Challonge is a Global Competition Platform

Challonge is a competition management technology that helps organizers streamline registration, progression and record keeping. Founded in 2009, Challonge offers more that 25 competition types as both a web-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform and as an API that can be integrated into websites, games, bots andother software applications.

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Our Mission

Empower competition organizers with turn-key solutions and help them build upon their own vision

We aim to provide the best set of tools for different types of competition organizers. Want to know the right fit for you? View some examples .

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Create and organize your own tournaments, predictions, and voting contents.

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Leading the competitive charge for your group, team, or company.

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Record Keeper

Documenting a competition for historical purposes.

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Helping organize a competition for someone else.

Our competitive edge

Explore over 25 competition types and enable powerful features

We've got your covered. Our wide range of features will help you organize a casual or professional competition both for eSports and traditional sports

Power up with Challonge Premier

Perfect for any person, venue, brand, group, team, or organization ready to professionalize and promote their efforts.

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Challonge Core Offerings

Challonge providers four core competition offerings which are available to all customers ranging from basement organizers to AAA game publishers

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Tournament Platform

Host, join and spectate 25 different competition formats from single elimination to a multi race grand prix directly at Challonge.

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Software Integrations

Develop with the Challonge ever-evolving API suite to bring tournament creation and control to the programmatic level.

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Custom Programs

Design a personalized system to support and empower your organizers on Challonge.

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Competitive Communities

Co-Host, organize, and promote competitions all from one centrailized hub.

More Resources for you

Browse through these resources to learn about tournament creation, management, format, and more.

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