Clash of Comrades: May Mayhem

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  • المجموعات (12→4 و بعد Single Elimination
  • Tooth and Tail
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***The deadline to sign up for the current tournament, May Mayhem, has passed. Feel free to sign up for the waiting list, or simply wait until the next tournament, in July.

***Looking to sign up? Read through the rules below to make sure you know what you are committing to. Then use the link at the bottom of the page.

Change log

The following changes have been made for version 1.2

-Edit for clarity of wording for seeding in quarter finals: (1A -> 4B) and (2B -> 3A) in one bracket and (1B -> 4A) and (2A -> 3B).

-Updated rules for inactive player disqualifications, seen under Obscure Details.

The following changes have been made for version 1.1

-Due to the large number of players, qualifiers have been split into two groups (Group A and Group B) and players seeded randomly.

-The top 4 players from each group (total of 8) will advance to the finals.

-Quarterfinals will pit the top 8 against each other in a total of four best-of-3 matches, which will be streamed. Players will be seeded according to how they did in qualifiers (1A -> 4B) and (2B -> 3A) in one bracket and (1B -> 4A) and (2A -> 3B).

-Semifinals will consist of a total of two best-of-3 matches between the winners of the quarterfinals, and will be streamed.

-The Grand Finals will consist of one best-of-5 match, and will be streamed.


Clash of Comrades is a bi-monthly tournament for players of the game Tooth and Tail, which is currently being developed by Pocketwatch Games. The aim of CoC is to provide friendly competition, foster a larger sense of community, and to aid in the development of the game.

Each tournament takes place over an entire month, with the last weekend featuring a streamed grand finals bracket of the top 8 players of the month.

Who Can play?

Anyone, as long as you have a copy of the game. (Don’t have a copy of the alpha? Check out our FAQ Here)
Additional qualifications: Account, account, enough time over the course of 3 weeks to play at least 7 opponents in a best of 3 match (potentially 21+ individual games)

Current Tournament

The current tournament is May Mayhem and runs from May 1st to May 31st.



Each participant will be randomly seeded into one of two groups (Group A, and Group B). Players then play all participants in their group in one best-of-three match. All matches must be played between 12:00 AM EST May 1st and 11:59 PM EST May 22nd (a three week window).

-Each individual game won awards a player 1 point.

-Participants will be in charge of scheduling their own matches with other players.  Doodle polls, and direct messaging through Discord and Challonge will be made available to aid in scheduling matches. If two players are unable to play a match during the 3 week period, no points will be awarded to either player (exceptions and forfeitures may be made on a case-by-case basis).

-Participants can report scores to either [email protected] or directly on Challonge.

Ex) Red Player and Blue Player face off in a match. Red beats Blue 2 games to 1 and is awarded 2 points. Blue is awarded 1 point for their single game victory during the match.


-At the end of the month the top (by points, i.e. games won) eight players, 4 from each group will face off via traditional bracket play.

-Players will be seeded according to how they did in qualifiers (1A -> 4B) and (2B -> 3A) in one bracket and (1B -> 4A) and (2A -> 3B).

-Finals will take place on the last weekend of the month (May 27th - May 29th), and will be streamed live with commentary via twitch.

-Quarterfinals consist of a total of four best-of-3 matches.

-Semifinals consist of a total of two best-of-3 matches.

-The Grand Final consists of a single best-of-5 match.

Sign Up

Before you sign up:

1) Do you have a working copy of Tooth and Tail? (if not, check out our FAQ Here)

2) Do you have a Discord account?

3) Are you willing to commit to communicating with other players to schedule matches between May 1st and May 22nd?

4) Do you have time to play upwards of 21 individual Tooth and Tail games between May 1st and May 22nd?

5) Are you willing to set aside time during the last weekend of May (Friday the 27th - Sunday the 29th) to play in the finals should you be in the top four?

If you can answer YES to all of the above:

Sign Up Here 

Obscure Details

-Inactive participants:

Type 1) Players who complete no matches by the end of the group stage will be disqualified. No player will be awarded or deducted any points for this kind of removal.

Type 2) Players who complete some matches but become inactive will be disqualified at the deadline of the group stage. All points won and/or lost from matches played against said inactive players will be removed. Inactive players will be removed in order of fewest played matches to most played matches until an equilibrium has been reached.

Ex) Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue are in the group stage. Red plays one match against Yellow, and wins 2-1, but plays no other matches. All other players complete their scheduled matches against each other. At the deadline of the group stage the Red vs Yellow match will be reset to a 0-0 win in yellow’s favor. Thus, Red will be deducted 2 points, and yellow will be deducted 1 point.

-Tooth and Tail is still in Alpha. As such, the game may be patched at any time. Barring bugs that prevent any kind of play the tournament will continue as planned, regardless of the buffs or nerfs implemented. Matches played in one version of the game will not be replayed in the new version. Why? We don’t want to place any restrictions on the devs, and redoing the entire tournament every time there is a change would be absurd.

-If both players agree that a bug or glitch comprised the game or match, the game or match may be re-played.

-A tie will award each player 0.5 points.

-Receiving beneficial information from live streams (i.e. stream sniping) or any other form of cheating will not be tolerated. One offense results in an automatic forfeiture of the match, as well as a review with tournament staff. A second offense results in removal from the tournament. Third offenses result in a ban from all future tournaments. If you believe a player is cheating, please contact tournament staff at [email protected]

-Manipulating map seeds to force certain maps is considered cheating, and will not be tolerated.


Email us at [email protected], Tweet us at @ClashOfComrades, or ask the community in the chat room: Here

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