Dance Dance Revolution

  • Double Elimination  
  • Dance Dance Revolution  
  • October 28, 2017 في 5:00 PM EDT  
  • التحقق: جارية الآن  
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The Grid: Games and Growlers DDR Tournament

$10.00 ENTRY




  • 2 opponents will play simultaneously to the following; 
  • Player 1 will be decided by rock,scissors,paper
  • Player 1 will decide the first song 
  • Player 2 will decide the second song 
  • The 3rd song will be decided by hitting “Random” 
  • Any form of dangerous physical contact between players will result in a disqualification for the offender. 
  • No thrash talk is allowed. We’re there to have fun, make friends and above all else the Arcade believes in good sportsmanship! 
  • Show-boating is allowed, however no stunts or moves which may harm another player or damage the machines are permitted. This will result in an instant disqualification.  
  • Using the bars is permitted, but looks uncool! 
  • The winner will be decided by whomever has the highest score at the end of the song. Whoever has the highest score will take one point. Whoever has 2 points will advance to the next round.  
  • All songs will be played on the Normal/standard difficulty. 
  • ***Difficulty may be raised if requested by both players.*** This allows more points!!! 
  • No player can pick the same song twice during this tournament, this rule is in place to prevent easy wins. This will be recorded by the tournament administrator.

ستظهر معاينة الشرلئح عندما يسجل مشاركان او اكثر.