About Neo Geo World Tour 2 Norway stop at Retrospillmessen 2019



Neo Geo World Tour 2 - Norway Stop

Neo Geo World Tour is coming to Retrospillmessen in Norway in June 2019 for Season 2!

This stop is a qualifier for the Europe region.

Featured tournaments include The King of Fighters '98 and XIV. The winners of the KOF '98 and XIV tournaments will represent the Neo Geo World Tour - Norway Stop to compete in the Global Finals in 2019.

KOF 98 and XIV qualifer spots for the global finals 2019 in this stop is restricted to only residents of Europe. Everybody is welcomed to participate in all tournaments.

Tournament Details:

KOF XIV tournament starts at 11:30am June 22nd, 2019
KOF '98 tournament starts 4:00pm June 22nd, 2019
(contestants need to arrive 1h before tournament starts!)

Metal Slug Score Attack before and after KOF98 and KOF XIV tournaments start/finish.

More details about Retrospillmessen can be found at:

*Neo Geo World Tour Norway Stop competitors have to hold a valid Retrospillmessen 2019 visitor entry ticket in order to participate in NGWT 2 tournaments.


Platform: THE KING OF FIGHTERS '98 ACA and XIV (PlayStation 4)

Controller: Original PS4 Joypad or Players can bring their own PS4 compatible controllers/joysticks. Legacy joysticks can only be used with Brook converters.

Format: Double elimination, best of 3 for all stages of the tournament with best of 5 for grand finals.

Rules: Sides are decided by organizer. Sides cannot be switched during a match. Winner must keep characters but may change order, loser may switch characters and/or order.

KOF '98 game rule:

Omega Rugal is banned. Extra mode is banned. Floating bugs and infinite combos are banned. Unblockables (fireball, daimon, etc) is allowed.



Klavenesveien 20, 3220 Sandefjord, Norway

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