The Ultimate Revival #2

  • Players
  • Format
    Double Elimination
  • Start
    March 10, 2019 at 4:00 PM PDT
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Alright, here it is. The grand return to a friendly, but competitive online tournament for Smash Ultimate. For the first tournament we will be using the ruleset defined below. We'll gather data from this and make any necessary adjustments. The aim of this tournament is to bring players of any and all skill levels together to have fun but in a semi-competitive atmosphere.

  1. To make things a bit easier, all players must be in the discord found here:
  2. Players from all regions are allowed to join, but everyone is allowed to dispute any matches that are considerably laggy.

Game Settings:
  • Matches will be play with 3 stocks and 7 minutes
  • Final Smash Meter: Off
  • Spirits: Off
  • Stage Hazards: Off
  • Items: Off
  • Damage Handicap: Off
  • Stage Morph: Off
  • Team Attack: Off
  • Launch Rate: 1.0
  • Underdog Boost: Off
  • Custom Balance: Off
  • % Show Damage: Yes
  • Radar: Big(Recommended)
  • Mii Fighters: All movesets legal

Stage Select Process:
  • Game 1: Of the 5 starter stages, player 1 will choose 1 ban. Player 2 will then ban 2 stages. Player 1 will then choose from the remaining 2 stages.
  • After Game 1, the winner will ban 2 stages from the Starter and Counter pick stage list. Loser can choose any stage remaining.
  • You may not choose to play on a stage you have previously won a match on. (Dave's Stupid Rule aka DSR)
  • Players can *Gentleman's* to any stage and skip the banning/picking process if both players agree. This goes for DSR as well.
  • If Pokemon Stadium 1 or 2 is banned, they are both banned
  • If a player chooses Pokemon Stadium, and it was not banned, they may choose either Pokemon Stadium 1 or 2.

Set Procedure:
  1. The higher seed will choose if they want to ban first or second. Bans will then go 1-2-1. Select stage.
  2. Both players will blind select their character.
  3. If a player or both are using a Mii, the opponent is allowed to ask what their moveset is prior to the match beginning.
  4. Winner of the first game bans 2 stages.
  5. Loser will select their stage from what is remaining.
  6. The winner selects their character first.
  7. Loser selects their character.
  8. Repeat these steps until the set is over.



  • Battlefield(BF Forms allowed, besides 2d  variants)
  • Final Destination(Omega forms allowed, besides 2d variants)
  • Pokemon Stadium 1 or 2
  • Smashville
  • Town and City


  • Yoshi's Story
  • Kalos Pokemon League
  • Yoshi's Island(Brawl)
  • Lylat Cruise

Additional Rules:
  • No stalling. This is at the discretion of the TO's.
  • Self-Destruct Moves: The winner will be determined by the results screen. If a sudden death occurs from a Self-Destruct, a play-off game applies.(See next rule)
  • Sudden-Death: If this occurs, the winner is determined by stock count. If players are tied in stocks, it comes down to percentage. Whoever had the lowest percent wins the match. In the even both players die at the same time, or both players have the same stock and percentage, a 1 stock 3 minute playoff match will ensue. Results of a 300% Sudden Death match do not count.
  • Warm-ups: You can request a hand-warmer, button check, warm-up prior to the match starting. Once game 1 has been played you can not request a hand-warmer/button check.
  • Tardiness: There will be a 30 minute check in period prior to the tournament starting. After that, anyone late 10 minutes after matches have started will be disqualified and sent to losers. That clock will restart when their next opponent has been chosen.

Lag Disputes:
  • If a match is laggy to the point where it is unplayable, players are to notify a TO. The TO will play with both players and determine who is the culprit of the lag. The TO will determine if the match is played or someone is DQ'd.

Thank you all, and let's have fun.

Final Results

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