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Crown Cup 5


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Grand Finals cast

pre grand finals cast

alternate pre grand finals cast

Played on BA 15.6.6 19th November 2022 2PM GMT

To play or watch use Sky Lobby or Spring Lobby

1st Prize: BA Crown unique item for commander and the position of BA Governor, leader of the Balance Committee

1st, 2nd, 3rd + Best Prediction Prize: Crown Cup 5 title

Top 5: "Balance Lord" rank, for the Balance Committee's most elite players

Top 10: Win a place in the Balance Committee & between 2 and 20 balance votes

Rules: Use VirtualP BA hosts 1st. Play the exact map version in header, change server if it is missing. Type !preset DUEL before start. Report results. Immediately find next enemy and play.

Upper Bracket Final Rules: 1st map written in header. Loser picks next map. Each map played max 1x.

Grand Final Rules: Winners bracket winner starts with +1 round headstart. 1st map written in header. Loser picks next map. Each map played max 1x until all maps have been played, then the pool resets. Whoever wins the Bo7 wins the Crown.

Finals Map Pool





Grand Finals Map Pool

Comet Catcher Redux

TitanDuel 2.2



Extra Info:

  • This is a community run event. Help by arranging matches & reporting results for other players (admins have challonge admin).
  • 1hr grace period from start, however subs may be made early. Auto eliminated at 1hr. Report missing enemy on discord to win.
  • Play as soon as your next opponent is ready. Tell players with pending matches to stop spectating and play.
  • Stock widgets & techniques everyone can do are allowed. Jugg and Buzz disabled. Victory applies as if 1v1 settings applied. 
  • Saying gg does not count as a loss, win condition is game end. A winner may be declared early to speed up the event.
  • Pauses are allowed, but enemy may unpause & continue. (Unpausing not permitted in the final, loser final or grand final).

Dedicated to SaturnV and all our friends who stood up for BA.

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Final Results

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