All games will be played on the default settings, unless otherwise specified, below.
All macros available via the in-game controller configuration menu are allowed.
Hardware programmable input entry, rapid-fire, or other hardware assisted mechanisms are strictly forbidden.
Accidentally pausing the game at any time during the fight will force you to forfeit the round.
Any player using “Random Select” to pick their character, must “Random Select” again if they win the match, provided that there is no way to pick a certain character in the random box.
You must provide your own controller for games played on all systems.
Brook Converters are allowed.
Cronus Max Plus and Titan One converters are banned.
Nintendo 3DS, 2DS, or WiiU gamepad as gamepads are not allowed.
Removing the battery or otherwise disabling these controllers is NOT OK. You may not use these controllers under any circumstances.
There is a maximum of 30 seconds allowed between games in a set.

Game version: US PlayStation 4
Game Settings: Versus Mode, 99 Seconds, 2/3 Rounds, 2/3 Games, No Handicap
The top 8 competitors will play 3/5 Matches.
Legacy Controller Mode is banned.
Training Stage, Skies of Honor, Flamenco Tavern, and Kanzuki Beach stage are not tournament legal.

Game version: US PlayStation 4
Game Settings: 99 Seconds, 2/3 Games, Default Handicap, Default Damage
No multiple characters are allowed on the same team.

Game version: US PlayStation 4
Game Settings: 2/3 Games, 60 Seconds
If the players do not agree on a stage within 15 seconds, the match will be random stage select.
There will be no customizing colors, names or items at any time before or during a tournament match. Any player that does so will be given a loss.

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