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Aus Pokken DX 2019 Dumb Fun 3

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The ruleset for tonight will be a 3v3 Monotyping. So you can only have 3 of one typing.

Extra typings have been given to specific Pokemon, whether they gain an extra typing through a mega or it makes at least some sense for them to have such a typing. Characters like Pikachu and Croagunk will not be allowed tonight.

Darkrai - Dark

Blaziken - Fire/Fighting

(Pikachu - Electric)

Lucario - Fighting/Steel

Gardevoir - Psychic/Fairy

Pikachu Libre - Electric + Fighting

Scizor - Bug/Steel

Aegislash - Ghost/Steel

(Croagunk - Poison)

Sceptile - Grass + Dragon

Gengar - Ghost/Poison

Decidueye - Grass/Ghost

Machamp - Fighting

Braixen - Fire + Psychic

Empoleon - Water/Steel + Ice

Blastoise - Water

Mewtwo - Psychic + Fighting

Chandelure - Ghost/Fire

Suicune - Water + Ice

Weavile - Ice/Dark

Charizard - Fire/Flying + Dragon

Garchomp - Ground/Dragon

Shadow Mewtwo - Psychic + Dark

You are locked into the one typing for the entire night.

You cannot play your main's typing(s) :]

Resultados Finales

Campeón Supremo: SurfingSanta
Digno Adversario: IceBurgy
Quizás la próxima vez: Enigmaaaa

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