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DBE World Cup 2022 Qualifier [2v2]

  • ostatní14
  • Double Elimination
  • Quake Champions
  • November 26, 2022 at 4:00 PM CET
  • Zápis: Uzavřeno

When signing up, please make sure you fill in the team name and the in-game names of the players correctly. For example: chaD (cha1n & DBE dramiS) Failure to do so can make it complicated for your opponent to find you, and delay the tournament.

All rules included below!

Tournament layout

Anyone can enter the Qualifier, which will start on the 26th of November 4:00 PM CET. Make sure to properly convert this time to your own time zone if it isn't done automatically by this website.

The teams that make it to Top 6 will make it to the Finals the next weekend, on the 3rd of December, starting 4:00 PM CET. Those who qualify to the Finals are obliged to write to tournament administrator DEFENSE on Discord DBE DEFENSE#7278 to receive an invite to a private Discord room where the top 6 teams can communicate about the Finals with the other players and administrator. It is most important that you perform this step after qualifying.

The entire Qualifier for the Finals is Double Elimination, and all matches are best of 3.

Check in for the Qualifier will commence an hour before start-time, at 3:00 PM CET. Teams must check in themselves, there is no Discord check-in system in place.

Top 6 qualify for the Finals on the 3rd of December, but teams are still encouraged to play all the remaining matches after reaching top 6 because top 2 will have an automatic BYE-round in the Finals. This means that if you reach the Grand Finals of the Qualifier you are not obliged to play it. If both teams want to, they are free to do so with whatever format they wish to use.


Lowest delta, following:

In case of cross regional game, the higher seed gets their continent server on map 1 & 3.

NA vs EU: The lowest delta is played for map one and three, and then the server on the home continent of the other team for map 2

EU v SA is played on NA-East all 3 games

NA v NA local

EU v EU lowest delta

SA v SA lowest delta

Anything else: Lowest delta for all three games.

Match start

When your match starts, check who your opponent is in the bracket and create a lobby with them in Quake. Please include both player's in-game names in the team name. This way it's easy to find your opponent in-game.

If you can't find your opponent in-game, please use the Discord room "dbe-world-cup" on Dragonborn esport's Discord server and find your opponent there. You can use Qrindr for the server and champion picking, but remember to set the seed appropriately.

You are only obliged to write to tournament admin DEFENSE on Discord if you qualify for the Finals. But I will be there to answer any questions if you have any. The best way is to write your inquiry in the "dbe-world-cup" channel and tag me so I get notified instantly.

If a team doesn't show up in 15 minutes, the other team gets a default win and proceeds in the bracket. If both teams are absent, the higher seed will advance. If the opponents have issues finding each other in-game, and one team proves they are available by writing in the Discord, and the other team doesn't, the team active in Discord will get their default win. That's why it's so important to communicate if you have any issues.

If you run into any problems during the Qualifier, or have any questions, join the Dragonborn discord where there will be a room called dbe-world-cup where players can communicate with the administrator DEFENSE and/or other players about the tournament. The server link is the following:


Same as TastySpleen format:

Lower seed bans the first Champion from the match (Neither team can choose this Champion for all maps)

Higher seed bans the second Champion from the match (Neither team can choose this Champion for all maps)

Higher seed chooses the first map to be played in the set.

Lower seed chooses the second map to be played in the set.

Higher seed removes a map from the remaining three maps.

Lower seed removes a map from the remaining two maps.

Final map left in the pool is the third map in the set.


Players are allowed to stream their POVs from the Qualifier as long as there is a minimum of 60 seconds delay to prevent ghosting.

All community streams are allowed as long as they follow the same rules as above.

If a streamer contacts you and wants to stream your game, you are encouraged to comply.

Map Pool

Ruins of Sarnath, Deep Embrace, Molten Falls, Vale of Pnath, Awoken

Score reporting

The winning team of each match-up reports the score directly on this website. Just click the match-up in the bracket and you can easily report the score. It is most important that you report the score for your matches, as the bracket will not be able to run smoothly if you simply look at your next match-up and contact the opponent without reporting your previous match. It is your responsibility to report the match, and not following this rule can lead to disqualification. Deliberately reporting a false score to your favor will also lead to disqualification.

If you run into any problems with score reporting, contact DEFENSE on Discord DBE DEFENSE#7278 or in the "dbe-world-cup" room on Dragonborn's Discord server.

In case you can't report the scores over this website for some reason, it can also be done over Discord in the chatroom dbe-world-cup on Dragonborn esport's server, but if you wish to report your scores there, make sure to make it clear which match you are reporting the scores for.


There is no prize pool for the Qualifier for DBE World Cup, however if you manage to qualify for the Finals, there is at least a $1,000 prize pool up for grabs.



Quake Pub (

Aster Esports (

Church of Quake (


Do you have any other questions that is not related to anything in the rules?

Contact DEFENSE on Discord DBE DEFENSE#7278 or write a message with your inquiry in the dbe-world-cup chatroom on Dragonborn esport's Discord server


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