BornGosu Race Swap Tournament #1

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Hello, and welcome to the first edition of the BornGosu Race Swap Tournament!


  • The tournament will be held on NA, in the "borngosu" channel. Just /join borngosu 
  • The tournament will be held on Sunday, 3rd of March, at 7:00PM  CEST.
  • Check in will begin 1 hour prior to the start of the tourney and close 10 mins before it starts. YOU MUST CHECK IN TO PLAY!
  • Depending on the number of players signed in, we'll cast each game starting with the Semifinals, or even earlier (if less players), so make sure you got the time to play, please.
  • Caesar and Coek will be the casters for this event.
  • Games are played by default on East America servers, but can be changed if both players agree.


The tournament is a Single Elimination Bracket, that features "Race Swap Mod".

The matches are all Bo3 with a Bo5 Final (if players are willing to do it, there will be a Bo3 for 3rd/4th place).

The first map of each Bo3 will be picked by the lowest ranked player; then loser picks next map from the current ladder pool.

Player Eligibility:

  • In order to play in the tourney, you have to be ranked this season (as long as you're ranked you can play).
  • For rules depending on MMR, your highest MMR will be used.
  • Must be Tryout or full member of Born Gosu.

What is Race Swap Mod?

The game works as usual but for some slight differences:

  • Protoss buildings only produce Terran units.
  • Terran buildings only produce Zerg units.
  • Zerg buildings only produce Protoss units.

Handicap to help lower ranked players: 

To help the lower ranked player in each match, there will a few rules:

  • The lower ranked player always choses first map (as stated above).
  • If the MMR difference is 500 or Higher, the lower ranked player can ban 1 race for the opponent.
  • If the MMR difference is 1000 or Higher, the lower ranked player can ban 2 races for the opponent.
  • If the MMR difference is 1500 or Higher, the lower ranked player can ban 3 races for the opponent.
  • Random can't be banned. The main reason is so that everyone gets a chance to play every race.

Race pick: 

  • Random is considered a 4th race for the purpose of this tournament.
  • When picking race in the lobby, remember that you're picking the race of your buildings, not your units (which will be chosen accordingly as stated above).
  • The loser of each game can change their race for the next game.
  • If you have 1 race banned, you can only switch between the other 3.
  • If you have 2 races banned, you can only switch between the other 2.
  • If you have 3 races banned, you obviously can't switch if you lose.


  • Why does this look so similar to Rook's DAB tournament description? I don't know what you're talking about.
  • How are the tech trees? The buildings have the exact same requirements than in melee games, the tech needed for each unit and upgrade will be summarized below.
  • Can we test the Mod? Yes, it Should be released soon on EU and Americas Servers.
  • Why are the names for the race mix so bad? Because I lack the capablity to come up with good names.
  • Barracks' reactor researches? Yes, it does.
  • Why make the Mothership core have a recall instead of making it just move faster? That way it uses the energy that could otherwise be used to inject, transfuse or spread creep, and, due to the cooldown, it can't easily move back if the spell is baited.

Tech Tree Changes: 

All races keep their usual workers, only change their units.


  • Gateway: Produces Barracks units, Hellbats and Cyclones.
  • Robotics Facility: Produces Factory units except Cyclone and Hellion/Hellbat. Allows Hellbats to morph into Hellions.
  • Stargate: Produces Starport units.
  • Forge: Has infantry upgrades.
  • Cyber Core: Unlocks Marauder, Hellbat and Cyclone Production. Has Barracks techlab researches (and warpgate research).
  • Twilight Council: Unlocks Banshee and researches Banshee cloak as well as Armory upgrades. Unlocks +2 and +3 upgrades for infantry.
  • Templar Archives: Unlocks Raven production and researches Corvid Reactor.
  • Dark Shrine: Unlocks Ghost Production, researches ghost cloak and can create and store nukes.
  • Fleet Beacon: Unlocks Battlecruiser production and researches all starport techlab upgrades but corvid reactor and cloaking field. Also Researches Weapon Refit (Yamato) and unlocks ship weapons and plating +2 and +3.
  • Robotics Bay: Unlocks Thor production; researches factory techlab upgrades and unlocks vehilcle weapons and plating +2 and +3.
  • Due to detection being too limited (templar archives and stargate), a unit called "Observer Prototype" can be created in the Robotics Facility for 25 mins and gas. It's basically an uncloaked observer without Surveillance Mode. The tooltip is not changed, so it shows as a normal observer in the command chart.
  • Medivacs have Phasing Mode (just like Warp Prisms), but they take longer than a Warp Prism to enter and exit that mode. In phasing mode they can't heal. They have no different model sadly, so there's no way to tell when it's phasing ans when it isn't if it's not moving nor healing.
  • Warpgate: Has 2 charges instead of 1, warping Hellbats, Marines and Reapers consumes 1 charge, while warping Marauders, Cyclones and Ghosts consumes both. Cooldown has been adapted so that the prduction is similar to reactor barracks for Marine/Reaper/Hellbat, as techlab barracks for Marauder/Ghost and as techlab factory for Cyclones.
  • All units that usually would benefit from a reactor in Robotics Facility and Starport produce slightly faster (take approximately 20%-30% less time to produce) to compensate.
  • Shield Battery Has repair ability (The one Raven's Repair Drones had).
  • Hellbat hotkey changed to F (Conflicted with Reaper's).


