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DCM Duel Commander Tournament July 2019

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Welcome to the July 2019 DCM Double Elimination Duel Commander Tournament!

Registration begins Monday, June 17 and closes Monday, July 1 at 22:00 CET/UTC+1. Everyone who signs up by the deadline will get to play, so be prepared for byes. Seeding/byes for Round 1 will be random.

Games will be played on XMage, and players are encouraged to complete their matches promptly so we can move on to the next round(s).

Before the tournament:

  • Sign up on
  • Make sure you join the duel commander discord server (#league_things). All communication will be done here. Make sure your username on discord matches your username on challonge (or close enough that it's clear).
  • If you haven't already, post your time zone on this google sheet to make scheduling matches with your opponents easier.
  • Private message me your full decklist on discord (@duelcastermage #6853) as soon as possible after you sign up. It must be in the form of a publicly available website (tappedout and deckstats are the two most popular). I will not accept XMage .dck files. If you need help uploading your .dck file to one of the mentioned websites, just let us know in the discord. The deadline for completing this is the time at which the tournament goes live (Tuesday, April 2), not after the tournament ends! Please don't make me hound you on this. All deck lists will be revealed to all players once the tournament is live.
  • Make sure to check in here on challonge starting 24 hours before the tournament goes live. Check in opens Sunday, June 30 at 22:00 CET/UTC+1 and closes Monday, July 1 at 22:00 CET/UTC+1. If you don't check in, you will be dropped!

Once the tournament is live:

  • Each round has a deadline for completion. These deadlines will be roughly 3 days (72 hours) apart from each other, with more time at the beginning when there are more concurrent matches and less time near the end of the tournament when there are fewer matches to finish.
  • I will post the specific deadlines for each round once I know exactly how many players have signed up. These will be posted directly on the challonge tournament bracket page in parenthesis to the right of the round number.
  • Private message your current round opponent on discord ASAP to set up a time to play your match. Refer to the google sheet to help with scheduling.
  • If you do not make any reasonable attempt to complete your match, you will be dropped from the tournament.
  • If both players make concerted attempts to play their match, but can't make scheduling work, then I will "flip a coin" to randomly determine a winner.

In-game rules:

  • Match clocks ("time limit") must be set to 50 minutes per player. This is quite generous, and if you time out, you lose the round (sorry).  Please play at a reasonable pace.
  • Rollbacks are enabled, but are strictly for misclicks/dexterity errors (like accidentally skipping a phase) and bugs only. They are not to be used to take back a play mistake (like not reading cards) or a judgment call you regret (like playing a different land than you would've liked). If a rollback is used, both players cannot deviate strategically on the plays they made leading up to the rollback.
  • If a rollback is initiated and XMage crashes/bugs out (doesn't give priority to a player for the rest of the game), the player who requested the rollback must concede the game.
  • If your XMage server crashes or resets in the middle of a game, both players must restart that game from scratch unless one player is willing to concede. You are free to ask your opponent politely to concede if you clearly had a dominant position, but please don't pressure them to do so. They have the right to replay the game from scratch.
  • If your internet disconnects and you are unable to reconnect and rejoin the game with everything working properly, then you must concede that game.
  • If your opponent clearly has an infinite combo that wins the game, please be civil don't make them play it out completely. Remember, all decklists will be public information at the start of the tournament.

Commander Swap Protocol:

  • The "commander swap" rule has not been implemented on XMage yet, so we have to do a workaround to enable this option.
  • If you have a deck list that allows for a commander swap, please let your opponent know/remind them before the first game of the match.
  • There are two moments where you can announce your intention to swap commander(s): 
  • 1) Near the end of the first game (e.g. when about to deal lethal or facing lethal but before game 2 begins.
  • 2) At the start of game 2 when the losing player is asked to play or draw, before opening hands are revealed.
  • NOTE: If you are winning game 1, be especially careful to announce your intention clearly ASAP because we don't want game 2 hands to be revealed before this communication is made. On the flip side, if you lost game 1, be sure to give you opponent enough time to declare their intention to commander swap before deciding to play or draw in game 2.
  • At this point, one player should host a new match with 30 min clock time per player and load up your revised deck lists with the different commanders if desired.
  • Whoever lost game 1 immediately concede to re-establish correct play or draw choice and match status.
  • Repeat these steps if another commander swap is desired between games 2 and 3.

After a match is completed:

  • Report your match result on and optionally on #league_things on the discord server.
  • If you finish your match early, you may have to wait for your next round opponent. You'll get an email from challonge saying your next round opponent is ready. Complete that next round by its deadline.

Grand Finals match structure:

  • The grand finals will be Best of 5 rather than Best of 3. The game host should remember to change their XMage settings have "Wins" = 3.
  • The upper bracket finalist gets to decide whether to play or draw for game 1. On XMage, if the lower bracket finalist wins the initial coin flip, they should ask the other player what their preference is for play or draw. The two players can also discuss this prior to the match starting.
  • There is no time limit for the finals match, though please still play at a reasonable pace. The host needs to change their XMage time limit setting before the game as well.

 If we get enough players, I will submit the decklists to after the tournament is completed.

Please direct any questions to #league_things on the discord. Good luck and have fun!

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