Catherine FFIX Tournament

  • 23 spieler Double Elimination  
  • Catherine  
  • January 27, 2017 bei 4:00 PM EST  
  • Eintragen: geschlossen  
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@TheIceyGlaceon's Catherine Tournament: See Rules Below

- Games will be played as a best of 3 rounds using the in-game round system. 

- As a standard, sets will run on a best of 3 games until finals (winners, losers and grand) where these will be played best of 5 games.

- Players will play rock-paper-scissors to decide who plays blue sheep. 

- The following stages are legal

--- The Cathedral

--- Clock Tower 

--- Quadrangle

--- Spiral Corridor 

--- Torture Chamber

--- Underground Cemetary 

- The Empireo, Inquisition and Prison of Despair are all banned for various reasons. 

--- Players can always "gentleman's agreement" to these stages if they wish.

 - The first stage is decided by a strikes/bans system.

 --- Players take turns striking stages starting with the orange sheep until 2 stages remain. 

--- At this point, it will be orange sheep's turn to ban, this player then chooses a stage. 

- From game 2 onward, the loser of the previous game will choose the stage.

 - Players may not choose a stage that they have previously won on in that set. This is commonly known as "Dave's Stupid Rule" in the Smash community. 

- If a player pauses at any point during a round, they will lose the round. 



Überragender Champion: Dacidbro
Würdiger Gegner: Shas
Vielleicht nächstes Mal: Maester_Sketches


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