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WE BACK, WE IN THIS, WELCOME TO BRACKET BREAKERS II! Hosted by Escape Smash! Last time, Neo (or XDaDePsak) came in clutch with that win! (Not really, he bodied everybody). So, you want to be the next Bracket Breaker? Then get in here!

Discord Chat Where The Tournament Takes Place (MUST JOIN, OTHERWISE YOU WILL BE DQ'D): The chat is the check in!!!!!!

The way the chat works is listed within the chat

3 Important Things I want to Cover Before you Read the Rules

  1. Please, please, please always check the bracket!!! Keep it open on another tab if you have to! Last time, we had some problems because people weren't checking back to the bracket. PLEASE, KEEP IT OPEN AND KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR IT! Thank you.
  2. You guys really gotta check in before the tournament starts. This time, if you're not there by then, I'm not making any new tournaments just to fill in for one member. Last tournament, I (Brightglow) did this and the tournament kinda crumbled tbh. I'll give you all about 5 minutes when the tournament starts to check in. But please, if you're just registering, MAKE SURE TO CHECK IN AFTERWARDS.
  3.  If you're taking a long time to respond and I don't hear from you (i.e. you're in a match and have said nothing or went AFK) then I have every right to DQ you. Please, we don't want any more hold ups this time. 

That is all.

So, let's get into it, shall we?


  • 2 stock, 6 minutes
  • Best 2 of 3, Semifinals and Finals are Best 3 of 5
  • No items
  • All DLC are permitted
  • Mii Fighters are permitted with a 1111 moveset and any size
  • No stalling (if you don't know what it is:
  • Any infinite combos that go 0 to 150% is considered stalling
  • Any form of customs (moves, boosts, ect.) are banned


  • If a match is disputed, then you must send the replay to a tournament organizer and have them decide the winner. We promise that no decisions will be biased. 
  • What the victory screen says, GOES. Use suicide moves at your own risk!
  • If by any reason you or the opponent has to exit the match (i.e wrong control scheme, wrong stage, ect.) they notify the other player before the first stock is taken. Both players have to agree to it as well. (So be prepared, some players are more stubborn than others).
  • If 2 players agree to a stage, that's fair.
  • Once again, if you ban Smashville, you are a scum 


  • You can strike stages in this tournament. In the first round, you can only use the starters given to you. However, if you lose a round, the counterpicks are available to your choosing.
  • Your opponent gets 2 strikes on stages when its counterpicking time. In the first round, you and your opponent keep striking until its down to one stage. So 2 strikes for each of you.
  • If a stage is striked in the previous round, it is available for the player's choosing in the next round.
  • The Gentlemen's Rule can be used. (i.e. "Ey, you just wanna say 'screw it' and go to Smashville?" "Sure!"). However, both players must agree to the stage. 



Town and City

Final Destination (no omegas allowed)


Duck Hunt


Lylat Cruise


Umbra Clock Tower


  • Your time for checking in is 1 hour before the tournament. We may allow checking in 10 minutes into the tournament...however this isn't certain.
  • Members of the Escape Smash team (except TO's) are permitted to participate in the tournament.
  • Lag is certain to happen. Please be aware of your connection before participating. No one likes to play a laggy match. You can test lag here
  • Matches will be individually done amongst the players and will not be streamed.
  • Anything that makes other players uncomfortable (i.e. rage, salt, humiliation, ect.) will lead to instant disqualification.
  • If you are reporting a bad apple for disqualification, please have screenshots of your conversation.
Please note that these rules are subjected to change, so check back often!
About Escape Smash: Escape Smash is an American Super Smash Bros team that came together through personal relationships. All of the members strive to improve their game. We have a Youtube channel where we make all sorts of smash content, so go check it out!
Lemon Ninja 
Natealsodoesrubbish (NADR)

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