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DFCI Labor Day Netplay Tourney (9/5/2016)

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Tournament Start: September 5th, 2016 // Monday at 3:00 PM PDT (6:00 PM EDT)

Check-In: Starts 1 hour in advance of tournament start time.


$20 USD from my own pocket.  Split 60%/30%/10% between top 3.  You MUST have a Paypal account to receive prizing.  If you do not have a valid Paypal account, you forfeit your winnings.  Life isn't fair, get over it.  :P

Participation Rules:

  • You MUST be able to communicate via Twitch chat to participate.
  • You MUST sign up/register with the PSN ID name/account you plan to play with.
  • You MUST check-in before the tournament starts to confirm your attendance.
  • No filling in for anyone else.  If you can't make it, you're disqualified.  If you're going to be late, let me know.
  • Multiple PSN account sign up/registration is not allowed. :P
  • If it is not your turn to play and you are in the lobby waiting, please put yourself on auto-pass or I will have to kick you to move the matches forward.
  • I have zero tolerance for trash talking towards another player.  This is netplay, if I see any of this in the Twitch chat, or unsportsmanlike conduct, you are immediately disqualified.  Please contribute to the community in a positive and constructive way.

Tournament Rules:

  • Double Elimination.
  • Matches are best 2 out of 3.
  • Winners Finals, Losers Finals and Grand Finals are best 3 out of 5.
  • Seeding will be randomized for the most part. I'll try my best to balance the bracket.
  • You can only change your main character if you lose the previous match. (Example: Shana to Asuna)
  • Support/Assist characters can be changed freely despite previous match result. (Example: Dokuro to Enju)
  • Please report your own scores via Challonge.
  • In the event of a disconnect or technical issue, the match will be replayed.

Labor Day is coming up; to keep DFCI alive game :P and with CEOtaku in October, this is a good time for people to get some games in against each other.

Yes, I know, netplay is not ideal and certain matches will be difficult with the amount of frame delay for people across the coast, or in different countries, so don't take it too seriously.  You can still practice certain things, if anything, maybe you'll learn a thing or two.

The point of this netplay tourney is to HAVE FUN, learn, interact with the community and represent your waifu or husbando; whatever floats your boat.

Entry is FREE.

If you need to contact me for any reason, tweet @ me on Twitter:


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