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Stache Classic | Grand Finals

  • 32 Jugadores
  • Double Elimination
  • Splinterlands
  • October 16, 2021 a las 11:00 AM EDT

ZenSports is proud to present the Stache Classic in conjunction with Splinterlands,, and NFT Horizon.

The top Splinterlanders (as determined by 4 weeks of qualifiers)  will battle it out in a double-elimination, bracket-style tournament held on the ZenSports app, featuring more than $25,000 worth of crypto, split evenly between USDT on ZenSports and SPS (Splintershards) on Splinterlands. 

CryptoStache himself will host the event; alongside Aggroed Lighthacker (CEO of Splinterlands) and Tanzo (CEO of Astral Entities and dear friend to ZenSports). 


As always, you will have a chance to win prizes simply by predicting the outcome of this tournament. By creating an account and heading to the "predictions" tab, you can fill out a bracket and win prizes based on your placement. 

Prizes are as follow:

1st: 5 Splinterlands Beta Packs, 1,000,000 SPORTS Utility Tokens, 1 Mega & 1 Small NFT Horizon Pack. 

2nd: 3 Splinterlands Beta Packs, 500,000 SPORTS Utility Tokens, 1 Mega NFT Horizon Pack. 

3rd: 2 Splinterlands Beta Packs, 250,000 SPORTS Utility Tokens, 1 Small NFT Horizion Pack. 

4th: 1 Splinterlands Beta Pack, 100,000 SPORTS Utility Tokens, 1 NFT Horizon "Paeis" NFT

5th: 1 Splinterlands Beta Pack, 50,000 SPORTS Utility Tokens, 1 NFT Horizon "Helen" NFT

6th - 25th: 1 Splinterlands Beta Pack, 10,000 SPORTS Utility Token. 


ZenSports is the sportsbetting and esports tournament hosting platform of choice, offering betting both peer-to-peer and against the book, using either fiat or crypto. We also have our own SPORTS Utility Token, used to connect all of our product offerings - Betting, Daily Fantasy Sports, Esports Tournaments.

Check out the tournament on our app! We have a full-service tournament hosting platform, including bracket info and Twitch integration! Head to More -> Play on our app to check it out!

Splinterlands is currently the most-played, and fastest-growing blockchain Dapp - including both games and services built on the blockchain (as measure by DappRadar.) 

In addition to being a fun and scalable card game, Splinterlands has shown to be industry leaders in creating economies around blockchain assets. If you want to learn more about the game, start here is a decentralized live-streaming platform, where viewers are rewarded in TFuel for viewing in exchange for a small portion of their internet bandwith!

NFT Horizion is a multimedia platform ALL about NFTs. Whether you want to learn more about NFTs, learn about upcoming drops, or view their epic creations, start here!

CryptoStache is a longtime NFT believer and educator. He posts frequent YouTube videos about upcoming games and news, as well as streams regularly on!


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