Rules and FAQs

General Tournament Rules:

Don't be a dick.

Be respectful towards other members.

No racist, ableist, homophobic or transphobic shit

Any player caught cheating on online tournaments whether by lying about location, connection type or anything of the sort, may be banned from entering any ACP tournaments at the discretion of the admins. (This applies whether the event was ours or not, or if we see said player actively discussing such activities.)

All connections must be WIRED.

Players MUST be in the ACP Discord to participate ( . If you are NOT in the ACP Discord by check-in time you will be DQd.

Game Specific Rules:

  • Merfight will be played on the Steam version.
  • TMNTxJL will be played via Parsec. Please follow the instructions that will be provided on the discord the day of the event to connect/troubleshoot.
  • FEXL will be played on the Steam Version
  • Waku Waku 7 will not allow Fernandeath

Payout Rules:

If the overall pot is under $35, winner will take the entire pot.

If the overall pot is above $35 the split will be 60/25/15 between the top 3 spots