「EC†PC」- /ggg/ Tourney 4

  • 13 jugador Double Elimination  
  • Guilty Gear Xrd  
  • Enero 27, 2018 a las 8:30 PM EST  
  • Check-in: Cerrado  
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New day, same time, same action packed tournament of /ggg/ champions. This is the 4th /ggg/ Netplay Tournament.



Saturday, January 27th. Check ins open at 8PM. The Tournament starts at 8:30PM (All time zones listed are in EST).




† Each round is a Best of Three match

† Each match is set to Best of Three

† As always, Double Elimination Rules are in effect

† The Grand Final match is in 1 match mode. The finalist from the Losers Bracket does not have to defeat the winner twice in a first to 5.

† -MODIFIED RULE - With the exception of the Grand Final Match, all Top 4 Matches are in First to Three format.

† The Grand Final Match is in First to Five format.




Please remember to check in once check ins have gone live. Nothing is sadder than watching a competitor get turned away despite being present because the tourney went live without them checking in.

The Top 4 will be in a lobby hosted by the TO. Once all competitors have been confirmed in the lobby, the remaining spots will be open to anyone who would like to record, stream, or simply watch on spectate on a first come first serve basis. Competitors are allowed to stream as long as they understand that their match comes first above their stream.

Most connections will be from the US East Coast, but anyone who believes that their connections will be reasonable are also encouraged to enter. However please be considerate of your connection, as a laggy match is not fun for either you or your opponent.

Like last time, a discord link will be made for a disposable server to allow easy and quick communication during the tourney. This Discord server exists for this tourney only and will be deleted once the tourney is over. After all, a champion's glory is immortal, therefor an arena has no right to exist once a runner up's blood has been shed on it.

We're beyond the point of a trilogy. I welcome all challengers to the tournament and wish them the best of luck in surviving the hardcore, no holds bared anime battles to come.

Resultados Finales

Campeón Supremo: theduesta
Digno Adversario: Frankentank
Quizás la próxima vez: daboo555

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