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Logo Variations

Use these alternate logos to suit your layout and spacing requirements. The icon is acceptable only if the Challonge brand is already established elsewhere on the page or material.

Logo Usage

Minimum Padding

Please add a 40px padding around the logos when using them across all types of deliverables.

Min padding icon Min padding stacked
Minimum Logo Sizes

Please ensure that all the logos follow the minimum size requirements below.

Min size primary Min size icon Min size stacked





R255 G115 B36

C0 M55 Y86 K0

H22 S100 L27

Pro Gradient

linear-gradient(266.85deg, #FF9C66 0%, #FC5C5C 100%)




R75 G183 B131

C42 M0 Y20 K28

H151 S43 L51



R242 G201 B76

C0 M16 Y65 K5

H45 S86 L62



R45 G156 B241

C77 M33 Y0 K5

H206 S88 L56



R217 G83 B79

C0 M53 Y54 K15

H2 S64 L58


Grayscale 0


R39 G42 B51

C5 M4 Y0 K80

H225 S0.13 L0.18

Grayscale 1


R44 G48 B58

C5 M0 Y0 K77

H222.86 S0.14 L0.2

Grayscale 2


R55 G60 B73

C7 M5 Y20 K71

H223.33 S0.14 L25

Grayscale 3


R61 G67 B81

C8 M5 Y0 K68

H222 S0.14 L0.28

Grayscale 4


R68 G75 B91

C9 M6 Y0 K64

H221.74 S0.14 L0.31

Grayscale 5


R7 G84 B102

C10 M7 Y0 K60

H223.3 S0.14 L0.35

Download the Brand Kit

Here's the logo package to help you get started. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach us at [email protected]

Download Brand Kit