Super Mario World No Cape, No Starworld Tournament

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Tournament Format: Round 1 begins on May 26, and if you have a Round 1 match you have to play it within a week. The format of tournament matches are you and your opponent go into SpeedRunsLive IRC, do one race at an agreed upon time, race, and send the completed race times to either Dotsarecool, Truman, authorblues, MiBramz, or xsvArea51.  YOU ONLY GET ONE SHOT, SO MAKE IT COUNT!

NOTE: Click here to join the tournament discord. Check the discord server for updates and crucial tournament information. In addition, it's a great way to arrange your race time with your opponent. ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST BE IN THE TOURNAMENT DISCORD SERVER! The TeamUp calendar for all the matches can be found here. Please use the match-maker link found in the Discord server to put your match on the calendar. Times are automatically converted to your local time zone.

The first ever Super Mario World No Cape, No Starworld Tournament! Continuing the tradition of an annual tournament, this year's category of interest is No Cape, No Starworld. This tournament is being organized by Dotsarecool, Truman, authorblues, MiBramz, and XsvArea51 so send a message to them if you have any questions. All skill levels are welcome and we encourage everyone to participate. For those who don't know the route it can be found here.  The tournament pre-show will be streamed on May 26 at 8pm eastern on twitch.tv/smwcommunity. Signups will close and you can start playing your matches after the tournament is officially launched during the pre-show. 

Various matches will be restreamed to the SMWCommunity Twitch channel provided that both racers are streaming, and someone is available to handle the stream and commentate. If you are interested in helping with restreaming matches, message Dotsarecool and he will give you the restreamer role on the Discord server. This will give you access to the #restreaming channel where restreaming planning will take place.

Seeding will be based off of both NCNSW personal best, and overall skill level (based on all leaderboard categories), weighted towards your NCNSW PB. Here is a link to the NCNSW leaderboard.


  1. Once again, ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST BE IN THE TOURNAMENT DISCORD SERVER. If you are not in the server at the moment the tournament starts, you will be removed.
  2. All players playing on emulator must stream; console players should stream, but may local record or show splits if able to.
  3. All matches must be done through SpeedRunsLive IRC. SRL Race time will be used. In the event of a close race or incorrect timing, a frame count or retime may be required. SRL Timing starts when you hit 1 Player Game and ends on the last Bowser hit. PLEASE get yourself acquainted with how to use the SRL system before your first match! It takes about 10 minutes MAX if you don't know what you are doing. This will help prevent delays, and start matches on time.
  4. Orb and other Chuck-eat glitches, arbitrary code execution, and RAM manipulation are not allowed.
  5. If a cape is grabbed, the player MUST kill themselves and start the level again from the start or midway point. A common rule in casual races is just to take damage to lose the cape, but that is NOT the case for this tournament. If by some stroke of (bad) luck a player finishes a level with the cape, they must play the level again. Failure to comply with these rules will result in an automatic forfeit.
  6. ALL DEADLINES ARE FINAL. We will be enforcing all deadlines, with minimal exceptions. If you have a very good reason that you can't schedule your match for a whole week, let one of the tourney organizers know and we will discuss it. If it is found that many matches are being delayed, it is up to the tourney organizers to push back a round deadline. If you don't show up to your match and/or your opponent shows that you did not attempt to schedule your race, you will be disqualified. If you know you will be particularly busy during the tournament time frame, please do not enter the tournament.
  7. ALL SKILL LEVELS ARE WELCOME! This can not be stressed enough; this tournament is all for fun and one of the most fun parts of the last one was watching all the new people who showed up learn through competing.

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