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WPL PPT Open #6 (PC)

  • 33 Players
  • Double Elimination
  • Puyo Puyo Tetris
  • July 11, 2020 at 4:00 PM EDT
  • Check-in: Closed

Tournament completed!

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The 6th WPL PPT bi-weekly tournament will take place 7/11/2020, 4pm EDT, 20:00UTC on Puyo Puyo Tetris PC!

If you plan to participate, be sure to join the WPL Discord at the time of the tournament to communicate with your opponents. 


Double Elimination

All matches are first to 6 until Winners Semifinals and Losers Quarterfinals where it becomes first to 9. 
Win by 2 for all matches. For example, if you are losing 5-6 in a ft6, your opponent must reach 7 points. Cap is 15 points, unless it is grand finals. 

Both Puyo Puyo and Tetris players can participate.

In Grand Finals, when the player from losers bracket beats the player from winners bracket, the bracket is "reset". They play a final set because both players only have one set loss in the tournament.

Seeding done by using previous tournament results and PPT Matchmaking Rating (I understand it isn't the most accurate, but not all players play tetris for sprint to be a good metric).

1 Day Tournament, matches starting about 5-10 minutes after 4pm EDT, as soon as brackets are finalized. 

All levels encouraged to participate!


Matcherino Page

The prize pool starts at 50 USD, and allows for additional crowdfunding via Matcherino.

1st: 60% Prize Pool

2nd: 30% Prize Pool

3rd: 10% Prize Pool

And the most prized possession of all, discord roles for the top 4.

-Disbursed via Matcherino, have an account and payment method setup with the site.

-If you do not accept your prize, it will be added into the next WPL PPT Open prize pool.

Player Streams and Steam Share (IMPORTANT)

-Due to the lack of a spectator mode, player streams are HIGHLY encouraged!

-If you are in the top 6, it is required that your game gets seen on the stream. IF you can stream or discord share, please do so. If that is not possible, let an admin know and SAVE YOUR REPLAYS!

-If you are new to streaming and interested in setting up a stream, ask for help in the WPL discord!

Custom Game Match Settings


-Win Count: 3

-Head to Head

-The rest are default free play versus settings. 

Top 6 Matches

-All Top 6 matches will be streamed. If you make it to winners semi-finals or losers semi-finals, please pause in order for the game to be streamed.

Stream Information

Stream will be live for the whole event. 

Do not wait to see if you can get your match streamed as the early rounds need to be done in a timely matter. 

You are welcome to stream your own matches on your personal stream! Once again, player streams are HIGHLY encouraged!


-You must be in the WPL Discord to communicate with your opponents. If you are not online and able to communicate with your opponent within 10 minutes of the bracket being posted or updated to display your match, you will forfeit the match. Let an admin know if you can't communicate with your opponent.

-Please be set to ONLINE on discord so that communication lines are open for admins and opponents. 

-If you need to go AFK for over 10 minutes after your match has been posted in the brackets, please let your opponent and an admin know so that we can work it out. If you take too long, it will result in a forfeit.  

-Either dm your opponent the game lobby or use the #lobby-setup channel and tag your opponent (using @(playername)) to get started. If you are tagged first, please join your opponent's lobby. Please double check lobby settings to make sure they are correct and in line with the custom game settings outlined above. 

-Before you start, PLEASE make sure both players are ready to play. 

-Post match results in the WPL discord in the #Match-Results Channel. An example will be pinned in the channel. 

-Please use English when communicating publicly in the WPL discord. 


-If a player would like to warm up, keep it short. Only up to one warm up set please. There are plenty of other outlets to warm up beforehand!


-If a player disconnects or crashes, that round will go to the player who remains connected. If unable to determine who's end caused the disconnect, please just resume the set and no points are rewarded. Sportsmanship and honesty appreciated.  


-Someone may pause in game and stop moving pieces. You do not have to accept the pause and may continue playing. Please be ready to play before you start the set.

Keep it Cool Dudes

-No racist, xenophobic or sexist language. Poor behavior may result in a ban from the event.

-Be a good sport. However, friendly smack talk is encouraged. 

Good Luck and Have Fun!

Final Results

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