USF4Revival NA Online League Tournament 3

  • 22 spieler Double Elimination  
  • Ultra Street Fighter IV  
  • March 24, 2018 bei 7:00 PM CDT  
  • Eintragen: 6:00 - 7:00  
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USF4Revival NA Online League Tournament 3



  • PC (steam) will be the only official platform of the League and of this tourney.
  • For the entire duration of the league you are required to be part of the discord of USF4Revival @ 
  • The TO will create a Discord Channel specifically for the Tournament the day of the tourney with all the participants.
  • You are required to be in the channel 1 hour before the tourney's official starting time. This time will be used to determine which matches will be streamed for the first round of the Tournament.
  • Challonge and Discord names MUST match. This prevents confusion when trying to get ahold of players, set up matches, etc. (Links on how to change Discord and Challonge nicknames -
  • If a participant isn't a member of the community during the time of the league, he might be disqualified at any point from the league.
  • All participants will be required to CHECK-IN via Challonge at least 1 hour before the Tournament. Anyone who has not checked-in at the Tournament start time will be DQ'd.
  • This is a NA  only tournament, so please only enter if you're able to play players from all of NA and live in North America.
  • No Wi­Fi connections.


  • Macros and turbos banned (Default Macros supported in the USF4 client such as "lp+mp+hp" are allowed).
  • No Edition Select allowed, only Ultra version characters.
  • All Pools matches will be played on a FT2 (Bo3) basis. 
  • Losers, winners, and grand final will be played on a FT3 (Bo5) basis.
  • Seed will be fully random.
  • Maximum participants : 64
  • Characters can only be switched after a loss.
  • If people can not connect with each other, whomever can not connect with the TO will be DQ'd.
  • If you have severe lagspikes with multiple opponents, you will be DQd.
  • Previous winners will not be allowed to compete, to avoid gatekeeping. If the staff finds out that a winner of a previous tournament has entered and even just played a single match under a false name, the player will be dq'd from the league and his place given to the player who came second in the tourney the dq'd player won.


  • We will be sending out weekly reminders leading up to the tournament on Discord Please message Admins, Staff, or Mods  for any additional questions or concerns.
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