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Welcome to Modded Mondays! This is the start of my series that includes Sm4sh having Online Friendly mods! This weeks mod is Tr4sh Pack mod! All contestants MUST have the pack in order to play or is automatically disqualified. Good luck and I hope to see you back next week. P.S. if you want a modpack (like Turbo) featured next week make sure to place it in discussion!


3 Stocks 8 Minutes (this mod has very fast kills so for this reason we will have 3 Stocks)

No customs and equipment allowed

No stalling (Ex. Diddy's Infinite Neutral B)

Miis of all sizes allowed

Gentlemen is allowed

Dave's Stupid Rule: You may not play on a stage you have previously played on (Unless Gentlemen'd)

Winners, Losers, and Grand finals will be Bo5 otherwise sets are Bo3

Items are off unless both players agree to it

At the beginning of a match, characters are chosen blind. The following matches, the winner announces their character first before the loser selects their character.

Higher Seed will ban first! (Ex. 1 > 2)

Starter strikes will go 1-2-1 then winner of the match will strike 2 and loser will choose of the remaining stages.

Stage List

Starters: Battlefield, Big Battlefield, Final Destination, Gamer, and Wuhu Island

Counterpicks: Skyworld, Kalos Pokemon League, Dream Land 64, and Smashville

Prizes! First of all, this tournament will be giving prizes at the end of the season by a point system, the more points you have the higher your ranking! Second, if you are not active for 3 tourneys your points will be terminated so watch out. Third here's the list!

1st: $20 via PayPal

2nd: $10 via PayPal

3rd: $5 via PayPal

4th-8th will be receiving $1 from PayPal, though depends if you're really that desperate for Top 8


Resultados Finales

Campeón Supremo: TMC | TheMasianOne
Digno Adversario: IHasexyFish
Quizás la próxima vez: Cyziax

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