About Collision 2020


Welcome to Collision 2020!

Collision 2020 is PuyoGB's maiden puzzle game convention, bringing you tournaments and events from the 8th to the 16th of August 2020!
Some of these tournaments will have prizes available, including prize money for our two main events.

All events for Collision 2020 will be played on Nintendo Switch, and to enter all players need is the relevant game.
No entry fee is necessary - players only need to join the PuyoGB Discord!

Details of all events, including rules and criteria, will be found under each individual tournament page.

Due to the nature of the prizes available, this event is only open to players who reside in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

Convention Rules:

The tournament will be handled through the PuyoGB Community Discord. Join by clicking here.
All participants in our competitions must be from the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland.
All participants will require a Nintendo Switch and the relevant games for the events they wish to participate in.

The following games will feature at our event:
- Puyo Puyo Champions (available on the eShop)
- Puyo Puyo Tetris (available in stores and on the eShop)
- Tetris 99 (free download)
- Super Puyo Puyo 2 (SNES Online)
- Dr. Mario (NES Online)
- Panel de Pon (SNES Online)

An active Nintendo Online Subscription is required to participate in these games.

Code of Conduct:

All participants who sign-up to our tournaments must check-in on the Challonge page as well as be present in the PuyoGB Community Discord. Anyone who is late to check-in runs the risk of forfeiture.

All tournament times are handled using BST (GMT+1), which is the local time used for the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

All players are required to finish their matches in good time, and be present throughout the tournament until such a time where they are knocked-out and can no longer compete.

We recommend all players to use a wired connection where possible. If this is not possible, we request all players to be as close to their wireless router as possible to mitigate any connection issues. If a match is disconnected due to internet connection issues, we will permit the match to be played again from the beginning. If the match disconnects towards the end and all participants agree on an outright result, notify the TO so that the match can be accepted. For Puyo Puyo Tetris and Puyo Puyo Champions tournaments, all players should save match replays for verification.

If players are experiencing issues with their Internet connection they may speak to PuyoGB Staff for technical support; we will do our best to offer solutions that may resolve the issue. Should disconnections happen frequently, TOs will be forced to intervene and adjudicate, which may lead to a forced decision and, if the participant's internet continue to cause disruptions, face disqualification from the tournament. It is assumed at all times that the TOs internet is operational unless they state in person that they are facing connection difficulties.

For Top 8 events where the matches will be streamed by the PuyoGB Admin Staff, we request a 3-player room to be created. This may mean that the layout of the matches will be changed to accommodate, therefore we ask all players to get some practice in with the 3-player board format. Handling of any internet connectivity issues will be outlined as aforementioned.

PuyoGB promotes a "play hard; play fair" approach to competitive games. For online events, we request each player to give good wishes to the opposition before, and after any match. While it may be disappointing for the loser of a contest and ultimately some salt can spill, we ask for good faith and to be as gracious in defeat as we would the winner to be magnanimous in victory.

Ultimately, PuyoGB events are about inclusiveness and respect to everyone, and as a community we are neutral.
As such, we do not condone any of the following:
- Violent threats.
- Racial abuse of any kind.
- Abuse based on the persecution of any religion.
- Sexual harassment or misconduct based on sexuality.
- Political, Sociological and/or Ideological beliefs.
- Substance abuse of any kind.
- Attacks on Physical and Mental Health, including all related disabilities.

Anyone falling foul of the above will be given a warning by the Tournament Organisers. If the offence is repeated, not only are they disqualified from the participating tournament, but will no longer be permitted to take part in other events. If the removal of a participant took place after they won any prizes, their prizes are forfeited and will be retained by PuyoGB.

Prize Eligibility:

Participants who satisfy the entry criteria and convention rules will be in-line to win prizes if they place in a prize-winning position of a tournament that has prizes available. If the prize is a cash prize, the competitor must have a valid PayPal account linked to their bank account prior to entering the tournament to accept the winnings. If that person does not have a PayPal account, then their prize money rolls down to the next-placed participant.

If the prize is physical goods (e.g. merchandise), then the prize winner will be contacted by the PuyoGB admin staff directly for their postal address so that the prize can be posted to them. Physical goods will be sent from the mainland UK and post will be carried out by Royal Mail and may be subject to COVID-19 related delays. PuyoGB will not be held responsible if any post goes missing in transit. If a participant does not give out their postal address when contacted, the merchandise will roll down to the next-placed participant. If the postal address is not within any territory of the countries of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland, then that player's claim to the merchandise is void and will roll down to the next-placed participant.

PuyoGB reserves the right to retain prizes should any of the rules be contravened in any way.

Any convention volunteer staff (e.g. artists, bracket runners) who are not PuyoGB Admin Staff or Collision Tournament Organisers will be permitted to enter our tournaments and be eligible for prizes. Collision Tournament Organisers and PuyoGB Admin Staff are permitted to enter tournaments, but will not be eligible for prizes. If they place in a prize-winning position, the prize is rolled down to the next participant.

All prizes will be handled after the end of the event.


This is an online event

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