  • Barracks: Produces Zerglings, Queens, Roaches, Ravagers and Banelings. (only queen and zergling allowed without anything else).
  • Factory: Produces Hydralisks, Swarm Hosts, Lurkers, Infestors and Ultralisks (only Hydra allowed without anything else).
  • Starport: Produces Mutalisks, Corruptors, Broodlords, Vipers, Overseers and Ventral Sacks Overlords (only Mutalisk and Corruptor allowed without anything else).
  • Engineering bay: Unlocks Roach and Ravager Production. Has ground zerg army upgrades.
  • Armory: Unlocks Lurker and Ultralisk production. Has Zerg air army upgrades. Unlocks +2 and +3 ground upgrades. Allows production of Banelings without techlab (therefore can use a reactor).
  • Ghost Academy: Unlocks infestor production. Has infestor upgrades.
  • Fusion Core: Unlocks Broodlord and Viper production.
  • Tech lab (Barracks): Needed for Baneling and Ravager Production. Researches Roach and Baneling Upgrades.
  • Reactor (Barracks): Researches Metabolic Adrenal Boost upgrade (researches both Adrenal Glands and Metabolic Boost for Zerglings).
  • Tech lab (Factory): Needed for producing any unit besides Hydralisks at the Factory. Researches Hydralisk, Lurker and Ultralisk upgrades.
  • Tech lab (Starport): Needed for Broodlord and Viper Production. Looks cool and researches Pneumatized Carapace.
  • Overseers and Ventral Sacks Overlords don't give supply, but don't use it either.
  • Queens can't Inject nor Build Creep Tumors.
  • Zerg units no longer benefit from speed in creep, but have their base speed slightly increased (arround 10%, they had 30% on creep). Queens have their Speed Increased a lot more.
  • Ultralisk base speed was increased a bit less (arround 6-7%) and it's upgrade leaves it slightly slower than in the usual game (0.2% slower, HUGE nerf).
  • Burrow is Investigated at the Command Center and shares hotkey with Orbital Command. Changed Burrow hotkey to F.
  • Corruptor Shares key with Reactor. Changed Corruptor hotkey to F.


  • Spawning Pool: Allows morphing Zealots. Allows Building Sentries. Researches charge (requires Lair).
  • Roach Warren: Allows Morphing Stalkers. Researches Blink (requires Lair).
  • Baneling Nest: Allows Morphing Adepts from Zealots. Researches Glaives (requires Lair).
  • Hydralisk Den: Allows Morphing Immortals.
  • Lurker Den: Allows Morphing Colossi from Immortals. Researches Extended Thermal Lance.
  • Spire: Allows Morphing Phoenixes and Void Rays. Researches air upgrades.
  • Infestation Pit: Allows Morphing Dark Templar and High Templar. Researches Storm and Swadow Stride (DT blink).
  • Ultralisk Cavern: Allows Morphing Tempests.
  • Greater Spire: Allows Morphing Carriers from Void Rays. Researches air upgrades (just like the Spire).
  • Evolution Chamber: Researches ground upgrades and shields.
  • Hatchery: Builds Sentries (requires Spawning Pool). Researches Gravitic Boosters and Gravitic Drive (both require Lair).
  • Lair: Like the hatchery. Allows Morphing Oracle from Sentry. Allows Morphing Warp Prism and Observer.
  • Hive: Like the Lair. Allows Morphing Disruptors. Builds Mothership.
  • All Protoss ground units Benefit from 10% speed increase on creep.
  • Overlords can't morph into Overseers nor evolve Ventral Sacks.
  • Void Ray shared key with Overlord. Void Ray key Changed to D.
  • Morph into Adept shared key with hold position. Morph into Adept key changed to F.
  • Mothership Core has been implemented as a way to make Zergtoss able to defend cheese. Being a race that relies in shield batteries and a wall to survive early game and being given the stats of a race that relies on a support unit (queen) the race was really vulnerable to early rushes.
  • The Motehrship Core is created at the Hatchery, Lair or Hive after Spawning pool is finished. It costs 300 minerals to make. It has the spells of a queen and a Recall ability that allows it to teleport to any Hatchery, Lair or Hive at a cost of 25 energy and 1 minute cooldown. It can't shoot and restore shieds at the same time. It moves really slow out of creep (makes standard queen out of creep feel fast) and even on creep it's slower than it was when it was in the game (not by much). It has 400 max energy and regenerates energy at 250% the energy regeneration rate for other units (I know this makes it vulnerable to feedback, but it's a mirror matchup).

PS: I'm really dumb so I might have made stupid typping mistakes.

PS2: Feel free to test the mod and tell me about bugs or things that are too unbalanced for the mod to be playable at all.

PS3: Thx Rook for the template.

PS4: I know both Prorran and Zergtoss can make shield upgrades, but I had to let protoss buildings have shield upgrades since they use them. This is the reason why it requires Twilight Council or Lair/Hive.

Final Results

Supreme Champion: Quaterno
Worthy Adversary: BG_PhysicsNoob
Maybe Next Time: Coek

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