8 Whiskey Tango 7 Event II: 7
 9 BloodBogo 7 Event I:  5,    Event II: 4-2 
 10 Rebellion of Thunder 4 Event I:  4
 11 IOWA 4 Event II: 4
 12 Kilcoini 2 Event III: 2

Previous Modifications to Event III Totals:

-   Rune 3 - 1 = 2: Carapace played on behalf of team Rune and his team won half of 6 points.  A 1 point penalty was then assessed for playing with a different player.
-   Thump4 Serp MAGA 5 - 1 = 4: Team name change and a 1 point penalty was then assessed for signing up and playing with a new player.
-   AeronautS 3 - 1 = 2: Locust played on behalf of team AeronautS and his team won half of 6 points.  A 1 point penalty was then assessed for playing with a different player.
-   Plague Goats 3 - 1 = 2: Team name change and a 1 point penalty was then assessed for signing up and playing with a new player.

Previous Modifications to Event II Totals:

-   Team name changes are authorized (no penalty).

-   Interim team "IPWA" was removed, "BloodBogo" was given the 4 points but assessed a 2 point penalty for signing up a new player for their team. (reasoning: a built-in penalty was already felt due to the fact that the team was negatively impacted for not being able to earn more points with their normal players.)

-   Team "AeronautS" given 2 points for trying to participate but not being able to participate and therefore not being able add points while not knowing that a future rule would allow them to earn more points if one player of AeronautS had participated.  This effect is only applicable to event #2 and will not be applicable for the final online event, as it will be a requirement that at least one player of any team must participate (on their team's behalf) in order to contribute to their team's point totals, albeit under a 1 point penalty.

Previous Modifications to Event I Totals:

-   Minor point penalties were assessed in the first event for failure of some teams to follow the tournament rules.

-   1 point was deducted from AeronautS for using an invalid ezquake version

-   1 point was deducted from Ragnarok for switching team players after tournament start-time

-   1 point was deducted from Ragnarok for using an invalid ezquake version)

Point Ties: 

-   Compare head-to-head matchups.  If no head-to-head matchups available then latest participation takes precedence.

Officially registered Challonge Tournament Teams can signup at  and must Check-in on Challonge, at  ,  from 12:00 PM (noon) to 1:00 PM, games begin at 1:00 PM C.S.T.  All team players required to idle on Discord in during the tournament.


New:  No spectators allowed during matches ( /nospecs command).  Spectating, streaming, and administration will be done using /qtv for that server.  Opposing players are required to enforce the rules upon themselves.  In the event of any disputes, a tournament administrator (Lilie or TheEarl) should be privately messaged in discord chat.

Adherence to Quakecon official rules at

 CLIENT:  EzQuake 3.0.1 Here (may be subject to another update before tournament) with qcon ruleset (by using "/ruleset qcon" command while disconnected.)  "f_ruleset check" required before matches with "ezq3.0.1-dev qcon -msfi" required response from all players. f_modified and f_version checks required before matches, with f_version response of "ezquake 3.0.1-dev R4855~bbfc34b" required from all players.

 RULESET: qcon

 SERVERS:  USA servers unless otherwise agreed upon by opposing teams.

Settings: Server: MVDSV, Mod: KTX, Mode: 2on2, Timelimit: 10 minutes, Weaponstay: On, Powerups: Map Specific, Map Pool: DM4, DM6, DM2, ZTNDM3, Aerowalk

*cl_delay_packet required to match both teams pings.  For example: if one team has players with 90 ping and 105 ping, then if the other team has 30 ping and 40 ping then they must use cl_delay_packet to have one player end up with 90 and the other player end up with 105.

*Teams must be officially registered on Challonge.  Teams are limited to 2 players and must not change from event to event.  Changing of players implies a new team, in which points do not carry over.  Each event will have completely random seedings. Double-Elimination bracket Format.

Bracket Play:  (consists of all tournament games except for the grand finals)

*In discord chat, one of the team captains will be asked "Heads or Tails."  Maps will then be selected on discord chat using the format below.  Also, message the final server selection in discord chat so that spectators, administrators, and streamers can watch it using /qtv.

Best of Three (Bo3) Drop, Drop, Pick, Pick map selection format:

1. Winner of a coin-toss (Player 1) chooses the first map to be dropped from the map pool.

2. Loser of a coin-toss (Player 2) chooses the second map to be dropped from the map pool.

3. Player 1 chooses the first map to be played in the set.

4. Player 2 chooses the second map to be played in the set.

5. The remaining map will be used as a tiebreaker in the event of a tie.

(A map may not be picked or removed more than once per match set. )

Grand Finals

One Best of Five match (all maps).

Prizes:  Cumulative Tournament Points:

1st place: [ NumberOfCheckIns - 0 ] points

2nd Place: [ NumberOfCheckIns - 1 ] points

3rd Place: [ NumberOfCheckIns - 2 ] points

4th Place: [ NumberOfCheckIns - 3 ] Points

Tied 5th Place: [ NumberOfCheckIns - 4 ] Points

Tied 7th Place: [ NumberOfCheckIns - 5 ] Points

Tied 9th Place: [ NumberOfCheckIns - 6 ] Points

Final Results

Icon medal first
Icon medal second
Icon medal third








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