Iron Resolve - Singles Tourney 3DS 1

  • 6 jugador Double Elimination  
  • Super Smash Bros. for 3DS  
  • Marzo 2, 2019 a las 4:00 PM EST  
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Welcome to the first 3DS Singles tourney for Iron Resolve. Battle it out to see who is the best. Winner gets to add a quote of their choice in the quote channel. This tourney will be hosted every Saturday, this time at 12 PM EST, so use a time converter to find the right time for your timezone and be there. Feedback is appreciated.


2 stocks, 6 minutes, No items.

Best of 3, except for Winner, Loser and Grand Finals which are best of 5.

Starter Stages: Battlefield , Final Destination,  Yoshi's Island

Counterpick Stages : Dream Land 64, Prism Tower, Arena Ferox, Duck Hunt

Each set starts by having each player ban a starter stage, with the remaining stage being the stage where the first game will occur. Any legal stage may be picked if both players agree to it. After a game ends in a set, the winner of a game bans one stages and the loser picks a stage. Counterpick stages become available only starting after the first game of a set. Omega variants count as Final Destination. You cannot pick a stage you won on in the same set. Additionally, you will have 5 minutes to contact your opponent and be ready to start a set. Those that do not respond when called/mentioned, have not joined a guild prior to the start of the tourney or do not identify themselves properly on the bracket will be disqualified. Finally, follow the bracket at all times in order to find your opponents faster, and use the website to report your scores.

Good luck, 3DS Smash players, and have a blast.

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