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CPMA 2v2 League Rules

1 - General

1.1 - The CPMA 2v2 league is an online Challenge Promode Arena Team Deathmatch League (TDM 2v2).

1.2 - The league is supervised and run by the CPMA Discord server admins and all important decisions are taken among this team. 

1.3 - All cases and eventualities may not be covered by the rules. In the case of such a situation the admin team will discuss it and make a decision. If necessary, the rules can be subject to revision during the current season.

2 - General Format

- Two stage tournament with round robin group stage and single elimination play-off.

- Admins seed and assign your team to the group.

- Matches are played as best-of-3 (bo3) in the group stage, one round per week.

- 4 teams advance from each group into single elimination play-off with matches played as best-of-3 and Grand Final as best-of-5.

2.1 - The schedule is as following:

- Sign-ups open: October 23rd, 2022

- Sign-ups end: November 6th, 2022

- The league start: November 6th, 2022

- The group stage end: December 23rd, 2022

- Play-off start: January 2nd, 2023

Be prepared to play your matches on time.

2.2 - The server has to use standard CPMA 1.52 2v2 TDM settings (/cv mode 2v2).

2.3 - The league will be played using a 7 maps pool: cpm16, cpm25, cpm29, ct3dm5, pukka3dm1, vitriol (cpm32_b1) and invertedpenguin.

3 - Clans and players

3.1 - Clan Leaders

- By signing up to the CPMA 2v2 league, a clan leader commits to us that he/she shall ensure their clan will play all of its matches on time and abide by the rules of the cup and the instructions of admins.

- If a clan doesn’t respect the time limits to play its matches they may be removed from the league at any time.

- It is the clan leader's responsibility to make sure it has enough players and that those players also abide by the rules.

- By signing up as a clan leader you agree to find new players if some of your members go inactive. You will try to replace them and continue the league.

3.2 - Players

- The TDM squad of a clan must have 2 players.

- A player can be only in one squad at a time.

- Adding players who haven't already played with another clan in the cup is permitted with admin approval.

- The players must play all matches with the nickname they have on the squad list and on discord.

- Clans should have a sub available for all games to avoid forfeiting per section 4.5.

3.3 - Registration

- To register a captain has to send a private message on Discord to @neverGreen#3910 with name of your clan and list of players. All players from the clan will then receive a participant role which will allow them access to the official league channel.

4 - Before the match

4.1 - The leaders or representatives of the 2 teams should meet on the Discord 15 minutes before the match time. Matches don't need to have an admin present unless told otherwise. If you need/want an admin, check on Discord. Screenshots and demos will be required from both teams. Make sure all your players have the /cg_autoaction 7 setting!

4.2 - The match should be played on a neutral server where the average ping difference between the 2 clans should be the lowest possible. 

4.3 - If no neutral server can be found, the match may be played with the home/away procedure described as follows:

* The match is played on 2 different servers, each clan will be attributed a “home” server where its players will have a ping advantage over the players of the other clan. This ping advantage must be the least possible and the most equivalent possible between the two clans. The maps picked by the clans are always played on their “away” server.

* Non-EU clans are welcome to participate but the home/away rule cannot be used by them (eg. an American clan must play all their matches on EU servers unless they are playing another American team). Still the ping difference should be the lowest possible (UK servers for EU/RU team playing NA team).

* The server location for a deciding map may be forced by an admin, or chosen by /cv random 2 cointoss.

4.4 - If no neutral server can be found and the home/away servers are clearly not equivalents, then an admin may force what he deems to be the fairest server.

4.5 - If a clan was not able to field enough players 15 minutes after the scheduled time of the match, they will lose by forfeit.

4.6 - If an admin is present for the map picking, the procedure should go through him. If not, then the clan leaders should go through the following procedure:

* The coin toss loser picks first. The team that picks second will drop first in the event of a deciding map: +pick(loser), +pick(winner), -drop(winner), -drop(loser), -drop(winner), -drop(loser)

* Each clan picks one map from the pool (2.3). The same map cannot be picked twice.

* If a deciding map is needed then each team will drop a map and whichever map remains will be played.

5 - During the match

5.1 - Each map of the match can only be played 2 versus 2.

5.2 - If you believe there is a lagger/warper contact an admin and refer to section 7 & 8.

6 - After the match

6.1 - The winning team should report match results by posting an endgame screenshot into the official league channel on Discord CPMA server (#cpma2v2league).

6.2 - All players must place demos into the official league channel on Discord. All players must have demos and screenshots of the match and keep them until at least one month after the end of the league.

7 - Warpers

7.1 - Anyone reported to warp repeatedly will be spectated by an admin.

7.2 - Admins will decide if the warping is unfair enough to warrant removal from the league.

7.3 - Opposing teams cannot claim a default win if they don't wish to play against a warper that the admin believes can play.

7.4 - If your team has a warper, the team leader has to make sure there is a substitute in your squad available. If not, your team will be given a default loss.

8 - Cheating and behavior

8.1 - Any form of cheating that enables some form of advantage is forbidden and will result in an immediate ban of the player from future events and from the CPMA discord server. Further sanctions against the whole clan may also be taken at the admin team's discretion (default losses, docked points, disqualification).

8.2 - It is forbidden to listen to shoutcasts/streamings of your own games during the match.

8.3 - Any behavior disrupting the league or one of its matches will be punished.

9 - Violations

9.1 - Any violation of these rules by a player or a clan will be officially warned.

9.2 - The possible sanctions for a violation by a player are:

* A warning.

* A removal from the league.

9.3 - The possible sanctions for a violation by a team are:

* A warning.

* A default loss.

* A removal from the league. 


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