Possibly Pierre's SEVENTH mono-type c&e: Mono-fighting

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Hello There! Welcome to this c&e thing, you lovely people.


Each participant starts out with one stage one Pokemon PM me for starter

After each match, the winner will "catch" one pokemon from the opponents team and "evolve" one pokemon


1 Reroll on your starter, after that, you're stuck with what you get.

Focus sash, sturdy, and Z-Moves are all banned in the first round.

PM me all battle links.

No scouting (dont watch other peoples matches if you are still in the tournament)

If you dont respond for a long time/go offline, you automatically lose the match.

All matches are to be done in Gen 7 OU.



Normal Type: xXHunter_27Xx, Lopunny, Dodrio, Watchog

Fire Type: WildWhiteTiger6, Rapidash, Torracat, Volcarona

Grass Type: doppgred: Jumpluff, Paras, Amoongus

Water Type: Gokufan78: Dragalge, Sharpedo, Mantine

Electric Type: Mgenie: Galvantula, Pichu, Electabuzz

Bug Type: Gokufan78: Scizor, Galvantula, Masquerain

Fighting Type:

Psychic Type:

Ground Type:

Rock Type:

Dark Type:

Poison Type:

Flying Type:

Steel Type:

Ghost Type:

Ice Type:

Dragon Type:

Fairy Type:




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